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Re: Anzac Day

Just to get back on topic.. Unley Mercedes doing military bugler, our resident Vet doing the ode etc,, but a little twist given its the actual day.. Two Up after the A Grade. Legal to play two up on ANZAC day and a little more upbeat way of honouring the memory of the diggers of WW1 given the 100yr anniversary of Gallipoli. So hopefully a bit of fun.
by BigB
Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:23 am
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Re: Ch9 AFL Division 1 - 2015

jo172 wrote:
Footy Chick wrote:It's official.

8 points deducted from each team, 2 suspended...

Throws the relegation race wide open.

Surely their points count against relegation, just punish them to not make the finals, putting them to div 2 achieves nothing.
by Lightning McQueen
Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:24 pm
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Re: Club Payments Crackdown

Start naming the Leagues or otherwise it can be taken as Fiction with no basis of truth and incorrect miss-leading statements!!!!!
Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:22 pm
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Re: Ch9 AFL Division 2 - 2015

I tend to agree, but there are plenty of tradesman and what not at those clubs with traditionally lower socio-economic demographics.

So at Unley it might be that the Junior Lawyer makes Partner, at Mitchell Park it might be that the bricky gets the sub division.

I love that Unley is stereotyped as the team full of lawyers! @Jetters.... Thoughts?
Inner city bogans more like it ;)
by heater31
Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:45 pm
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Re: Ch9 AFL Division 2 - 2015

Congratulations Luke Harder...D2 medalist

Best acceptance speech since Ben Gunning.

by Footy Chick
Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:22 pm
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Re: CH9AFL DIvision 4 2016

Any one in woody's shoes at that stage would have done the exact same thing.. When a spectator from the opposition, starts calling you out and walking towards you, as your minutes away from losing a grand final, what else do you expect him to do? He definitely handled it much better than I would have! And the bloke probably got what he deserved in the end, be humble in victory, don't start carrying on like a hero and expect everyone to be fine about it.. As for some of the dumbest comments I've ever read on this forum, woody is in the top 5 players in the competition by a mile and eastern park have absolutely nailed it by recruiting him.. I guarantee every club in the division would jump at the chance of signing him! He's a freak footballer and an even better bloke who wears his heart on his sleeve and stands up for what he believes in, every one of us is behind him 100% in any situation!!! i guess this is exactly why people are talking about northern clubs. Because to say that anyone else would jump the fence and take on a spectator is just a brain dead comment.

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by Dols
Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:52 am
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Re: Adelaide Footy League Division 6 - 2017

whats wrong with a group of blokes, obviously good mates with not a huge amount of footy left going back to a club that they played a lot of footy at and have been struggling. try and make a difference? good on them for heading home and trying to help the club they have all bled for before! but hey its all $$$$$. Huge money been thrown around Div 6 footy?????
It was just a bit of banter pal, don't take it to heart so much, I was only stirring the pot.

People take crap too seriously on here..
by The Bedge
Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:49 pm
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Re: Adelaide Footy League D7 - 2017

We've put in a request to get the same anti-sandbag umpire this week. Seems like a good bloke.
by morell
Mon May 22, 2017 2:41 pm
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Re: Adelaide Footy League Division 6 - 2017

How plays finals and who misses out?
Can anyone get within 5 goals of Pulteney?

The top 5 teams atm will be the top 5 at the end of season. The order may change as I reckon Fitzroy are coming big time and Ingle Farm will make a strong run in the back half. Brahma Lodge would be filthy about dropping a game to Salisbury West and that could cost them they double chance.

As for anyone getting within 5 goals of Pulteney of course someone will. It might even be next weekend with Fitzroy the pre season flag favourites starting to show the form everyone was expecting. Elizabeth is the interesting team having smashed all teams until the last 3 weeks. Maybe they have plenty out or maybe they are flat track bullies. Not sure who the coach is at TOS but I do know he is a dead set flog and as for their goal umpire well the league should do something about that bloke it's not even bordering on ridiculous its a disgrace.
Steve Couzner is the coach at TOS. Very well respected from his time at Salisbury, and is doing a wonderful job with a young group at Trinity. Very astute knowledge of the game, and likes to challenge himself by taking on A grade jobs rather than sandbag B grade premierships

The goal umpire is a dead horse that's been flogged enough. Volunteers don't grow on trees

Perhaps not but if you have someone continually tarnishing your club's good name maybe you should move him on.

