Every player who has played in the SANFL - The list

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Every player who has played in the SANFL - The list

Postby spell_check » Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:32 am

This will be the new thread which will house every player who has played in the SANFL.

Any corrections and additions are welcome here.
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Postby spell_check » Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:34 am

A to F
Colin Aamodt North
Derek Abbott Sturt
Gordon Abbott Glenelg
Howard Abbott Port
John Abbott Central
Nigel Abbott South
Rick Abbott Norwood
Roy Abbott South
William Abbott South
Bruce Abernethy Port
Ryan Ablett West
John Abley Port
Kevin Abley Glenelg
Ian Abraham Woodville
Paul Abraham Torrens
R Absolom South
Cain Ackland Port North
Syd Ackland Norwood
Troy Ackland West
Fred A'Court West
William A'Court West
James Adair South Torrens
Charles Adams Norwood
Charles E. Adams Port
Colin Adams Sturt
Gregory Adams Glenelg
Ian Adams Norwood
Lee Adams Central
Malcolm Adams Norwood
Ronald Adams Torrens
Thomas F. Adams Torrens
Thomas J. Adams South Torrens
Brian Adamson Norwood
Brenton Adcock Sturt
Cecil Adcock South Torrens
John Adcock Torrens
Keith Addison South
A Adey North
Bill Adey North
Harold Adey West
Peter Adey Norwood
Paul Adler Norwood
Paul Adlington Glenelg
Merv Agars West
Frederick Agius West
Ross Agius Port
Corey AhChee Port
Dudley AhChee Sturt
Paul AhChee North
John Ahern Port
Ben AhMat Glenelg
Joe Ahmat Norwood
Matthew AhMat Norwood
Robbie AhMat Norwood
Norman Ahrendt Glenelg
Alfred Aikmann Glenelg
Norman Aikmann Glenelg
Craig Ainslie Norwood
Andrew Aish Norwood
Jesse Aish Norwood
Michael Aish Norwood
Peter Aish Norwood
Charles Aistrope Sturt South
Fred Aistrope Sturt
William H. Aistrope South
Graham Aitken South
Wayne Aitken South
Frank Alcock West
R Alcock Glenelg
Leslie Alcorn West
Alan Aldenhoven North
Ralph Aldersey Torrens
Ralph Aldersley Glenelg
Mark Aldridge South
Angus Alexander South Glenelg
Bob Alexander Torrens
Bruce Alexander South
Fred Alexander North
Frederick E. Alexander West
Garry Alexander Glenelg
Stephen Alexander Sturt
Daryl Alfred Port
Doug Algate North
Robbie Algate Sturt
James Allan North
Jeff Allan Woodville
Keith Allan Central
Nigel Allan North
Clifford Allchurch South
John Allen South
Robert Allen South
Rodney Allen Woodville
Ty Allen Glenelg
Walter Allen South
William E. Allen Norwood Torrens Sturt
William P. Allen Torrens
Clint Alleway North
James Allingham Port
Morrie Allingham Port
Harold Allington Norwood
Paul Allison Eagles Glenelg
Jarred Allmond Eagles
David Allocca North Norwood
Stephen Almond Torrens Norwood
Anthony Altamura West
Chris Altman North
Ziggy Alwan Norwood
Richard Ambrose Port
William Amee Norwood
Les Amery Norwood
Peter Ames Torrens
Arthur Amos West
Barry Amos Central West
Richard Amos Torrens
Charles Andersen Port
Alister Anderson Sturt
Brenton Anderson North
Charles Anderson Port
Colin Anderson Glenelg
Graeme Anderson West
Greg Anderson Port
Hector Anderson West
Ian Anderson Central
John Anderson Torrens
Peter Anderson North Glenelg Woodville
Richard Anderson Norwood
Robert Anderson Norwood
Ron Anderson Glenelg
Ryan Anderson West
Stephen Anderson Central
Tom Anderson Sturt
Tom Anderson Sturt
Chris Andrew Central
Derek Andrew Torrens
James Andrews West
Lyn Andrews Central
Mitch Andrews Port
Oswald Andrews South
Ron Andrews West
Rowan Andrews Glenelg
Thomas Andrews South West
Jamie Andriske West
Bob Anesbury Glenelg
Damien Angove Port
Simon Angove Glenelg
James Angus Eagles
Hugh Angwin Torrens
Laurence Angwin Glenelg
William Angwin Torrens
Horace Annells Sturt
Adam Ansell West
Ian Anstey North
Jack Anstey West
Michael Anstey Woodville
John Antonio South
Anthony Antrobus North
C.W Aplin South
Daniel Apostolopolous Sturt
Peter Applebee Norwood
Stanley Applebee Norwood
Edgar Appleton South
Gavin Appleton Torrens
Doug Arbon North
Maurice Arbon North
Richard Arbon Woodville
Rhys Archard South
Kyle Archibald West
Jonathon Ardill South
Peter Ardill South
Gary Argus Sturt
Eddie Arkitt Port
Darcy Armfield Glenelg
Michael Armfield Glenelg North
Roy Armfield Glenelg
David Armour Norwood
Barton Armstrong Glenelg
Ben Armstrong North
Edward Armstrong Glenelg
Tony Armstrong North
Jody Arnol Sturt
Damien Arnold Central
Paul Arnold North
Simon Arnott Central
Maxwell Arthur South
Ronald Ash Sturt
V Ashberger South
Bob Ashby Norwood
Graham Ashby North
Graham Ashby Torrens
John Ashby Central
John Ashby Torrens
Len Ashby Torrens
Richard Ashby Torrens
Ron Ashby Torrens
Deryck Ashcroft West
John Ashley Port
Matthew Ashley Port
Phil Ashmead Central Torrens
John Ashurst North
Ian Askew Glenelg
Des Askin West
Geoff Askin North
Herbert Asplin Glenelg
Michael Athanasiou Torrens
John Atkins West
Len Atkins South
Brodie Atkinson North Sturt
Dennis Atkinson Torrens
Don Atkinson North
Kevin Atkinson Woodville
Jeremy Aufderheide Central
Ben Aulich Glenelg South
Cecil Austen Glenelg
Craig Austin South
Dave Austin South
Graeme Austin Torrens
Henry Austin Norwood
Mark Austin Glenelg
Norman Austin South
Dane Avery Sturt
Noel Avery Glenelg
William Avery West
Michael Axon Eagles
Kevin Ayliffe Central
Walter Ayling Sturt
Mark Azzopardi Torrens
Andrew Bachmann South
Lindsay Backman South
Brett Backwell West Glenelg
Frederick Badcock Port
Guy Bagshaw Sturt
Hartley Bagshaw Sturt
John Bagshaw Sturt
Paul Bagshaw Sturt
Wayne Bagshaw Sturt
Alby Bahr Norwood
Wilfred Bail Glenelg
Alf Bailey Glenelg
Claude Bailey Glenelg
Dean Bailey Glenelg
Doug Bailey Eagles
Frederick Bailey West
Ray Bailey Glenelg
Stephen Bailey Norwood
Robin Bailhache South
Ron Baillie Glenelg
James Baird Norwood
John Baird Port
Roy Baird Torrens
Travis Baird South
Renz Bais South
Mark Bajcic West
Anthony Baker South
Brendon Baker Sturt
Clarence Baker South
David Baker Port South
David Baker Woodville
David B. Baker Port
Hillary Baker Glenelg
John Baker Sturt West
Keith Baker Port
Keith Baker Torrens
L.W "Bill" Baker Sturt
Noel Baker South
Colin Bald Port
Donald Baldock Sturt
Richard Baldock Glenelg
Marcus Baldwin Glenelg
Tim Baldwin West
Andrew Balkwill Central
Bob Ball South Torrens
Doug Ball West
Reginald Ball South
Ricky Ball South
Shaun Ballans Eagles
Fred Ballantyne South
Craig Balme Norwood
Neil Balme Norwood
J Balmer South
Colin Balnaves South
Grant Bamber Woodville
Barry Bamford North West
Max Bamford South
Scott Bamford North
Tony Bamford Port
Basil Bampton Port
Peter Bampton Port
John Bandy West
Peter Banfield West
Anthony Banik West
Edward Banks Sturt
Mitchell Banner Eagles
J. Murray Bannigan Sturt
Mostyn Bannister Norwood
Aldo Baraglia South
Stephen Barbaro Central
Barrie Barbary North Woodville
Craig Barbary Sturt
Gordon Barbary Norwood Glenelg
Sam Barbary North
Matthew Barber West
Jordan Barham Port
Tano Barilla Central
John Barker South
Michael Barker Sturt Eagles Norwood
Norman Barker Port
Trevor Barker West
Jackson Barling West
A Barlow South
Paul Barlow West
Luke Barmby Central
Carl Barnden Sturt
A.John Barnes Torrens
Bobbie Barnes West
Cecil Barnes South
