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Re: North Adelaide Senior Coach 2014

maxyoz wrote:As a wise man once said, we don't just accept mediocrity at Glenelg, we embrace it.

You certainly do but you will always be the top of the class in the wife swapping stakes !!
by Trent Plucktrum
Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:22 pm
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Well said SABRE, I too had a lot of time for JAS and certainly miss her posts on here.
by silent hour
Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:54 pm
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It was about a year ago today that many truly caring, loving people, found out that Jacqueline Ann Schwier (JAS) had passed away.

Despite all the hours of painstaking moderation this Angel gave this site, and others, there are still a few remaining ‘Arseholes’ who should hang their heads in shame.

Those who still love this utterly gorgeous human being will always remember that she only sought to serve, honestly and fairly, just as she had in the ‘Falklands War’. How could anyone treat such a beautiful person so badly? Luckily, there were only a few f**kwits who treated this Angel unfairly. Fortunately, those who chose to ridicule, torture or upset JAS in the year of her death are a pathetic minority, way beyond belief & contempt. Good Aussies, should take a moment to remember this brave and unselfish woman, who, with complete and utter dedication, fought terminal cancer, silently, bravely, and tragically, on her own.

Thank you for just being you JAS.

Good and decent people will always love you and remember you.

I luv you Jax, and always will.
Sabre xox.
Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:47 am
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Re: Brad Gotch appointed Senior Coach of South Adelaide

Good old South , just as we slowly stop laughing at the Glenelg jokes too.

Oh for a 9 team competition again.

Any idea what South have done wrong?

Since 1964, everything?
And before 1964 they had 19 years of total incompetence. In an 8 team comp the highest they finished between 1945 and 1963 was 6th. So they have had one good year in 76 years. Only St Kilda is worse.

And people like me are still here.....
by westcoastpanther
Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:06 pm
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Re: Championship Discussion 2013/14

on the rails wrote:Surely now the "fat lady of the midlands" can start to clear her throat?

C'mon mate, thats no way to speak about JTC
by JK
Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:10 pm
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Re: Trial Game Week 2 Discussion

To say the least, a bit unfair on Topsy. Hardly the biggest fan of all that has transpired out there of late.

Joe's cut and run, voting yes then resigning, doesn't really need commenting on. His actions speak for themselves.

What sh*ts me to tears more than anything is that there'll be no washback for the gutless hacks that sit on the SANFL Boards and on the Commission. By the time their insane decision has reached the endpoint, the effective death of the SANFL, they'll all be gone.

I had one animated discussion with a noted Norwood advertising shill who sits on the Commission who simply couldn't have been more pleased with himself about what he and his cronies had forced through. That he couldn't answer the simple question about how he expected the SANFL clubs to attract members under the age of forty from now on says everything.
by topsywaldron
Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:24 pm
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Re: Norwood 2014

Bombers4EVA wrote:Hey Footy Warrior how long you been at Cobby for?

This is not e-harmony
by SANFLnut
Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:51 pm
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Re: Eric 2014

From a former Eagles Member's perspective:

1. No members were given a vote - Slavin made the decision
2. When challenged (he actually sought me out before our 'Club Meeting') his response was "The Supporters will get used to it & in time, those who leave will all come back eventually" - I know one supporter at least who won't!
3. I have not renewed my Membership - my son too is sad that we will not be 'hanging out' with our mates in the Barry Jarman Stand - this saddens me greatly but that is the price you pay for principle
4. I said all along that if the Club had allowed the Members to vote & the decision turned out in favour of the Cows Ressies in the SANFL (as Slavin himself suggested was the overwhelming view of the WWTFC Board), then I would still be a paid up member because at least they would've had the respect to put it to the vote - they didn't, so I am not

In terms of who is to blame?
The 7 Clubs that voted Yes - no question, but...
They were not alone:
Port were very clever THIS TIME around - they allowed the Cows to be the 'fall guy', smart move after the issues of 1990.
The Media - particularly the Commercial Media, played a huge part in this. 5AA eventually refused to even allow callers on their Footy Shows who were not in favour & who had valid arguments against the move, to be heard. Channel 9 tried to 'go in the back door' & they got 'left' with the Ammos. Channel 7 get both the Cows & PAPs Reserves on 7mate, every week - not sure how much coverage the rest of the Clubs will get - time will tell but me thinks very little over time.

