South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby smithy » Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:17 am

blueandwhite wrote:I agree that this team says a hell of a lot about South Adelaide and its history, particularly in recent times. Yes this team would beat Hackham (

I know it would mate, it's just disappointing that although not a south supporter, I've spent most of my life very close to souths oval and it seems the club is forever satisfied with it's finances rather than on field performances.

Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby Vintage Red » Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:20 pm

Would Jack be a chance as coach???
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby CENTURION » Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:11 pm

Hackham, yes, Hackham West, no chance.
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby prowling panther » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:10 pm

smithy wrote:
subpol wrote:David Morgan would have to get a gurnsey

WHo ??????

subpol wrote:If Crayshaw is in then so must be Osborne

Mega talented on ball brigade there.
subpol wrote:Would Lade played enough games for a team of the decade?

2 games to qualify for this team... :roll: :roll:

Navy2005 wrote:Kym Koster Wing and Ryan Fitzgerald Full Forward would be in there somewhere I'd think

How many games did Koster play for south ? and the next didn't even play this decade LOL.

blueandwhite wrote:here goes:

FWDS Alwyn Davey Ben Warren Rod Tregenza

H/FWDS Steve Kenna Brent Tuckey Matt Smith

CENTRES Clay Sampson Rhys Archard Ryan Griffen

H/BACKS Nigel Smart Gerard Bennett Scooter McGlone

F/BACKS Jason Torney Bobby Carlisle Dean Talbot

!st Ruck Craig Parry Michael Davis James Boyd

I/C from Crawshay Lade Koster M Clarke Doughty

I believe all of the above have played for South in the last 10 yrs.

Would this team beat Hackham ?

Would expect something ignorant from you Smithy.

If you arte trying to make a joke, then it's backfired on you

If you dont know about other teams good players , then its better to shut up!
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby Big Phil » Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:45 pm

Here is the side as selected by the Messenger's Jai Bednall and South historian John Althorp...

FF: Rod Tregenza Ben Warren Mark Demasi
HF: Trent Mills Gerard Bennett Stephen Kenna
CL: Mathew Smith David Morgan Alwyn Davey
HB: Jason Torney Dean Talbot Scott McGlone
FB: Scott Webb Peter Johnson Kym Cobb

1R: Craig Parry Clay Sampson Chris Hall
INT: Michael Handby Michael Davis Rhys Archard Clinton King
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby sjt » Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:00 pm

Must have had some selection criteria to it, otherwise Ryan Griffen would have to be there.
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby saintal » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:53 pm

Thought I’d give this thread a bump and pull together a team of the decade for 2010-19. Self indulgent stuff, but here it goes..

The decade saw South record 88 wins and 5 draws from 196 games, feature in 4 finals series, collect another wooden spoon in 2010, and be led by Ron Fuller, Kym Cobb (briefly), Brad Gotch, Garry Hocking and Jarrod Wright.

The majority of highlights arose during Gotch’s 3 year reign, including the semi-final thumping of Sturt in 2014. Unfortunately 4 straight finals were lost following that Sturt match, a double chance squandered in 2016 after going 14-4 in the regular season. The residual impact of the dreadful ‘naughties’ lingered in the early part of this decade, while off the field the club felt the pinch financially. Night footy commenced, but unfortunately ceased following the postponed game v the Ravens. The club’s ‘no’ vote in 2013 earned many admirers. Overall though, another decade is added to the premiership drought.

Minimum of 3 years (or roughly 50 games) service required to be considered.

FB: Tarak Redigolo (96), Brad Crabb (180), Tom Fields (88)
HB: Jake Veide (105), Josh Thewlis (72), Matt Rose (103)
C: Nick Murphy (109), Xavier Gotch (132), Toby Stribling (52)
HF: Nathan Daniel (100), Brett Eddy (71), Abe Davis (50)
FF: Peter Rolfe (73), Michael Wundke (58), Brent Macleod (58)
R: Keegan Brooksby (91), Nick Liddle (191), Joel Cross (174)
INT: Daniel Bass (101), Matt Rankine (80), Brede Seccull (66)
EMG: Joe Haines (64), Alex Cailotto (84), Sam Overall (67)

Coach- Brad Gotch

Few random stats to finish on:

Biggest win- South 22.8 (140) def ADE 4.4 (28), Round 11, 2018 @ Noarlunga
Biggest win (disregarding glorified trial games)- South 21.10 (136) def WA 6.5 (41), Round 18, 2016 @ Richmond
Biggest defeat- South 5.8 (38) def by STU 24.11 (155), Round 14, 2010 @ Unley
South 3.11 (29) def by WA 23.8 (146), Round 21, 2013 @ Richmond. Fuller’s final match.
Biggest win streak – 6 games (R15 to SF 2014, and R1 to R7 2016)
Biggest losing streak - 17 games (R6, 2010 to R1, 2011)
Biggest goal haul- Brett Eddy 8 v WA (2016) and Michael Wundke 8 v STU (2011)

SAFC- 55 years...
StKFC- 53 years..
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Re: South Adelaide Team of the Decade?

Postby LMA » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:34 pm

How many did Brett Eddy play before being drafted by Port? He won the KF for South this decade.

Edit - just seen above
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