David Barnes Eagles
Garsham Barnes Norwood
John Barnes Glenelg
Peter Barnes Torrens
Ray Barnes Central Torrens
Robert Barnes North
Thomas Barnes Torrens
Trevor Barnes Glenelg
V.G Barnes South
William Barnes North
Aaron Barnett West
B Barnett South
Charles Barnett Glenelg
Transvaal Barnett Glenelg
Alexander Barr Port
Derek Barr Central
Jeff Barr North
Kevin Barr North
Kym Barr North
David Barraclough North
James Barraclough South
Darryl Barratt Norwood
Stephen Barratt Glenelg South
Steven Barratt Torrens North
C.Robert Barrett North
Chris Barrett Port West
Cyril Barrett North
Dennis Barron Central
Norm Barron Sturt
Ronald Barron Sturt
Bill Barrott Torrens
Frank Barry South
James Barry West
Maurice Barry Norwood
Michael Barry West
Terrence Barry West
W Barry South
Donald Bartel Sturt
Matthew Bartemucci Norwood
A Barter South
Alan Bartlett Glenelg
Donald Bartlett Sturt
Jack Bartlett Glenelg
Kym Bartlett Sturt
Mark Bartlett Sturt
Maurice Bartlett Torrens
Sidney Bartley South
John Barton Glenelg
Michael Barton Glenelg
Robert Barton Sturt Norwood
R.K Bartram South
Frank Bartrum West
Darren Bartsch West Port
John Baruzzi Port North
Brenton Bascombe Port
Noel Baseby North
Daniel Bass South
Nathan Bassett Norwood
Scott Bassett Norwood
Jason Bastian Sturt
Thomas Bastian Torrens
Donald Bateman Glenelg
Vic Bateman Sturt
Brian Bates North
H Bates West
John Bates Port
Hurtle Bath Port
Nathan Batsanis Eagles
Daniel Batson Port
Des Batt Woodville
Desmond J. Batt Torrens
Devon Batt Norwood North
Frederick Batt West
Murray Batt Port
Ron Batt Port
J Battams Glenelg
Matthew Battams South
George Battey Torrens
Adrian Battiston Glenelg
Hampton Bauer Sturt
Percival Baulderstone Sturt
Allan Baum Sturt
Colin Baum Torrens
David Baverstock Norwood
Mike Bavey Torrens
Andrew Bawden Central
Ashley Baxter South
Ben Baxter South
Chris Baxter South
Horace Baxter South Sturt
Ladislaus Baxter South
Phil Bayes West
Clement Bayley Port
Richard Bayley North
Aaron Bayliss West
Geoff Baynes Torrens South Woodville
Reginald Beadnall South
S.Russell Beadnall South
Claude Beagley Torrens
Brian Beal Glenelg
Darryl Beale Central
James Beales Torrens
Ernest Beames Norwood
George Beams Norwood
Kory Beard Port
Edward Beare Port
James F. Beasley Sturt
Arthur Beaton North West
Douglas Beaton West
John Beaton South
Edward Beatty Sturt
Leonard Beatty Sturt
Owen Beatty Sturt
Robert Beatty Sturt
Reg Beaufoy Port
Alwynn Beck West
Gordon Beck Port
Lindsay Beck Port Glenelg
D.J Becker Sturt
Rodney Becker Glenelg
Barry Beckman Sturt
Gordon Beckman Glenelg
John Bedford Glenelg
Jonathon Beech West
Mark Beech West
Michael Beech West
Brenton Beeching Norwood
John Beeching North
Walter Beeching South Sturt
Bob Beecroft Woodville
Brett Beecroft Sturt
Harold Beer Port
James Begley Sturt
Bryan Beinke Port
A Bell Port
Benjamin Bell Central
Benjamin Bell Torrens
Brad Bell Glenelg
Chris Bell South
Corey Bell Central
Daniel Bell Glenelg
Dudley Bell Norwood Glenelg
H Bell West
John Bell Norwood
Nathan Bell Glenelg
Trevor Bell Norwood
David Bellchambers Central
James Bellhouse West
Jim Bellingham Sturt
Michael Bellman Glenelg
Robert Bellman Sturt
Marco Bello Central
John Belton Port
Paul Belton Port West
Eddie Bencic Woodville
Arthur Bender West
John P. Bennet West Port
Alfred Bennett Norwood
Andrew Bennett South
Bill Bennett South
Cameron Bennett North
Chris Bennett West
Desmond Bennett West
Frederick C. Bennett North Norwood
Gerrard Bennett South
Greg Bennett Glenelg Torrens
James Bennett North
John Bennett Central
John T. Bennett Torrens
Michael Bennett South
Peter Bennett North
Phil Bennett Glenelg
Philip Bennett Torrens
Randall Bennett West
Ryan Bennett West
Craig Bennetts West
Edgar Bennetts West
Jeff Bennetts West
Lionel Bennetts North
Matthew Benson Sturt
Roy Bent Norwood
Greg Bentley Sturt
Jim Bentley North Central
William Bentley Sturt
Ron Benton West
Peter Berbakov Glenelg
William Beresford West
Morris Berg South
Steve Berggren Torrens West
Frank Bergin Glenelg
John Bernhardt North
Jeff Berry Torrens West
Justin Berry South
Leslie Berry Norwood
Ronald Berry Sturt
Rupe Berry West
David Bertelsmeier West
Warren Berto South
A Bertram Sturt
Leonard Bertram Norwood
Oswald Bertram Torrens
Robert Bertram Torrens N.A/Nor
Neil Besanko Central
Albert Bessell Torrens
Frank Best West Sturt
Kevin Beswick Port West
Norm Betson Glenelg
Stanley Bettison Port
James Betts South
Reg Betts Port
Thomas Betts Sturt
Jason Bevan South
Jeff Bevan North
Wayne Bevan Central
Andrew Beveridge Eagles Sturt
Aaron Bevis Central
Peter Beythien Central
Shayne Biacsi Port
David Biagi Eagles
Perc Bice Norwood
Kym Bickley Woodville
Mark Bickley South
A. "Ginger" Biddell Norwood
Roy Biddell Glenelg
Ted Biggs Sturt
Rhett Biglands Eagles
William Bigmore Torrens
Lance Billett Sturt
Brenton Bills Torrens
John "Fred" Bills Torrens
Wilfred Bilney South
Arthur Bilsborrow Port
Michael Bilucaglia North West
Craig Binder Norwood
Lloyd Binney West
Daryl Bird Central
John Bird Sturt
Peter Bird West
Fred Birrell Glenelg
Shane Birss West
John Birt Torrens
Aaron Bishop Sturt
Arthur Bishop South
Jack Bishop West
Jim Bishop West
John Bishop West Glenelg
John T. Bishop West
Matthew Bishop South
William Bishop West
Alan Bitmead West
Peter Bitmead West
A Black Torrens
Brian Black Glenelg
Colin Black Port
Daryl Black Port
Graham Black Sturt
Harold Black South
Douglass Blackburn Glenelg
Graham Blackeby South
John Blacket Norwood
Joseph Blacket Norwood
Donald Blackman North
Lionel Blackmore Norwood
Scott Blacksell Woodville
Alan Blagrove Port
John Blagrove North
Jason Blair North
Lee Blake Norwood
Ronald Blanchard Norwood
David Bland Norwood South
Ron Bland Norwood
Ryan Blesing West
Scott Blesing West
Geoff Blethyn Port
Claude Blight Torrens
George Blight Torrens
Horace Blight Torrens
Malcolm Blight Woodville
Fred Bloch North
Lucas Block Glenelg
Peter Blood Norwood
Dennis Blowes South
Don Blows Sturt
Max Blows Sturt
Milton Bluett Norwood
Norman Blum South
John Blunden North
Peter Blunden North
William Blunden North
Sean Blythe West
Greg Blythman Norwood
Jeff Blythman Norwood
Travis Boak Glenelg
Michael Boase Norwood
Nathan Bock Eagles
Jace Bode Sturt
Matthew Bode Glenelg
Olaf Bode Norwood South
Scott Boden Norwood
Mervyn Boehm Glenelg
Stephen Boehm Central
Mark Boettger Central
William Boland Sturt
James Boles North
Kevin Bollard South
David Bolton Woodville
Frederick Bolton South North
Adrian Bonaddio West
Albert Bond Sturt
Ashley Bond North
Max Bond Port
Shane Bond Port
Troy Bond Port
Don Bone Norwood
Randall Bone South
Richard Bone Glenelg
Derek Bonner Sturt South
Jack Bonnett Sturt
Zeb Bonney Glenelg
David Bonshor West
Dean Bonutto Central
William Boon Port
Byron Booth West Sturt
Terry Booth Woodville
Ronald Boothey Glenelg
Kenneth Boots Glenelg
Johnny Boras North
Ian Borchard West
Michael Borgas South
Marcus Borholm West
Scott Borlace Norwood
Daryl Borlase Port
A.E Boromeo Sturt
Ryan Borowski West
Dean Boscence Woodville
Glyn Bosisto North
Bob Boston Port West
John Bottomley Torrens West
Amos Bottroff North
Arthur Bottroff Glenelg
Peter Bottroff North
Arthur Boucaut North