Personally, I think Olsen & the Cows,Rob Chapman & Steven Trigg are the MOST to blame for this - they 'drove' the agenda of a Reserves Team in the League Competition & as we know they have acted with such 'integrity' & 'aplomb' over the past decade with all things AFC, haven't they? :roll:

Clearly, having AFL Reserves Teams in any competition, SANFL or otherwise is a tremendous boost for the 2 Franchises themselves & good luck to them, they managed to get what that wanted - as have The West Coast Eagles & Freo Dockers over the border.

Unfortunately, I think the 7 SANFL Club Chiefs failed to recognise that prior to 2014, young kids could have 2 x Teams to support - an AFL & an SANFL Club. Now the chances are that many will only have 1 - an AFL Team & their Reserves side. This must surely impact on the local SANFL Clubs from a merchandising aspect if nothing else, let alone attendances, catering, etc.

The question of whether or not to 'keep up the fight'? - The battle was lost & the Corporate Giant won. I would contend that they were always going to.
Whether or not one renewed one's Club Membership in 2014 or not is immaterial, really.
What concerns me is that we seem to want to 'eat our own' as a result of what individual decision we each made - surely, that alone provides the AFL juggernaught with it's ultimate desire - "divide & conquer".

I've said it before, but the happiest person in Australia must surely be Ross Oakley.
The last 2 legitimate competitions outside of the VFL/AFL are now compromised & it is only a matter of time before they become AFLWA & AFLSA.

I hate to say this (because the wounds of 1990 did cut very deep) but perhaps Max & the SANFL made the wrong decision by 'inventing' the Adelaide Football Club. Had Port & Norwood been the 2 teams to join the expanded VFL competition, we may well still have an 8 team SANFL Competition - who knows?

What can not be questioned however, is that the SANFL will never be the same as of 2014.

Some would argue (many on here have, particularly those who support Port) that the competition was compromised as of 1991 - perhaps that's true but if we continue to argue among ourselves about who is right & who is wrong - that's somewhat pointless, isn't it?

AFC & PAP are in the competition & I would suggest here to stay - can't see anything changing on that front, sorry UKFan :(
Either one accepts it & continues to support one's Club - or you don't.
But because you choose to & I choose not to, doesn't make you (or I) "Holly than Thou".
Personally, I've chosen to support the competition (by going to various grounds & paying an Entry Fee) rather than supporting the Club that failed to allow me a say in their decision. Doesn't make me better than anyone, just my preference.

An Anti-Cows CS would be fun though, don't you think? :lol:

Sorry, Rant over :oops:
by LPH
Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:13 pm
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Re: Round 2 - Port Reserves v Glenelg Post Match

Damn you Glenelg! SANFL 3 - AFL 1.
by Mic
Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:27 pm
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Re: Round 2 - Port Reserves v Glenelg Post Match

Love how people can simultaneously argue that the comp is a farce both because the reserves sides are too bad AND too good.

It is actually quite logical and one of the main points I kept arguing last year. The farce comes from the VARIANCE in performances from the AFL reserves teams. There will almost certainly be weeks when they lose by 20 goals and weeks when they will win by 20 goals, all hugely dependent on
- their injury lists
- their desire to play to win (which will depend on what suits their AFL masters from week to week)
- the rules/concessions that the SANFL gives each AFL club

It truly does reduce the competition to a farce - it is hard to get excited by wins, or despondent by losses against the AFL Reserves sides when the whole structure of these clubs is completely different and any close games are just a fluke by the clubs having the "right" balance of injuries and top up players on that day.
by Ecky
Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:45 pm
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Re: EPL Season 2013/2014

lol ^^^

They have been asking that for 25 years ;)

When too many people are let into a ground where there were no seats, before full seater stadiums were mandatory, into an area which you couldn't swing a cat , then the fences are so high at the ground level to prevent fans running out the pitch during English footballs hooliganism era, a human crush occurred.

