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Re: 2013 - Player retirements/delistings/trade discussion

This is how the Wiz sees it.

Polec to Crows for B.Martin and McKernan
D.Martin to GWS for Patton (in the Franklin Deal)
Franklin to GWS for D.Marin (3 Way Trade- see above)
D.Thomas to Carlton for Yarran
E.Betts to Adelaide for Porplizia
As far as I'm aware they are all Restricted FA's

Trade Week will be the interesting part!

GWS don't want Martin, they said that yesterday. And Buddy can go their in free agency for nothing.
Why would Carlton trade for Thomas when he can go there for nothing via free agency?
Betts for the Porps?

None of your trades make any reasonable sense. Mckernan wants to go home, thats in Melbourne.
by Smashed Crab
Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:50 am
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Re: Great Southern Football League

Imagine the uproar if the Mclaren V Victor game earlier in the year hadn't been overturned due to goal umpire error. If it didn't victor would have made finals and Goolwa would have missed out. Didn't change much for Mclaren though.

Compass to win by 4 goals
Goolwa to cause an upset by 2 goals, Mega Head to have a blinder if he plays
by Smashed Crab
Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:47 am
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Re: The Drip Challenge

Always wanted to see how I'd go with this. Discipline and not getting greedy is obviously the key, but wheres the fun in that.

Bris V Coll Either W under 39.5 - $10 @ $1.25
NM V Ess Either W under 39.5 - $10 @ $1.25
Rich V Syd Either W under 39.5 - $10 @ $1.30
Multi up the above $10 @ $2.12

If all goes well $40 into a $19.29 profit
by Smashed Crab
Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:40 pm
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Re: Southern Football League

No disrespect to those comments at all but when does football have to discuss the issue of netball. Why do we have to care about that. Im sure that there are families in the SFL that have daughters that play netball and are at different venues and we never hear a winge about it. Also how many current men playing A Grade Football in the mentioned leagues have partners that play netball at the same time. Im sure their is some but is it really enough to listen to and not change football for the better? I think it is time for the older men that do a great job of governing their leagues become more open minded about football and less about their own back yard.[/quote]

The family orientation is what keeps the GSFL a strong league. That's why some 'recruits' play down there, because they can take their wife and kids to the same club and play on the same day. Why would you change that because several other leagues cannot manage their own backyard?
by Smashed Crab
Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:17 pm
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Re: Great Southern Cricket Association

Hows the new Mt Compass Turf Pitch playing?
Looking at the scores its either crap or are Mt Compass just plain ordinary ?

I think you'll find that the Compass A Grade would be scraping for a finals spot in the B Grade. Besides Bryce Garrard (who's probably 15 years past his best) there is no one that can hold a willow and dig in for consistent scores of 20-30 plus.

The pitch is playing alright, the opposition don't seem to have trouble.
by Smashed Crab
Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:42 pm
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