F Boughen Torrens
Ron Boulden Woodville
Terry Bound North
Patrick Bourke South
Errol Bourn West
Donald Bourne South
Phillip Bourne West
Lynden Bow Glenelg
Luke Bowd South
Graham Bowden South
Ken Bowden North
Brian Bowe Norwood
Jake Bowen Sturt
Darren Bower Sturt
David J. Bower Port
David Bowes South
Gareth Bowes Port
Glen Bowes Torrens
Brian Bowler Sturt
Garth Bowman Sturt
Lachlan Bowman Norwood
Reginald Bowman North
Robbie Bowman Woodville
Stuart Bown Norwood
Dean Bowtell West
Chris Boxall Central
Marcus Boyall Glenelg
Ray Boyanich Woodville
Sidney Boyce South
Dave Boyd Port
Greg Boyd Port
James Boyd South Central
Russell Boyd Port
Daniel Boyle Central
Francis Boyle North
John Boyle South Glenelg
Lance Boyle Glenelg
Desmond Boyley North
Richard Boyley North
Steven Bozicevic Norwood
Geoff Brabham Norwood
Gary Bracegirdle South Sturt
Craig Braddy Central
Jim Bradford Torrens
Andrew Bradley Glenelg
Craig Bradley Port
David Bradley Glenelg
Jacob Bradley Glenelg
Lionel Bradley Torrens Woodville
Mark Bradley South
Phillip Bradley Glenelg
Richard Bradley Glenelg
Ian Bradmore Port Woodville
Darren Bradshaw West
Malcolm Bradshaw North
Bob Bradtke North
Hartley Bradtke Glenelg
Howard Brady Sturt
John Brady West
Fred Braid West
Glen Braidwood West
Lyall Braidwood Woodville
Tracy Braidwood Torrens
Chris Brain North
Kerry Brain South
W Brain Port
Darren Brakenridge North
William Bramley Port
Colin Brand South
Greg Brand Sturt
Graham Branson Glenelg
Ronald Branson West
Heath Brasher Sturt
Michael Bratton Norwood Sturt
Dave Braunack North
Clinton Bravo Sturt
Eric Bray Torrens
Geoff Bray West
Geoffrey Bray South
Richard Bray Port
John Brealey North
Don Brebner Norwood
Mark Brebner West
Leslie Breen South
Greg Brehaut Woodville
Peter Brenchley Norwood
Ricky Brennan Sturt
Herbert Brenton Norwood
Jim Brenton Woodville
Peter Brenton Woodville
Thomas Brenton Glenelg
Justin Brereton West
Shayne Breuer Eagles
Ian Brewer Norwood
Arthur Brice Torrens
John Brice North
Robert Brice Torrens
Scott Bricknell West
Lionel Bridgland Norwood
Charles Bridgman Torrens Glenelg
M Bridgman Norwood
Rodney Bridgman Torrens
Robert Briedis Woodville
Jason Briggs South
Keith Brighton Torrens
W Brinsmead West
John Brittain North
Albert Britton Torrens
Ben Britton Central
Don Britton Sturt
Shayne Broad North
Austral Broadbent South
Blair Broadbent Norwood
Matthew Broadbent Eagles
Robert Broadbent Glenelg
Wayne Broadbridge Port
Bruce Broadstock West
Jack H. Broadstock West Torrens
Alexander Brock Glenelg North
George Brock Port
Mel Brock Glenelg
Matthew Brockhouse Sturt
Andrew Brockhurst South
Mike Broderick West Port
Nicholas Broderick North
Patrick Broderick Torrens
Paul Broderick Port
Peter Broderick South
Peter Broderick West
Robert Brodhurst North
Herman Brodie West
Gerard Brody South
Dean Brogan South
Jason Bromilow Glenelg South
Graham Bronson Glenelg
Cliff Brooker Glenelg
Matthew Brookes South
Barry Brooks North
Clive Brooks Sturt
Justin Brooks Sturt Glenelg
Max Brooks West
Stephen Brooks Central
Graham Brooksby South
Keegan Brooksby South
Phillip Brooksby South
Patrick Brosnan Port West
Steven Brosnan Port
Alb Brown Port
Andrew Brown West
Anthony Brown Port
Colin Brown West
Damien Brown Port
Darryl Brown Torrens Sturt
David Brown Port
Frederick Brown West Torrens
J Brown South
Jim Brown Port
Joseph Brown West
Keith Brown South
Kennedy Brown Sturt
Kevin Brown Norwood
Leslie Brown West
Max Brown North
Nathan Brown West
Nathan Brown North
P Brown West
Peter Brown Glenelg
Philip Brown Glenelg
Rod Brown Woodville
Ron Brown Norwood
Roy Brown Torrens Glenelg
Scott Brown West
Stanley Brown Norwood
Tarquin Brown North
William Brown West
William G. Brown Port
Bruce Browne South
Michael Browne West
Nigel Browning Eagles
Alastair Bruce Sturt
Harold R. Bruce Sturt
James Bruce West
Percy Bruce West
Robert Bruce North
Mark Bruggemann West
Matthew Bruhn West
Raymond Brumby Sturt Norwood
Matthew Brunoli Norwood
Peter Bryan North
Leslie Bryant Norwood West
Matthew Bryant South
David Bubner Central
John Bubner North
Peter Bubner Central Sturt
Robert Buchanan South
Caolan Buckley West
David Buckley Central
Jim Buckley West
Mark Buckley Norwood
Nathan Buckley Port
Ray Buckley Woodville
Shaun Buckley Torrens
John Buckton Torrens
Joseph Buckton West
Craig Budarick Glenelg
Donald Budarick West
J Budgeman Port
Barry Budgen Glenelg
Lindsay Bugg Norwood South
Edward Buist Norwood
Eamon Bull South
Marc Bullen Port
John Bullock Sturt Glenelg
John Bullock Glenelg
Mark Bullock South
Paul Bulluss Torrens Eagles
Brian Bunce Port
Robert Bungay Norwood
David Bungey Glenelg
Howard Bungey Port
Peter Bungey Glenelg
Phil Bunn North
Haydn Bunton Jr Norwood North
Haydn Bunton Sr Port
Barry Burckhardt Glenelg
Marcus Burdett Port Glenelg
Mark Burdett Sturt
Horace F.C. Burford Sturt
Michael Burford North
Peter Burford Sturt
Richard Burgan Glenelg
Tony Burgan Sturt
Rob Burgess Torrens
Robert Burgess Norwood
Tony Burgess West
Shaun Burgoyne Port
Peter Burgoyne Jnr Port
Peter Burgoyne Snr Port
Alistair Burke Glenelg
Brian Burke Norwood
Frank Burke Sturt
V Burke West
Gar Burkett West
John Burkett West
P Burness Port
Stanley Burnett South
Brian Burns North
David Burns North
Douglas Burns South
Herbert Burns North
Ken Burns North
Michael Burns North West
Robert Burns Port
Ron Burns West
Ronald Burns Central
Ronnie Burns Port
Scott Burns Norwood
William Burns Norwood
C.Eric Burrett North
Craig Burroughs North
Frank Burrowes Norwood South
Brian Burt South
Frank Burt Glenelg
Geoff Burt West
Leslie Burt North Sturt
Adrian Burton Sturt
Alan Burton North
Alexander Burton North
Alfred Burton Sturt
Brett Burton Eagles
Craig Burton West North
Darren Burton North
Dudley Burton West
F.J Burton Torrens
John Burton Norwood
Julian Burton Port Sturt
Maxwell Burton West
Rod Burton Port
Shayne Burton Central
Sid Burton North
James Bury Glenelg
Kevin Busbridge North
Alfred Buscomb South
William Bushell Sturt
Ray Bussenschutt South
Robert Bussenschutt North
Gil Butchart Norwood
Bob Butcher South
John Butcher Port
Ken Butcher South
Troy Butcher Glenelg Port
Chris Butler Torrens
Des Butler Norwood
Eric Butler Glenelg
Eric Butler Norwood
Ian Butler Glenelg
John Butler Norwood North
Nick Butler Port
Ricky Butler Central
Sam Butler Central
Shane Butler South
David Butterworth Woodville
Ossie Buttery Norwood
B Button Torrens
Lachlan Button Glenelg
Luke Button Sturt
Neil Button Norwood
Ray Button Glenelg
Richard Buzzacott Glenelg
Aaron Byerlee North
Alan Byers North
C Byers Port
Gregory Byrne South
James Byrne Glenelg
John Byrne South
Simon Byrne West
A Byrnes Glenelg
David Byrnes West Norwood
Harold Cade West
Mark Caesarowicz South
K.W Caffery Sturt
Darrell Cahill Port
Donald J. Cahill West
John A. Cahill West
John G. Cahill West
Laurie Cahill South
Rodney Cahill Glenelg
John V. Cahill Jnr Port
John V. Cahill Snr South
Lou Cailotto Woodville
Daniel Caire West
Kevin Caire Torrens
Carlo Calabrese Norwood
Ronald Calder Norwood
Dean Caldow Glenelg
Neville Caldow Torrens
Neville Caldwell Glenelg
Neville E. Caldwell West
Robert Caldwell Sturt
James Callary West
P Callary South