Google Bradford city fire also for another tragedy if you want to know about others

Looked the Bradford City one as part of a fire safety lecture at Uni. The stand was due to be demolished on the Monday as it was the last game of the season. Took a matter of minutes for the whole thing to go up in flames. Those that made the decision to escape onto the playing field had the better chance of surviving than those that chose to head out the way the came in....only to find locked gates as the first half of the game had begun.

My Uncle was there at Valley Parade that day, only suffered minor injuries, but received those while pulling people out of the fire. He (and a number of others) received Police commendations for their bravery...

56 people died that day and would have been Hundreds if Valley Parade had the same barriers fencing as Hillsborough...
by Jase
Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:58 pm
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Re: Round 3 Post Match - South v Glenelg (Good Friday Footy)

<insert post match comments here>
by dedja
Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:04 pm
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Re: Round 2 - Port Reserves v Glenelg Post Match

Spargo wrote:He keeps hooking you all in, no one is that stupid or ignorant.

I believe you are wrong he clearly is !!
by Trent Plucktrum
Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:51 pm
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Re: Championship Discussion 2013/14

Nothing to worry about Johnny, good 2-0 win against Wigan.
Welcome back to the EPL
by Jim05
Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:02 am
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Re: Championship Discussion 2013/14

Jim05 wrote:Nothing to worry about Johnny, good 2-0 win against Wigan.
Welcome back to the EPL

Well done Burnley
by whufc
Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:53 am
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Re: Championship Discussion 2013/14

Gratz Johnnyboy!!
by JK
Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:59 am
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Re: Rnd 3 Post Match - Eagles v Power

It was also a really weird atmosphere there. There were plenty of power/magpies supporters there yet they displayed zero excitement and passion despite belting us from the first bounce. In years gone by their supporters would have been gloating and giving it to us. But today.......nothing. Polite applause when they kicked a goal. Even their cheersquad remained pretty well quiet.

I'm thinking many of their loud-mouthed passionate supporters have given up and been replaced with well-behaved AFL supporters.

Wasn't there today since I no longer follow the magpies because of what has happened but you are spot on. I'm going to have a punt here and say that 75% of years gone by regular magpie supporters who attended 10+ games yearly have walked away. As a former cheer squad member, I can also say that only a few of last years members remain (and they are power supporters which explains it). To my knowledge, the cheer squad has been overtaken by Power cheer squad members.

As for the atmosphere, what do you expect? After all it is all a fraud and deep down, everyone knows that the magpies are unfortunatley dead, so how can any passion be displayed?
by Blackwhite
Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:57 pm
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Re: Rnd 3 Post Match - Eagles v Power

:shock: even the bloody pom understands it yet 95% of PAFC supporters don't :roll:
by heater31
Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:29 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Another SANFL side the Eagles at the end of a 58 point belting by a multi million dollar AFL club however the competition is not COMPROMISED !!!!

Comment please Zip Zap Olsen, Triggy , SANFL board, Tripodi and the gang of SIX you have a lot of explaining to do !!!!!!!!!!

This is exactly what us long time SANFL supporters thought might happen.

The nightmare has begun !!!!!

SANFL now is a joke a sham a farce
A central supporter whinging about a team being to good. Are you worried they might make the next 12 grand finals and win 9 premierships
They were dominant but atleast they were on a level playing field
by Jim05
Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:26 pm
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Re: EPL Season 2013/2014

I hear that Jurgen Klopp has ruled himself out of the United job, but his brother Klippity is showing some interest :lol:
by westozfalcon
Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:05 pm
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Re: Future of the SANFL

another issue - if you have a full reserves comp, do you expand the lists? do you still have topup players? to me it would make more sense to extend lists to maybe 50-55, which then brings about more costs etc. possibly could be offset by increased broadcasting of those games. but i doubt it. 55 person lists (and that would be the minimum to almost-guarantee that 2 sides could be formed every week with only minimal & occasional top-ups) would be a very bad thing for the SANFL. Lists currently top out at 44 (plus international rookies, basketballers and weird stuff). Those extra 11 players, per club, i.e. 198 players extra on AFL lists would come from somewhere. No prizes for guessing where.