To have any discussion on a goal umpire is wasted bandwidth and after so long it does become a club issue, it's not a hard job and it is obvious when it's being abused.
Clearly Oldman is a ring in at Pulteney as the last time they were in D6 in the late 90's/early 00's their goal umpire was just as big of an embarrassment as the TOS goal umpire.
by heater31
Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:12 pm
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Re: Adelaide Footy League Division 7 - 2019

Can’t believe you mob are being so sensitive.
by The Big Shrek
Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:11 pm
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Fundraiser for Lightning McQueen

As most of us would be aware from the "Things that make you sad" thread Lightning McQueen has had a shocking run of luck with his son getting meningitis whilst on the Gold Coast requiring surgery and LM having to fly up there to be with his son over Xmas.
There's been some good news finally in that a transfer to the WCH from Queensland has been organised but as most of us would well be aware the last few weeks would have taken a shocking toll on both LM's wallet and emotions.
LM is always there for other posters when they're down on their luck and I think the very least we could do is raise some funds for LM to help out a bit to help out a little with the huge hit he would have taken financially recently or even just some pocket money to allow him to let his hair down and start to feel like a normal person again after the horrendous ordeal he's been through.

I considered a gofundme page but Booney pointed out to me they take 15% so its best just to organise ourselves. What I propose is people PM me and I'll give them my bank details where I will collect the funds and eventually transfer them across to LM when we have a final amount.
When people send me money I'll update this post with the amounts and total so everyone can see everything is above board.
I'll just list the amounts and dates received as we don't want this becoming a chest beating exercise (as also pointed out by Booney, he's full of good ideas!).

Please give generously to help out a brother and PM me to get the process started. Every little or large amount will help, they all add up!


Amounts received (updated 9am 8/1/20):

$20 31/12/19
$100 31/12/19
$50 31/12/19
$55 1/1/20
$50 1/1/20
$50 1/1/20
$50 1/1/20
$20 2/1/20
$20 2/1/20
$20 2/1/20
$50 3/1/20
$20 3/1/20
$30 3/1/20

Total: $535

Sent $535 to LM 6/1/20

$50 6/1/20

Sent $50 to LM 6/1/20

$50 8/1/20

Sent $50 to LM 8/1/20

Total sent $635
by Wedgie
Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:51 pm
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Re: I need to know....

Does anyone have any recommendations for a mobile mechanic to work on a 60yo car? Not a huge job, but I've run out of time to get to it.
The Daimler need some work Arthur?

Very clever Beefy. This ones a plain old Holden, not up to your standards I know. `:-)
I actually have a car very similar to this but it's branded a jaguar
by Mr Beefy
Fri Mar 05, 2021 10:57 am
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Re: Pakistan/Australia series

this will be enjoyable to watch

great time slot on foxtel, get home from work for the start and watch till my normal bed time
by Arry Gablett
Thu Mar 03, 2022 10:33 am
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Re: Pakistan/Australia series

Does anyone know if this is on free to air tv?
No, it's not on FTA TV.
How can I watch or listen?

The tour of Pakistan will be broadcast exclusively in Australia on Fox Sports and Kayo subscription services. Fox/Kayo signed a deal that will see them broadcast all of Pakistan's home games until April 2023, at least.

Fox and Kayo coverage will take the feed provided by the local host broadcaster, PTV, but will have their own studio show, hosted by Isa Guha, before play and at lunch breaks.

Television commentary on the ground will feature former Australia players Michael Kasprowicz and Simon Katich as well as Pakistan legend Waqar Younis. Respected South African caller Mike Haysman will be joined by Pakistan's Bazid Khan and Urooj Mumtaz as well as Englishman Rob Key.

Radio commentary will be provided by SEN, which has a team on the ground in Pakistan, with Adam Collins leading the call along with Katich and Younis.
by The Dark Knight
Thu Mar 03, 2022 8:57 pm
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