James Callier Port West
Edward Callinan South Port
Ian Callinan Central
Alan Calyun Torrens
Alexander Cameron North Sturt
Alexander W. Cameron North
D.J Cameron Sturt
Don Cameron Port
Donald A. Cameron Sturt
Elvin M. Cameron Sturt
Gary Cameron South
Gary Cameron West
Jason Cameron North
Michael Cameron Glenelg
Norman Cameron Torrens
Peter Cameron Central North
Reginald J. Cameron Sturt
Jamie Cammarano Eagles
Edward Cammiss Norwood
Adrian Campbell Glenelg
Brian Campbell West
Bruce Campbell Torrens
Bryce Campbell Norwood
Desmond Campbell Glenelg
Ian Campbell West
J Campbell Sturt
Joel Campbell North
Kenn Campbell South
Matt Campbell North
Matthew Campbell North
Peter Campbell Port
Rodney Campbell Glenelg South
Russell Campbell Glenelg Woodville
W.C Campbell South
Wayne Campbell Central
Xavier Campbell Sturt
Scott Camporeale Eagles
Clarrie Cannon West
Thomas Canny Glenelg
Bernard Cant Glenelg
Sean Cantwell Glenelg
John Cappo West
Maurie Cappo West
Matthew Carberry North
Brenton Cardone Sturt
Andrew Carey South
Kevin Carey North
Luke Carey Port
Peter Carey Glenelg
Stephen Carey Torrens
Alan Carlaw Norwood
Gary Carlaw Woodville
Roger Carlaw North
Ted Carlaw Central
Alipate Carlile South
Anthony Carlile South
Wayne Carlin South
Donald Carlos Glenelg
Darren Carlson West
Ron Carlson North
Phil Carman Norwood
Max Carmichael Port
John Carmody Glenelg
Leigh Carpenter Woodville
Paul Carpenter South
Casey Carr Port
Jack Carr Torrens
Josh Carr Glenelg
Raymond Carr Port Norwood
Stephen Carr West
Steven Carr Torrens
Tom Carr Port
Bill Carroll North
Bob Carroll Central
Keith Carroll North
Ray Carroll North Central
Tom Carroll South
Ross Carruthers Norwood
Scott Carslake Eagles Norwood
Steve Carson Torrens
Andrew Carter South
Anthony Carter Norwood
George A. Carter Torrens
Ken Carter North Sturt
Lawrence Carter North
Peter Carter Torrens
Richard Carter Woodville
S Carter South
Stephen Carter Port
Lancelot Carthew Sturt
Brian Cartwright Glenelg
Wayne Carty Woodville South
Fortunato Caruso West
Natale Caruso West
John Carvosso North
Ben Casey North
Colin Casey Sturt
Tom Casey North
Gerald Cash West North
Alan Casserly Central
Justin Casserly Central North
Tony Casserly Central
John Cassin Torrens
Domenic Cassisi West
Ray Castles Torrens
Jarad Cattermole Eagles
Thomas Caudle South
Bruce Causby Port
Reginald Causby North
Arnold Caust South
Paul Caust Sturt
Reginald Caust South
Frank Cave Sturt
Reginald Cave South
Robert J. Cave Sturt
Robert N. Cave Sturt
Victor Cave Norwood Sturt
Peter Caven Sturt
William Cavenagh West Port
Romeo Cavuoto Torrens
Charlie Cawthorne Torrens
David Cearns North
John Cearns North
Silvano Cece Sturt
Sam Chadwick West
Tom Chadwick West
Bob Chalken Norwood
Scott Challen South
Brett Chalmers Port
Cornelius Chamberlain Norwood
John Chamberlain Norwood
Leonard Chamberlain Norwood
Brant Chambers Sturt
Maxwell Chambers Glenelg
Sean Chambers Central West
Telford Chambers Port
Percy T. Champion Sturt
Richard Champion Woodville
Wade Champion West
Darren Chandler West
Arnold Channon Port
Peter Chant Port
Albert Chaplin Port
Clay Chaplin Sturt
Gavin Chaplin Central
Troy Chaplin Sturt
Wilfred Chaplin South West
Alfred Chapman Sturt
George Chapman Port
Greg Chapman Eagles South
Harold Chapman Norwood
J.Paul Chapman Sturt
John Chapman South
Maurice Chapman North
Noel Chapman Sturt
Paul Chapman Torrens Eagles
Ricky Chapman South
Robert Chapman South
Wade Chapman North
William Chapman Norwood
David Chappil Woodville
Royl Chardon Sturt
Josh Charles West
Peter Charlesworth West
T.C Charlesworth South
? Charlick Sturt
William Charlton Glenelg
Kevin Charnstrom Norwood
Kym Chatfield Woodville
Alan Cheek North
Jay Cheep Eagles
Claude Cheesman West
Graham Cheesman Sturt
David Cheetham Port
Paul Chenoweth Central
Robert Chervatin Port
Keith Chessell Sturt
A Chiddy West
Nick Chigwidden Glenelg
Shaun Childs Sturt
Wilfred C. Chinner North Sturt
Archibald Chinnery Norwood
Lavington Chinnery Norwood
Michael Chirgwin South
Gene Chiron Central
Donald Chisholm Glenelg
Rex Chown Torrens South
Clarence Christensen Port
Damien Christensen Torrens
Martin Christensen Eagles
David Christie Woodville
Douglas Christie South
Gary Christie South Glenelg
Graham Christie South
John Christie South
John Christie Torrens
Ross Christie Eagles
Paul Christofis Port
Colin Christopherson West
George Christopolous Sturt
Chris Chubb West
John Church West
Colin Churchett Glenelg
Trevor Churchett Glenelg
George H. Chyer South
Daryl Chynoweth Port
Max Chynoweth West
Theo Chynoweth West
Robert Cichowski Eagles
Justin Cicolella Eagles
Gregory Cilento South
Ray Clancy Norwood
Henry Clapson Norwood
Brian Clark Torrens
David Clark Woodville
Desmond Clark Port
Leslie Clark South
N Clark Torrens
Noel Clark Port
Ricky Clark South
Robert Clark Sturt
Ronald Clark West
Angus Clarke Norwood
Cyril Clarke South
David Clarke South
Garry Clarke South
Geoff Clarke Norwood
Graham Clarke South
Jack Clarke West
James Clarke Sturt
Joe Clarke Torrens
John Clarke Norwood
John D. Clarke North
Kym Clarke Port Central
Lenny Clarke West
Leonard Clarke North
Matthew Clarke South Glenelg
N Clarke South
Richard Clarke Glenelg
Sydney Clarke North
Sydney Clarke North
Trevor Clarke Sturt
Troy Clarke Torrens
Tom Clarkson Central
Tony Clarkson Sturt
Peter Clasohm Woodville
Drew Clayfield Glenelg
Jeremy Clayton Port
Mark Clayton Port
Robert Clayton Port
Oliver Clements West
Troy Clements Norwood
Norm Cleveland Torrens
John Cleworth South
Stephen Clifford Port
Roger Clift North Woodville
Roger Clift Port
S Clift South
Marty Clifton South
Michael Clinch Port
Mick Clingly Torrens
Mitchell Clisby North
Ray Clisby North
Trevor Clisby North
Craig Clohessy Port
Darren Clohessy Central
Michael Clohessy South
Cameron Cloke Port
Peter Cloke North
John Cloonan South
Michael Cloonan South
Brian Close Woodville
Clyde Close Norwood
Raymond Clothier Glenelg
Robert Clothier Sturt
Brian Clune West
Jack Coad West
Michael Coad Sturt
Douglas Cobb Sturt
Ian Cobb South
Kym Cobb South
Gerald Cobiac Sturt
Vin Cobiac Norwood
Stuart Cochrane Central
Richard Cochrane Jnr Central
William Cochrane Jnr Central
Richard Cochrane Snr Central
William Cochrane Snr South
Clifford Cock Port
Craig Cock South
John Cock Port
Ken Cock Norwood
Raymond Cock Glenelg
Stanley Cock Port
Jason Cockatoo Port
Che Cockatoo-Collins Port
Donald Cockatoo-Collins Port
Alfred Cockburn South
Jack Cockburn South
William Cockburn South
Charles Cocks Norwood
Robert Cocks South
Robert Cocks Torrens
Adam Cockshell Norwood South
Cecil Cockshell North
Doug Cockshell Torrens
Mick Codd North
Richard Codd West
Grant Coffee Central
John Coffen Port
Steven Coghill West
Derek Coghlan West
Ugo Colasante Norwood Woodville
Andrew Colbey Woodville Eagles West
Brian Colbey Glenelg
Michael Colbey West
E Colby South
Brian Coldwell Port
Harold Coldwell Port
Brenton Cole Port
Chris Cole South
David Cole North
David Cole North
Phil Cole South
A Coleman Torrens
Andrew Coleman South
Brian Coleman Torrens
Darcy Coleman North
Jim Coleman South
Kevin Coleman North
Reginald Coleman Glenelg
Richard Coleman South
Brad Coles Eagles