A better solution for the SANFL would be the for the AFL reserves comp to be established on similar list sizes to now, and continue to move top-ups in the direction that most AFL teams are going anyway, i.e. a testing ground for young players. Because it's not a massive priority for AFL clubs whether their reserves win ('winning culture' yadda yadda notwithstanding), and it's much more about identifying and developing talent, they will be much more interested in having a look at potential draftees (who are kids), rather than paying coin to have say Kieran McGuinness or Brett Eddy playing for their reserves side. One 'leadership player' is neither here nor there in the grand scheme. The greatest demand is for the U/18s, while the draft age remains as it is—and so the simplest model would be that each SA AFL club is allocated 4 U/18 SANFL clubs (there will only be 8 in total: Port Adelaide has, in a bargain it may come to sorely regret, signed away its U/18 zones forever from 2015 on), from whom it picks its weekly top-ups. Whenever not topping up an AFL reserves side, SA juniors continue as they were, i.e. they continue to 'belong' to their SANFL club unless and until being drafted. The rules of the AFL may need to be changed to accommodate this—otherwise, they could just go with the 'Rafferty's rules, gather left-over bits & pieces from country leagues, ammos etc' model, ditching the ill-conceived 'hey, SANFL clubs, can you loan us some spare over-18 players?' experiment that the Crows have tried in 2014.

Either way, the SANFL gets its soul back, the AFL clubs get their development league, and the SANFL's quality doesn't fall away dramatically either.
by SimonH
Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:54 pm
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AFL in the SANFL discussion/debate

After some debate with Admin/Mods and feedback from Members it has been decided to leave the Match preview/review threads for discussion about the match only, any debate about the AFL reserves teams can continue happily in the threads already running.

Any posts from now on that do not relate directly to the match will be considered off topic and deleted.

Hopefully this will stop every thread having this debate, while a worthy topic there needs to be some balance.

by Dutchy
Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:24 pm
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North v Norwood - Anzac Day - Post Game

North shot out of the blocks but Norwood dominated the 2nd and 3rd quarter before the better team who plays real football came home in the last.

NORTH 3.2 4.3 7.4 14.7 (91)
NORWOOD 1.2 5.7 7.12 9.16 (70)

BEST – North: Shannon, Miles, Amato, Mitchell, Campbell, Ryswyk, Thiele.
Norwood: Baulderstone, Panos, Jefferies, Murphy, Webber, Allan.

GOALS – North: Mitchell 4, Miles 3, Burton 2, Campbell, Amato, M. Thring, Shannon, Thiele.
Norwood: Roocke 2, Newton, Bartlett, Bampton, M. Evans, Murphy, Donohue, Phillips.

CROWD – 10,014 at Adelaide Oval.

BOB QUINN MEDAL – Jay Shannon (North

Well done to the Norwood supporters today that made it, I honestly don't think I could watch that style for more than 1 or 2 games a year. You're a credit to your club!

What a freaking amazing banner by the North fans, the best in Australia still.
by Wedgie
Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:12 pm
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Re: North v Norwood - Anzac Day - Post Game

Bassett just called and said North got really lucky.

We lost the game as much as North won it.
by JK
Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:07 am
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Re: Pure SANFL ladder

I've found that a lot of the people that complain the most actually contribute more shit to threads than most others.
FFS if you have an issue set an example instead of doing what you whinge about.
As much as WHUFCs constant crap in various threads bored me at least he wasn't one of the whingers.

Thanks pal :lol:
by whufc
Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:41 pm
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Re: Have Westies Imploded?

Booney wrote:I think it's because Port and Adelaide now have all their players in their own SANFL sides. I knew this would happen.

Booney is it possible to have 1 thread that doesn't involve talk about the Crows and Power reserves teams? Thanks mate. ;)
by Panther Pack
Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:43 am
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Re: EPL Transfer Rumours 2013/2014

woodublieve12 wrote:
Bully wrote:considering that Shrek ( wayne rooney ) is on 300,000 plus a week, it is small considering

that's ridiculous too

To be fair half of that is his meal allowance
by JK
Fri May 02, 2014 12:17 pm
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Re: Round 5 Glenelg V Norwood Post Match

dedja wrote:Margin was a fair reflection of the match and Norwood won it in the 1st 15 mins.

Have been home for half an hour and I still can't feel my nuts.

Missus hasn't gone to bed yet?
by Jimmy_041
Sat May 03, 2014 12:25 am
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Re: Rnd 5 - Adelaide v Port Magpies @ Clare Oval (Sun 4/5)

stampy wrote:why has this game attracted 6 pages? so much for no AFL in the SANFL

A fair portion of that is comparing who had the better forward line in the 80's :shock:
by heater31
Fri May 02, 2014 7:46 pm
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Re: End of the 1st Qtr

Groucho wrote:Don't see Central winning another game. That would make them 10th by my Maths. Couldn't even beat the Crows when every one else has. This is the worst team in club history or at the very least in the last 20 years.
It's good to see that you're not overreacting, at least. :-)
by RB
Sun May 04, 2014 11:40 pm
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Re: Brad Symes Announces Retirement

Now to the important thing:

Brad, you have been a champion player and ARE a champion man. Thank you for the wonderful contribution you have given to the Doggies in your playing career. Wishing you all the best for your future career as a husband, father and businessman. Also hoping we will not lose you completely from Central. Your knowledge of the game will be wonderful to pass on to younger Doggies.
by bulldogproud2
Mon May 05, 2014 10:42 pm
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Re: Rnd 6 - Central v North @ Playford Alive Oval (Sat 10/5)

An important game as it could be the difference of coming 6th or 7th at the end of the year.
by Wedgie
Tue May 06, 2014 8:49 am
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Re: AFL in the SANFL discussion/debate

How does the salary caps of the crows and port teams work?

From memory the crows topup players get $100 a game.

How does it work for port?
Here are Adelaide's conditions...

Top Up players – leadership player
- AFC can contract one ‘leadership’ player per season.
- 28 years and over, must have been on AFC AFL list.

Top Up players – other
- SANFL Clubs can opt in / out of providing top up players to the AFC.
- SANFL Clubs must make the decision on in /out by November 1st.
- Should SANFL Clubs chose to opt in, they agree to always have a minimum of 2 players available for selection for the AFC.
- These players will be:
o 18 – 22 years old, on an SANFL Club list
o Selected at start of pre-season in conjunction with SANFL Clubs
o AFC and SANFL Clubs to review at conclusion of Rd 6 and Rd 12
o Cannot play against the player’s home SANFL Club
o Receive a match payment of $100
o AFC to access further ‘top up’ players from community football. These players are not to have played at SANFL level for a minimum of 18 months and will receive $400 per match.
- Top up player system to be reviewed annually.
- Should the PAFC enter a team in the SANFL League Competition with the same on field regulations as the AFC, this would need to be reviewed.

Here are Ports conditions...

Top Up players – leadership player
• Port Adelaide Magpies support team can contract one ‘leadership’ player per season.
o 28 years and over, must have been on PAFC AFL or PAMFC list.

Top Up players – ‘Magpies listed’ contracted players
• Port Adelaide Magpies to provide a list of 15 players at the start of the season who can play at SANFL league level – contracts to be lodged with SANFL. (18 and above with no age ceiling to apply).
• Such players receive a maximum of $400 per match at SANFL league level, $100 at reserves level.