George Coley South
Mike Coligan Norwood
Kenneth Collett Glenelg
Edward Colley Sturt
Leigh Collidge South
Jeff Collier Torrens
Arthur Collins South
Des Collins Central
Graeme Collins Central
Matthew Collins North
Michael Collins South
Norman Collins West
Peter Collins Central
Phil Collins South West
Terry Collins North
Alex Colquhoun Sturt
Edward Colquhoun Sturt
Ben Colreavy Sturt
Andrew Colsey Torrens
Gavin Colville Eagles
Roy Colyer Glenelg Sturt
Shane Comer South
Heath Commane West
Vernon Commane Torrens
Dean Conder North South
Angelo Congear Port
Bernie Conlen West
Alexander Conlin West
Arthur Conlin West
John Conlin West
Vincent Conlin West
Frank Conlon Glenelg
James Conlon Norwood
John Connell West
Matthew Connell West
Jack Connelly South
Stephen Connelly Central Norwood
J Connolly Torrens
John Connolly West
John J. Connolly West
Patrick Connolly Norwood
Rex Connolly Torrens
Eljay Connors North
Dennis Conole Torrens
Reg Conole Port
Ronald Conole Torrens
John Conquest Sturt
Daryl Conrad North
Harold Conrad South
Leonard Conrad South
Andrew Conroy Torrens
Dennis Conroy Torrens
Brian Constable North
Adam Contessa Glenelg
Josh Contin Glenelg
Dimi Contos Norwood
Mark Conway Central Sturt
A Cook Norwood
Adam Cook Glenelg
Brett Cook Norwood
Leopold Cook Sturt
Michael Cook South
Myke Cook South
Ron Cook Central
Sudjai Cook Norwood Glenelg
Tim Cook Central North
Victor Cook Glenelg South
Ben Cooke Port
T.V Cooke South
Mark Coombe South
Joel Coombes Norwood
W.G Coombs South
Adam Cooney West
Moss J. Cooney Sturt
Brad Cooper Glenelg
Graham Cooper Port
James Cooper Glenelg
Matthew Cooper Sturt Eagles
Max Cooper Port
Robert Cooper Glenelg
William Cooper West
Clifford Cope Norwood
Bradley Copeland Sturt
Vincent Copley South
Alfred Copp South
John Coppin Port
Adrian Copping Norwood
Benet Copping Sturt
Brett Copping South
David Copping Norwood
John Copping Glenelg
Stephen Copping Glenelg
J Coppinger South
Jamie Coppins North
Dick Corbett Glenelg
Scott Corbett West
Tom Corbett Eagles
Brian Cordy West
Michael Corey Woodville
Gerard Cornelius North
Lance Cornelius Glenelg
Thomas Cornelius Norwood
Arthur Cornell Port
Darren Cornell Central
R Corner South
Chad Cornes Glenelg
Graham Cornes Glenelg South
Kane Cornes Glenelg
John Cornish South Port
Ken Cornish South
Ken M. Cornish South
Thomas Correll South Torrens Sturt
Liam Corrie South
Kerry Corrigan Norwood
Nicky Corston Port
Leonard Cossey West
Stan Costello West
Craig Cotter Central West
Paul Cotter South
Bob Cottle Sturt
Arthur Cotton West
Jarrod Cotton Central Norwood South
Thomas Cotton Norwood
Gordon Couch Norwood
John Coudraye Woodville
Leigh Coudraye Port
Roger Coudraye Woodville
Brian Coulls North South Sturt
Robert Coulls Sturt
Alex Coulter South
Graham Coulter Sturt
Josh Coulter Central North
William Coulter Torrens
Jack Courtney Torrens
Kevin Cousins Norwood
Mike Cousins Torrens
Peter Cousins Torrens Glenelg
Richard Cousins Central
Trevor Cousins Torrens
Jim Coverlid Torrens
Darcy Cowan Norwood
Luke Cowan Central
Robert Coward North
Simon Cowham North Norwood
Darryl Cowie Central
Greg Cowling South
John Cowling Torrens
Damian Cox South
Darcy Cox North
Doug Cox Torrens
Gordon Cox Glenelg
Greg Cox Woodville
Ian Cox South
Lance Cox South
Marc Cox Norwood
Peter Cox Glenelg
Phil Cox South
Simon Cox Glenelg North
Stan Cox Torrens
Stephen Cox Woodville
Allan Crabb Glenelg
Brad Crabb South
Jaxon Crabb South
Nick Crabb Glenelg
Terence Crabb Glenelg
Matthew Cragg-Sapsford West
Reginald Crago North
Robert Crago Sturt
Herbert Craig South
Ian Craig North
James Craig North
Neil Craig Norwood Sturt North
Greg Cramey Sturt
Donald Crammond Torrens
Graham Crammond Woodville
Ben Cranage Port
Ken Crane Woodville
Luke Crane Sturt
Rian Crane West
Trevor Cranston Glenelg
Ken Crase Sturt
Jacob Crate South
Paul Crate South
Alan Crawford South
David Crawford Norwood North
Desmond Crawley Sturt
Simon Crawshay South
John Creaser Torrens
Arthur Creeper South
Tony Crennan South
Peter Crerar Port
Victor Cresdee Norwood
Vernon Criddle West
Charles Crispin South
Jeff Crockford Central
Bruce Croft Torrens
Clement Croft South
Ken Croft Torrens
Neil Crompton Glenelg
Phil Cronan Woodville
G.P Cronin Sturt
James Cronin North
Michael Cronin North
Callum Crook Port
Russell Cropley Central
Mark Crosby South
Richard Crosby Glenelg
Greg Croser Glenelg West
Richard Croser Glenelg
Adrian Cross South
Brian Cross South
Fred Cross Woodville
Troy Crossley West
Frank Crossman North
Shane Crothers Port
Adam Crouch Norwood
Frank Crouch North
James Crouch Sturt
John Crouch Port North
Luke Crouch Norwood
Reginald Croucher Glenelg
Don Crowder Glenelg
John Crowe North
William Crowe Norwood North
Andrew Crowell Eagles West
Leon Crowhurst Norwood
Pat Crowley Port
William Crowley West
Royce Croxton South
Josh Cubillo North
Joel Cullen Eagles
Heath Culpitt Glenelg Norwood
Walter Culpitt Sturt
Hugh Cumberland Sturt
Robert Cummings Central
Scott Cummings Port
Trent Cummings Central
John Cummins Woodville
Peter Cummins Torrens
Roland Cummins South
Brian Cunningham Port
Damian Cunningham North
Don Cunningham South
Don M. Cunningham Port Torrens
Donald Cunningham Norwood
John Cunningham Norwood
John Cunningham Torrens
Leslie Cunningham North
Neville Cunningham Sturt
Scott Cunningham Sturt Glenelg
Damian Cupido South
Chris Curcio Port
Clarence Curnow Torrens
Frederick Curnow South Port Sturt
Garnet Curnow Torrens
Greg Curnow Torrens West
Ray Curnow Glenelg
Ross Curnow Sturt West
William Curnow Sturt
Brad Currie Central
Francis Curtin West
Joseph Curtin Port
Ray Curtin Port
Thomas Curtin Glenelg West
Frank Curtis Torrens
John Curtis Norwood
John Curtis Torrens
Kym Curtis Port Torrens
Michael Curtis Sturt
Ross Curtis Norwood
Steve Curtis Port
William Curtis Port
Clarence Curyer Norwood
David Curyer Glenelg
Ronald Curyer South
Ken Cuthbertson Glenelg
Neil Cuthbertson Glenelg
Frank Cutler Torrens
Peter Cutten Glenelg
Haydn Cutting South
George Czaja South
Peter Dabovich West
Brad Dabrowski West Eagles
Henry Dabrowski Torrens
Philip Dack Glenelg
Joseph Dailey West
Peter Daish Sturt
Kevin Dale Sturt
Chris Dalkin Port
Alan Dalton South
Grant Dalwood Norwood
Peter Dalwood Norwood
William Dalwood Norwood
Anthony "Bos" Daly North
Charles Daly South Norwood
John Daly Torrens
John.W Daly South
Kevin Daly Glenelg Torrens
Mick Daly Central Norwood
Shaun Daly South
Stephen Dance West
Ivan Dangerfield Port
Leonard Dangerfield North Glenelg
Patrick Dangerfield West
Roy Dangerfield Port
Brenton Daniel Central
Leonard Daniel North
Nathan Daniel Eagles
Ross Daniel Torrens
Russell Daniel South
Stephen Daniels Norwood
Earl Dansie West
Neil Dansie Norwood
Jerry D'Antiochia Norwood
Anthony Darcy Port
Dave Darcy South
Luke Darcy South
Gordon Dare South
Norm Dare Torrens
Gerald Darley South
Peter Darley South
Lindsay Darling Port
Ryan Darlng Sturt
Bart Darmody Woodville Torrens
James Darragh Sturt South
P.J Darragh Sturt
Leo Darveniza Sturt
Spiros Darzanos Eagles
Jason Davenport West
Sam Daveron Eagles
Aaron Davey Port
Alwyn Davey Port South
Ivan Davey North South
Michael Davey Central
Todd Davey Norwood