Port didn't have any restrictions on age of top players and they were allowed to choose players already in the SANFL unlike the Crows. How Port were ever let in under different conditions astounds me. It is completely unfair. On top of this on any given day Port or Crows could have a player running around on a salary that is higher than the entire SANFL team they are playing.
by cennals05
Tue May 06, 2014 10:43 am
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Re: SANFL State Squad possibles

How about this side then?:

F: Coad Wundke Silverlock
HF: Phillips Eddy Cross
C: Jarrad Schmidt Beech
HB: Thomas Miles McGuiness
B: Bode Stephens Caire
RU: Kurtze Tambling Summerton

Int: Brooksby Liddle Kirkwood Powell
Unlucky: Boyd, Ainger, Raymond, B.Kane
Powell can play back, Brooksby forward/ruck, Liddle & Kirkwood & Cross can all play on ball, Phillips & Silverlock can play wing

I've tried to incorporate the suggestions made throughout the thread - any objections or suggested improvements?

Have Caire and Silverlock been playing well enough this year to warrant a spot? Isn't Beech a forward player rather than a midfielder?

Tambling is a very good player but not sure he gets enough of the ball to be a starting midfielder.

From a North viewpoint there is one glaring omission and that is Matthew Campbell. He has been outstanding in the games that he has played for North this year and North missed him dreadfully last Saturday when he was out with a foot injury. I think that his use of the ball is second to none and he still breaks lines with his run.
by robranisgod
Tue May 06, 2014 10:06 pm
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Re: Rnd 6 - Port Magpies v Sturt @ Alberton (Sun 11/5)

Please talk about the match and use the other threads for whinging....thanks
by Dutchy
Wed May 07, 2014 10:14 am
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Re: SANFL related media articles

I read that today also. Great article and good to see someone else thinking outside the square
Wed May 07, 2014 6:51 pm
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Re: Rnd 6 - Port Magpies v Sturt @ Alberton (Sun 11/5)

johntheclaret wrote:
phantom57 wrote:This will be a cracker of a game and I am expecting that the Double Blues will deliver a MDM.....? :D

What's an MDM

Mothers Day Massacre
by am Bays
Thu May 08, 2014 4:27 pm
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Re: Channel 7 announced by SANFL as preferred telecast partn

scott wrote:
CUTTERMAN wrote:9 rounds in and Sturt still have no TV game.

Sturt has three TV games between Round's 10 and 16.

Why can't the full schedule be released if a select few know it?
by smac
Sun May 11, 2014 12:13 pm
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Re: Round 6 LIVE scores

Dols wrote:]there is a whinge thread for people like you[LOUDLY CRYING FACE]

There is a comp for you, it's called the AFL. (Insert retardation emoticon)
by topsywaldron
Sun May 11, 2014 6:02 pm
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by twosheds
Sun May 11, 2014 8:42 pm
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Re: RD 6 Central V North postmortem

Ugly win and even tho the Dogs won i am still puzzled by Lairdy's player placements Collier in ruck ???
It was almost the match winning move - Collier into Ruck - which Roy has used in previous seasons. Nothing puzzling about it. It was very tactical...

Was Lairdy experimenting with his players has he realised the Dogs will not make the finals this year ??? or was just it stupid coaching ???? No, he was just doing what he had to do, based on the opposition. Milne isn't a pigeon-holed Ruckman, can play forward, now back and of course in ruck. Flexibility is a good thing. Milne's opponent only really kicked 2 or 3 directly on him, the others were as a result of turnovers from Central's poor skill level.

For me if the Dogs can win 4 to 6 games this year it will be a milestone.
They have won 2 now so far, this season and face Glenelg next week. You'd suspect they will start favourites and if they win that will have their 3rd win for season. To say you're hoping they'd only be winning another couple of games being a milestone is pretty ridiculous and disrespectful, I reckon...
by Big Phil
Sun May 11, 2014 9:08 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Its not a critisim of Port,

like I said I believe it was a very disappointing crowd as I believe any time you have two of the biggest supported clubs in the league playing for top spot they should be able to attract 3k especially in absolute perfect weather, even with it being mothers day.

I would say the South v Norwood crowd was probably the most impressive crowd of the week considering Souths supporter base and the fact Norwood are really struggling.

The other games crowds are an absolute disgrace and almost panic stations for the SANFL.
by whufc
Sun May 11, 2014 9:24 pm
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Re: Championship Discussion 2013/14

Derby 4-1 Brighton, Rams off to Wembley
by Jim05
Mon May 12, 2014 5:57 am
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Port v Sturt - Post Match wrap up

Port 19.12 126
Sturt 11.10 76

Port hit the lead early with 2.4 and about 8 inside 50's before Sturt hit the scoreboard with a couple of quick goals, from there it was a pretty scrappy affair at times. Port had a few injuries after half time and the third quarter was an absolute snooze fest as Port played "keepies off" to limit the amount of transition play, giving those in the midfield very short stints on the bench with rotations limited. Wasn't very attractive play for the third quarter.

Not many highlights, I think it was Coad who took a screamer in the goal square at the Northern End, Biemans was excellent for Port all day along with Clurey who kept Duldig pretty much out of the game.

Paul Stewart, Jake Neade and Ben Newton ( probably BOG again ) were also important for the 'Pies.

Kirkwood, Tambling and Coad were all consistent performers for the Double Blues.

Right on half time Henry Slattery found a Blues players ( apologies as I missed who it was ) turning blind out of a pack and Slattery hit him hard, looked to be shoulder to shoulder with a clash of heads leaving the Sturt player flat out and needing to be stretchered off while Slattery was also worse for wear, neither player appeared for some time after half time. This was about the only time the crowd got involved throughout the day. Sturt fans I'm sure were taken back to the old "bloody Alberton Oval" days as they stood as one to give Port a vocal send off at half time.
by Booney
Mon May 12, 2014 10:09 am
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Re: Round 7 - Port Magpies v South @ Alberton Oval (Sat 17/5

At last count South have 2 players injured gone for the year, and another 5 injured who would be walk up starts if fit. Also 3-4 others who are injured who would be handy replacements. South do not have the rehab facilities or expert sports med budget of an AFL club either.
At last count Port will have 15 AFL listed, fulltime professional players playing on Saturday, who train or play 7 days a week. I saw a couple of South players digging a trench yesterday..before racing off to do a 2 hr hour training session last night, others are studying or working fulltime.They werent busy doing skills work running around witches hats, doing rehab or weights or honing their understanding of the game plan.

This years SANFL season is absolutely ludicrous. It is a grossly uneven competition. The clubs that voted for this diabolical shambles should hang their collective heads in shame. The SANFL commission is a disgrace for even contemplating this debacle.....

Having said that... I think South will take it right up to Port.
For those who havent twigged yet, this South Adelaide team ,its vastly different to the inept whipping boys of the past...
by blueandwhite
Tue May 13, 2014 11:28 am
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Re: Port v Sturt - Post Match wrap up

therisingblues wrote:
dedja wrote:Known as Who's My Dad Day at the wharfs ...

Or the day that twenty kids from the same household each visit 20 other different households.

The only thing better than a stereotypical joke is a shit stereotypical joke. TRB has gone to a clear leader.
by Booney
Tue May 13, 2014 11:08 am
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

There is so much done to equalise sporting competitions throughout the world (drug testing, salary cap, drafts, handicaps) and what has happened to the SANFL is going the polar opposite to this. No matter which way you look at it, the introduction of two AFL Reserves teams is not fair.

There are positives and negatives and those who see a fair, even competition, as the number one consideration are rightly bemused by what has happened.

From an AFL viewpoint, the consideration of an even, fair competition is outweighed by the need for developing players and for them, currently at least, the best option is to do this in their own backyard both in terms of value for money and strength of competition. They will tell themselves that there is increased exposure to the SANFL. Dittmar said it's been great, then when asked if he'd been to an SANFL game this season, said "no, but have enjoyed watching some games on tv, especially the Clare game".

I am not convinced that the increased exposure to the SANFL via commercial TV is even close to benefiting my club enough to outweigh the negatives that come with the new format. There is no more coverage of my SANFL club than there was before. In fact, I would say there is less. I guess we'd have to wait to see the finances from this years Annual Reports to really know.