William Davey West
Anthony David West Glenelg
David David Sturt
J.L Davidson North
Alan Davies Norwood
Bronik Davies West
Don Davies Norwood
John Davies Glenelg
Leigh Davies Sturt
Lloyd Davies North
Neil Davies Glenelg
Rick Davies Sturt South
Rod Davies Port
S.D Davies Sturt
Wayne Davies Sturt
Edwin Daviess Torrens
Arthur Davis North
Bill Davis Woodville
Brad Davis West
Chad Davis North Port
Frederick Davis West
Geoff Davis Woodville
George Davis Sturt
Glen Davis Norwood
Graham Davis South
Kevin Davis Norwood
L Davis Sturt
L.A Davis Sturt
Len Davis Port
Matthew Davis North
Matthew Davis Norwood
Michael Davis South
Norman Davis Port
Phil Davis North
Richard Davis Central
Robert Davis Torrens West
Stuart Davis Woodville
Tim Davis North Central
William Davis West
Kym Davison Glenelg
Denis Davoren West
Mark Davoren West
Roly Daw Sturt
Brady Dawe Norwood
Bruce Dawe North
Chad Dawe Eagles
Hector Dawe North
Rex Dawe Port
Jack Dawes South
James E. Dawes South
James F. Dawes South
Matthew Dawes Norwood
Walter Dawes South
William Dawes West
Arthur Dawkins North
John Dawkins South
Mark Dawkins South
William Dawkins Sturt
Graham Dawson Torrens
J Dawson South
Ken Dawson Torrens
Mark Dawson Port
Richard Dawson Port
Aaron Day Glenelg Eagles
Albert Day North
George Day Glenelg
George Day West
Gordon Day Sturt
Ian Day West South
Jason Day South
Keith Day South
Robert Day West
Thomas F. Day South
William Day South
Clarence Dayman Port
Clement G. Dayman Port North
Clifford Dayman South
George Dayman Norwood
Howard Dayman North
Leslie C. Dayman Port
Anthony Deacon West
Tim Deacon South
Lancelot Dean Norwood
Robert Dean Glenelg
Simon Dean West
Brett Deane Glenelg
Jim Deane South
Ian Dearaugo Central
Ken Deards West Woodville
Gordon Dearing Torrens
Allan DeBrenni Woodville
Darren DeBrenni Woodville
Brian DeBroughe West
Max Deckert Glenelg
Maurice DeCure Glenelg
Sydney Dedman Torrens
William Deer Glenelg
K.J Degan Sturt
R Degenhart South
Jack Deighton West
Dirk DeJong West
Robbie DeJongh Norwood West
Danny Del Re South
Michael Delahunty Sturt
Brenton Delaine West
Roger Delaney Port
Ian Della-Polina Norwood West
George Dellar Norwood
Jim Delo Torrens
Fabian Deluca Sturt
Tim Delvins North
Mark Demasi Central South
Dylan Dempsey North
Greg Dempsey West Port
George Dempster Port
Darren Denneman West
Darryl Dennes Woodville
Harry Dennes West
Simon Dennis Sturt
Matthew Dent Sturt
Kristian DePasquale Port
Danny Deptula West
Jack Dermody Port
Ricky Dermody Port
Troy Deron Sturt
Jim Derrington Sturt
John Deslandes Glenelg
Julian Desmazures Sturt
Ian Dettmann Woodville
Des Deuter Central
Trevor Deverson West
Mark Devine Eagles
Stewart Devlin Norwood
Brad Devries Norwood
Barry Dew North
Stuart Dew Central
Frederick Dewar Port
Henry Dewar Port
Peter Dewar Glenelg
Gustave Dewell North
Craig Dewhirst South
Harfield Dewhirst Glenelg
John Dewhirst Port
Graham Dewhurst Norwood
John Dibben Sturt
Michael DiBiase Eagles
Brian Dick Woodville
Harold Dickens South North
Harold Dickerson Torrens
Donald Dickie Sturt Norwood
John Dickie Norwood
David Dickinson Norwood South
Edward Dickinson Glenelg
Brian Dickson Central
Brian Dickson Norwood
James Dickson Port
Ron Dickson Norwood
Alan Didak Port
Douglas Dienelt West
Grenville Dietrich North Torrens
Skender Dikoli South
Carl Dilena Sturt
Robert Dilliway North
Barry Dillon Torrens
Harry Dillon South
Herbert Dillon North
Kym Dillon North Torrens
Martin Dillon South Eagles
Ross Dillon Norwood
W.H Dillon Torrens
Ashley Dinning Glenelg
Colin Dinning Port
Ian Dinning Port
Les Dinnison Torrens
Michael Diorio North
Robert Diorio North Torrens
Scott Direen Norwood
Robert DiRosa West
Sean Disbury Central Norwood Torrens
Gary Disher North
Ian Disher Glenelg
James Disher South
Alan Dittmar Port
Mark Dittmar Glenelg Port
Michael Dittmar Port South North
Wally Dittmar Port
Eric Dix Torrens
Jason Dixon Central
Malcolm Dixon North
Simon Dixon Sturt
Trevor Dixon Sturt North
Craig Dobson South
Murray Dobson Norwood
Graham Dodd Sturt
Ronald Dodd Glenelg
Jordan Dodman North
Brian Dodson Port
Jack Doherty South
Mark Doherty North
William Doherty South
Brian Dohnt South
Craig Dohnt North
Peter Dohnt Glenelg
Kerry Dohring Sturt
Billy Dolan Norwood
Mark Dolan Sturt
Robert Dolan Port
Mark Dolling Port
Alan Dolman Port
Barry Dolphin Norwood
Harry Dolphin South
Owen Donaghey South
Michael Donaghy Port
Alex Donaldson Glenelg Sturt
Archibald Donaldson Sturt
Graham Donaldson West
John Donaldson West
Luke Donaldson West
Phillip Donaldson Sturt
Robbie Donaldson West
Daniel Donati West
John Donkersley Glenelg
B Donnell North
J Donnell South
Gerald Donnelly Sturt
George Donnisthorpe North
John Donnisthorpe South North
William Donnon Port
Josh Donohue Norwood
Mark Donovan Glenelg
Patrick Donovan South
Sam Donovan Central
William Donovan South
James Doody South
William Doody West
Donald Dorian Port
Ralph Dornan South
Desmond Dorsett Glenelg
Brett Doswell Glenelg
Mike Doszna North Woodville
Mark Dougall Norwood
Michael Doughty South
Don Douglas Sturt
Kevin Douglas South West
Richard Douglas Glenelg
Alan Dowding Sturt
William Dowling West
Matthew Down North
Andrew Downes Sturt
Geoff Downey Torrens
Mark Downie Torrens North
Bruce Downing Sturt
Alfred Downs South
Barrie Downs South
Jamie Downs West
Max Downs Torrens
Ian Downsborough Norwood
Craig Dowsett Woodville
James Doyle Port
Kevin Doyle Port South
Percy Doyle North West
Robert Doyle South
Stephen Doyle South
Rudolph Drabsch North
Doug Drage Norwood
Marc Dragicevic West
Brian Draper South
Clint Draper South
Duncan Draper South Glenelg
Paul Draper Port
Wills Draper North
Ben Dray West
Mark Dreher West
Peter Drennan Torrens
Alfred Drew Glenelg
Arnold Drew Glenelg
Charles Drew Glenelg North
David Drew West
Harold Drew Port
Norm Drew North
Roy Drew Port
Vernon Drew North
Gordon Dreyer West
David Driver Glenelg
George Driver Norwood
Des Drogemuller Central Port
Paul Drogemuller Torrens
Arthur Drummond Torrens
Ian Drummond West
Leslie Drummond Sturt
William Drummond Port
William Drummond Torrens
Malvern Drury Torrens
Ian Dry South
Jeff Dry South
Keith Dry Sturt
Shane Dryden Glenelg
Alex Drzal West
John Duanne South
Cyril Duberal North
John Ducker North
Mark Ducker Norwood
Murray Ducker North
John Duckworth Central
Ross Duffy Norwood
Robert Dugan Norwood South
Jamie Duhne Eagles
Nick Duigan Norwood
Kevin Dukalsis West
Keith Duke Norwood
Terry Duke Woodville
Matthew Duldig Glenelg
Michael Dunbar Glenelg
Ashley Duncan Central
Luke Duncan Port
Scott Duncan Port
Shane Duncan Woodville
Dean Dunhill West
Darcy Dunlevy Norwood
Alan Dunlop West
Alan Dunn South
John Dunn Port Torrens
Keith Dunn Sturt
Percy Dunn North
Peter Dunn Norwood
Ralph Dunn North
Raymond Dunn North
Roger Dunn Sturt
Ronald Dunn South
William Dunn Torrens
Clarence Dunne South
Francis Dunne Sturt
Thomas Dunne Central
William Dunne South West
Graeme Dunstan Norwood
Robert Dunstan South
Don Durbridge Port
Graham Durbridge South
John Durbridge Norwood South
Anthony Dutch Port
Frank Duthie Torrens
H Duthie Port
Chris Duthy Glenelg
Scott Dutschke Central
Eddie Dutton Sturt
Mark Dutton Sturt
H.W Dwyer Sturt