There are other ways, including having a weekly SANFL game at Adelaide Oval, that would give the competition prestige and generate interest. The use of social media and the web is more important than paying $1,000,000 to have the game shown on Ch7 - which is essentially the only benefit the AFL clubs have bought (via sponsorship) to the competition.

The Eagles vs Sturt game at Unley Oval, with a crowd of 4000, which was directly up against both Crows and Power games on the same day told me that there is enough interest in the SANFL for it to be viable without the "assistance" of AFL clubs.

What is desperately needed is the SANFL administration to apply the spirit in which 5RPH and LifeFM have to the competition to generate interest and use the capital they should have to make it high quality for the current HD generation.

I think the SANFL would be best to cut ties with Port and the Crows at the end of the season. If Port Magpies win the SANFL premiership this year, it will be an absolute disgrace.

There are other ways to keep relevance for a younger generation of footballers and an alignment between the AFL and SANFL and that is to supply Port and Crows with top up players via Under 20's to use in whatever competition they could go to (preferably AFL Reserves or at least VFL). I believe this could apply nationally with alignment of elite Under 18 sides to all AFL and State League clubs, but that is another matter. Keep Junior Football, Development/Reserves Football and State League Football - which can all still be feeders to the AFL - separate.

For now, I reckon the SANFL bite the bullet and go it alone. The mainstream media, who all seem to be official ambassadors for the Crows (, will give the SANFL hell, but I'm not convinced it is the mainstream media who will ensure the SANFL survives and prospers anyway.

The SANFL will never be the number one show in town, but it has a niche, and I'd love to see the SANFL and its clubs make every post a winner NOW, while there is still strong enough links to SANFL clubs for the majority of families in South Australia.
by Aerie
Tue May 13, 2014 3:42 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Great article from Warren Partland in today's paper...

Quit the charade, Magpies are dead...

THE Port Adelaide Magpies are in name only and are not the true Magpies.

Port Adelaide and the SANFL can voice their disapproval as much as they want but the charade is already over after just eight rounds.

They ceased to be the Magpies when they were given a licence to include Eagles, Roosters, Bulldogs and Tigers in the side.

Paul Stewart is a Woodville-West Torrens product, last year Cameron Hitchcock was in the Glenelg jumper and Sam Colquhoun learned his football at Central District. State league clubs are now playing against players they developed who signed with the Power for the AFL.

The Power, just like the Crows, wanted teams in the state league so they could keep their players together. Any club with a second side calls it their reserves under the same label.

The Crows didn’t come up with the Galahs or Pigeons for their second side. They stuck with the Crows and while they prefer the team be tagged its state league side, it is still acknowledged as their reserves.

So why is the Power reserves called the Magpies, especially when products of other state league programs are involved? And don’t they want to be known as the one club?

The difference between the Crows and Power reserves is the more favourable conditions offered to Port Adelaide, which was allowed to retain key personnel from last year’s Magpies outfit.

Next year, Port Adelaide will lose its zones and under age teams. However, the damage is already being done on the evidence of the past six weeks.

The Power reserves have won their past six games by a combined 423 points at an average of more than 70. Their past two wins were by 50 and 60 points against Sturt and South Adelaide respectively. Those two teams sat second on the ladder underneath the Power reserves going into those battles.

The Power reserves have also beaten the Eagles by 58 points. It is the Eagles’ only loss.

When the Crows were given the green light to field a team in the state league and Port Adelaide was allowed to keep its reserves at Alberton and not spread throughout the competition, there were plenty of nerves of an AFL team domination.

Already clubs are relying on Power injuries to bring it back to the pack.

No doubt if the Power reserves win the grand final the club will claim it as an extension of the Magpies’ proud history. Yeah, right.
by Big Phil
Mon May 19, 2014 12:15 pm
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Re: What is you interest so far in the SANFL competition in

I'm passionate about how well sturt are doing and mostly the league but am put off by the afl influence and disregard games involving power and crows reserves

I wanted to choose option two but couldn't do option three it was.

Id say that would be most ppl
by Jimmy
Mon May 19, 2014 12:18 pm
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