Harold Dwyer West
Cecil Dyer South Glenelg
William Dyer Port
Gregory Dyett North
Geoff Dyke Norwood
Jason Dylan Port Eagles
Robert Dyson North
Don Eagle Central
Ryan Eagle Glenelg
Jon Eagleton West
Michael Eagleton West
Nathan Eagleton West
Anthony Eames Norwood
David Earl South
Jack Earl North
Jason Earl Eagles
Thomas Earl North
Joseph Earle Port
Craig Earnshaw Central
Richard Easom Norwood
Geoff Eason Woodville
A.E East North
Matthew East South
Simon Eastaugh Norwood
Fred Easton Port
Oliver Easton South Sturt
Harold Eaton Port
Laurie Eaton Norwood
Maurice Eaton Port West
Keith Eatts North
Max Eatts Glenelg North
Rex Eatts North
Mark Eaves North
Ray Ebel North Port
Brad Ebert Port
Brett Ebert Port
Craig Ebert Port West
Daniel Ebert North
Jeff Ebert Port
Ricky Ebert North
Russell Ebert Port
Terry Ebert Glenelg
Dennis Eblen Glenelg
Vincent Eblen Glenelg
Andrew Eccles Norwood
Ben Eckermann Sturt
Ivan Eckermann Port
Douglas Eckert Sturt
Grant Eckert Torrens
Wayne Eckert South
Arnold Eckhold Port
Mark Eckhold Woodville
John Economou Torrens
Max Eddy South
John Ede Port
Murray Ede Port
Drozena Eden Port
John Eden Port
Frank Eder Torrens
J Edgar South
Ian Edgley West
Reginald Edgword South Torrens
Bernard Edmonds North
Michael Edmonds Norwood Torrens
Robert Edmonds Central
Timothy Edmonds North Torrens
Barry Edwards North
Bert Edwards Port
Bob Edwards Norwood
Brian Edwards Glenelg
Brian A. Edwards North
Charles Edwards Glenelg
Clem Edwards Norwood Torrens
David Edwards South
Doug Edwards North Torrens
Duane Edwards West
Edward Edwards Norwood
Garry Edwards Glenelg
Gary Edwards Woodville
Grant Edwards Central
Greg Edwards Central
Ian C. Edwards Glenelg South
John Edwards Torrens
Malcolm Edwards Glenelg
Mark Edwards North Glenelg
Milton Edwards Glenelg
Norman Edwards Glenelg
Peter Edwards Sturt
Ralph Edwards West
Ray Edwards Glenelg
Raymond Edwards Torrens
Reginald Edwards Glenelg
Ronald Edwards Glenelg
Rory Edwards West
Russell Edwards Port
Shane Edwards North
Tyson Edwards West
W Edwards South
W "James" Edwards Torrens
Harold Effick North
Kevin Egan Port
Martin Egan South
Nicholas Egan Port
Ray Egan Torrens
Wilfred Egan South
Ken Eglington West
Dale Eichner Torrens
Michael Eichner North
Steven Eichner Port
Graeme Eime Central Port
Ronald Eime Port
John Elder Norwood
Peter Elfenbein Torrens
Craig Elias Glenelg
Bob Elix Port
Shane Ellen Port South
Robert Ellery South
Ron Elleway Port
Bernie Elliott Norwood
Charles Elliott South
Darren Elliott Glenelg
Dennis Elliott Sturt
Donald Elliott West
George Elliott North
Glenn Elliott Port Torrens
Russell Elliott North
Sam Elliott South
Tennyson Elliott South
Thomas Elliott West
Angus Ellis Sturt
Dale Ellis Eagles South
Eric Ellis Torrens West
F Ellis Torrens
Gary Ellis Central
Luke Ellis Glenelg
Malcolm Ellis North
Reginald Ellis Glenelg
Reginald Ellis West
John Elsdon Glenelg
Daniel Elstone Port North
Steven Emery South
Peter Endersbee Sturt
Raymond English Sturt
Bob Enright Port Torrens
Kevin Enright Sturt
Matthew Eriksson South
Dennis Errey Port
Frederick Errey South
Michael Errey Port
George Errington Norwood
Ken Errington North
Peter Esselbach Sturt
C.A Ettridge South
Ronald Ettridge West
Trevor Ettridge Torrens Woodville
Ken Eustice West Central Glenelg
Peter Eustice West
Sam Eustice Sturt
Andrew Evans Woodville
Bradley Evans Sturt
Craig Evans Sturt
David Evans Sturt
Francis Evans Sturt
Ian Evans Sturt
John Evans Glenelg
Jon Evans Port
Kevin Evans Sturt
Mark Evans Norwood
Paul Evans Port
Russell Evans Port West
Tim Evans Port
Victor Evans South
Alan Evens Norwood
John Everingham Woodville
Zac Ewer South
Alec Ewers North
Brett Exelby Glenelg
Albert Exley Glenelg
David Ey Sturt
Grant Eyles Torrens
James Ezard West
Bob Fabian Port
Peter Fabian Port
George Faehrmann Norwood
John Faehrmann South
Brian Faehse West
Alwin Faggotter North
Leo Fahy Torrens
David Fairclough South
Lyndon Fairclough Central
Sam Fairclough Eagles
Milan Faletic Torrens Port
John Falting West
James Fantasia Norwood Woodville
Julian **** South
Shane Farley North
Ken Farmer North
Mitchell Farmer Sturt
Robert Farmer West
Dean Farnham Central
Robert Farnham Norwood
Harry Farnsworth Sturt
Brenton Farquhar North
Greg Farquhar South
Michael Farquhar Glenelg
James Farr Port
Ray Farrant North
Graeme Farrell North
Bernie Farrelly Norwood
Bernie Farrelly South
Hugh Farrelly Glenelg
John Farrer South
Jason Farrier West
Barry Farrow Norwood
Graham Farrow Norwood
John Faulkead Port
Michael Faulkhead Eagles
Cameron Faulkner Central
Edwin Fear Glenelg
Simon Feast Sturt
Brendon Feddema Glenelg
Bob Federowytch Sturt
Karl Fedke Glenelg
Geoffrey Feehan Norwood
Jeff Fehring Norwood
Wes Fellowes Port
Charles Felstead South
Kym Feltus Central
L Fennell South
Mark Fenoughty South
Dick Fenton-Smith Sturt
"Nucker" Fenwick West
Ian Ferguson South
Ian Ferguson West
Norm Ferguson North
R Ferguson Sturt
Ryan Ferguson West
Todd Ferguson Sturt
Nicholas Fergusson South
Colin Ferme Woodville
Ashley Fernee South
Clifford Ferrett Norwood
Harry Ferris North
Raymond Feutril West
George Fiacchi Port
Peter Fiacchi Eagles
Robert Fiacchi Eagles
John Fidge Glenelg
Cyril Fidock Glenelg
Edward Fidock Port
Nigel Fiegert Port
Lloyd Field Sturt
Scott Field Sturt
Aaron Fielke West
Anthony Fielke West
Craig Fielke Sturt
Grantley Fielke West
Lyn Fielke Torrens
Neville Fielke West
Eric Fienemann Norwood
Chris Fiennemann Norwood
Neil Fillery Woodville
John Filmer North
Albert E. Filsell Torrens
R.Bertrand Filsell Torrens
Alec Fimeri West
Anthony Findlay Central
Ben Finnin Port
Aaron Fiora Port
Alan Fischer Torrens
Charles Fischer Glenelg
Kevin Fischer Norwood North
Peter Fischer Torrens
A Fisher Norwood
Adam Fisher Glenelg
Anthony Fisher Glenelg
Ben Fisher West
Brad Fisher Glenelg
Braydn Fisher West
Ernest Fisher Sturt
S.A Fisher North
Samuel Fisher West
Shane Fishlock Glenelg
Patrick Fittock Sturt
Clem Fitzgerald Norwood
Colin Fitzgerald Glenelg
Craig Fitzgerald Eagles
Dane Fitzgerald Port
Dennis Fitzgerald Port
Douglas Fitzgerald Glenelg
Francis Fitzgerald West
Joel Fitzgerald Sturt Port
Len Fitzgerald Sturt
Michael Fitzgerald Glenelg
Paul Fitzgerald South
Ryan Fitzgerald South
S Fitzgerald West
Zac Fitzgerald Eagles
Glenn Fitzpatrick Sturt
Peter Fitzpatrick Woodville
Shane Fitzsimmons West
J Flaherty Torrens
Raymond Flaherty Glenelg
Greg Flanagan Torrens
James Flannigan West
Chris Flatman West
Des Flavell Norwood West
Albert Fleet Torrens
Harry Fleet North
Percy Fleet North
Scott Fleet Glenelg
Ben Flehr Torrens
Dale Fleming Norwood
Tim Fleming South
David Flesfadar Eagles
Daniel Fletcher Norwood
Don Fletcher Port
Lloyd Fletcher South
Peter Fletcher Port
Wayne Fletcher Glenelg
William Fletcher Port
Shane Flett Glenelg
Brian Flew Glenelg
Darren Flew Torrens
Stephen Flintham Torrens
David Flintoff Central
David Flood Central
Aldo Floreani Torrens
Jon Floreani Eagles
David Florence South
Campbell Flower Glenelg
Daniel Flowers Port
Rolf Fluetcher Glenelg
Michael Flynn Woodville
L.Richards Foale South North
Brooke Fogden West Glenelg
Edward Foggo Port West
Grant Foley Central
Randall Follett Sturt
Tim Follett Sturt
Ronald Foody Norwood
Albert Fooks North Torrens
Darrol Foote North
David Foote Torrens Eagles
Edwin Foote Torrens
Greg Foote Torrens
John Foote Torrens
Michael Foote Torrens
William Footer West
Matthew Footner South
Peter Foott West
Alan Forbes Torrens
Glenn Forbes Port South
Murray Forbes Torrens
Alec Forby West
Maurice Forby West
Bob Ford North Woodville
Edward Ford West
Gary Ford Sturt
John Ford Port
Kynan Ford Central
Peter Ford North
Robert Ford Glenelg
Douglas Forder North
Frederick Forgan North
Horrie Forgie South
Garry Forrest North
Lachlan Forrest South
Maurie Forrest Norwood
Raymond Forrest North
William Forrest West
Colin Forrester South
Hurrall Forrester South West
Alan Forster South
Horace Forster West
Phil Forster West
Ronald Forster Glenelg
Robert Forster-Knight South
Jim Forsyth Torrens
Stephen Forth North
Bob Fosdike Norwood
Duncan Fosdike Norwood
Jack Fosdike Glenelg
Leonard Fosdike Norwood
Nic Fosdike Norwood
Simon Fosdike Norwood South
Barry Foster South
Darren Foster Port South
Richard Foster Port
Warren Foster South
Dominic Fotia Torrens
James Foulds Sturt
C Foule Torrens
George Foulis North
Paris Fowden North
Len Foweraker West Norwood
Percy Foweraker West
Richard Fowler Norwood
Stephen Fowles Woodville
Brian Fox Norwood
C. Adam Fox Sturt
Danny Fox West
Gavin Fox Torrens
Carl Fragomeni Port
A Francis Torrens
Fabian Francis Port
Ian Francis Port
Reece Francis Central
Thomas F. Francis Sturt
Tony Francis Norwood
Josh Francou North
Ken Francou North
Maurie Francou North
Arthur Franklin Port Glenelg
Leonard Franklin Torrens
Murray Franklin West
Frans Franson Port
Darren Fraser Port
Donald Fraser West South
Graham Fraser Glenelg
Kane Fraser North
Martyn Fraser Glenelg
Murray Fraser South
Robert Fraser Central
Robert Fraser Port
Simon Fraser West
Noel Frederichs Sturt
Glenn Freeborn Eagles
Scott Freeborn Eagles
Eric Freeman Port
Ernest Freer Torrens
Barnaby French Sturt
David French Norwood
Peter French Glenelg
Robert French Norwood
Gordon Freundt Sturt
Hedley "Harry" Freundt Sturt
Brent Frewen Eagles
Gregory Frick West
John Frick North
Michael Friebel Sturt
Peter Friedrichs Sturt
Rudi Frigo Eagles
George Frogley Torrens
David Frost Glenelg Sturt
Percy Frost North
Barry Fry Sturt
Eddie Fry South Sturt
Robert Fry Sturt
Joseph Fryar South
Charles Fullarton North
Andrew Fuller Torrens
Geoff Fuller North
Geoff Fuller Sturt
Grant Fuller South
James Fuller South
Mark Fuller South
Matthew Fuller Norwood
Michael Fuller Woodville
Ray Fuller South
Ron Fuller Woodville Eagles
Ian Fullwood South
Jack Fullwood Port
Claude V. Fulton West
Robert Fulton Central
Frank Fulwood South
Roy Fulwood South
Ross Funcke Port
Harry Furber North
Brian Furler North
Percy Furler North
Jack Furness North
Pepe Fusco Glenelg
Norm Fuss North
Robert Fuss South
Russell E. Fuss North Glenelg
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G to L

Frank Gabb Glenelg
Lee Gabell Central
Harold Gabriel Norwood West
Matthew Gade West
William Gade South
Michael Gaffney Port
Colin Gage South
Dean Galea West
David Gallagher Eagles
James Gallagher Norwood
John Gallagher Norwood North
Kevin "Sam" Gallagher Norwood
Martin Gallagher Norwood
Phil Gallagher Norwood
Len Galliford Port
Greg Gallman North
Alan Galloway North
Rodney Galt Torrens
Ryan Gamble Glenelg
Brian Gambling North
Frederick Gardiner Norwood South
Roy Gardiner Sturt
Tom Garland Port Torrens
Richard Garlick Sturt
Jeff Garnett West
Keith Garnett North
Paul Garnett West
John Garrard North
Peter Garrard Woodville
Ross Garrett South West
Allan Garrick Port
Adam Garton Glenelg
Aris Gartoulis West
John Gascoyne Sturt
Jeremy Gask Sturt
Jason Gaskin South
Max Gasparroni West
Malcolm Gaston Torrens
Frank Gates Glenelg
Henry Gates Port
Ian Gates West
Laurence Gates Port
Matthew Gates Port
Shane Gates Woodville
Leigh Gathercole West
Aris Gatoudis West
Gordon Gatti South
Shaun Gatto North
Vincent Gauci West
Charles Gaudion West
Arthur Geary Norwood
Andrew Geddes Sturt
Brad Geddes Eagles
Stewart Geddes Torrens
Bruce Gehling North
Russell Gehling North
Donald Gehrs North South
Bob Geisler North
Paul Geister Central
Nathan Genovese South
Norman Gent South
Brenton George Sturt
Mark George North
Max George Central Torrens
Kevin Georgeson Torrens
Alexis Georgiou Norwood
John Georgiou Norwood
Robert Gepp West
Shane Gepp Glenelg
Richard Gerke Woodville North
Jeff Gerlach Port
Randall Gerlach Port
Geoffrey Germain Port
Rex Geue Norwood
Victor Geue Torrens
Scott Geyer Torrens Eagles
Steve Geyer Torrens Eagles
Saade Ghazi Central
Francis Gibaut Port
Tommy Gibbons Norwood
Vincent Gibbons Norwood
Walter Gibbons Torrens
William F. Gibbons North
Bryce Gibbs Glenelg
Colin Gibbs South
Ross Gibbs Glenelg
Ray Giblett Torrens
Alexander Gibson South
Bob Gibson Torrens
Chad Gibson Norwood
Fulton Gibson Sturt
Reg Gibson Torrens
Cliff Giddings Torrens
L Giersch Sturt
Nick Gieschen Norwood
Damien Gigney Glenelg
Francis Gilbert Port
Jason Gilbert West
Peter Gilbert Torrens
Bob Gilbourne North
Don Gilbourne North
J.F Gilding North
Alan Giles Norwood
Brian Giles North
Clinton Giles Sturt Torrens
D Giles North
Jack Giles Sturt
Jonathon Giles Central Sturt
Noel Giles Sturt
Rick Giles West
Tony Giles Port
Stephen Gilham North
Alan Gill Port
David Gill Port
Graham Gill Port
Nick Gill North
Richard Gill South
W Gill South
Alan Gillespie Glenelg
Thomas L. Gillespie Torrens
Geoff Gillies Central
A Gilligan Glenelg
Charlie Gilligan Woodville
Jeffrey Gilligan Glenelg
Tom Gilligan Port
Kevin Gilmour West
Mel Gilmour North
Michael Gilmour South
Trevor Gilmour West
Ray Gimm Norwood
Tim Ginever Port
Joseph Gipp West
John Girardi Woodville
Steven Girardi Woodville
Roger Girdham Central
Clarence Gittings South
Patrick Giuffreda Eagles
John Glasson Torrens
Stewart Glastonbury Torrens
Leo Gleeson Norwood
Graham Glenn Torrens
Ross Glover West
Travis Gluschenko North
Boyd Gluyas North
Ernest J. Gluyas Torrens
Wayne Glynn South
Barry Gneil North
Luke Godden Norwood
Michael Godden West
Tibor Godrik Woodville
Alfred Godson Torrens
Horace Goers North
Ray Goettsche West
Garry Goetz Torrens
Craig Gogoll Central
Alan Goldfinch Sturt
Gilbert Goldfinch North
John Goldfinch Glenelg
Frank Golding Sturt
John Golding Sturt
Leonard Golding West Sturt
Matthew Golding Glenelg
Arch Goldsworthy Glenelg
Matthew Goldsworthy Eagles
Neil Goldsworthy Sturt
George Golin Torrens
Peter Goodale Norwood
Tony Goodchild Sturt
Ben Goode Sturt
Robert Goode Woodville
Leslie Gooden Torrens
Norman Gooden South
Brett Goodes Port
Jason Goodes West
Edward Goodger Norwood
Barry Goodingham Woodville
Trent Goodrem Central
Clive Goodwin Norwood
Dean Goodwin West
Ronald Goodwin Glenelg
Simon Goodwin South
Terry Goodwin South
William Goold Glenelg
Ian Gordon Norwood
John Gordon South
Shane Gorman West
Daniel Gorringe Norwood
Glen Goss West
Brad Gotch Port
Xavier Gotch South
William Gotts Norwood Glenelg
Alan Gould South
Joe Gould Torrens
Reg Gould Norwood
S Gould Port
Leith Goulter Torrens
Claude Gourlay Glenelg
Chris Gowans Central
James Gowans Central
Arthur Gower Port
John Gower North
Andrew Gowling Glenelg
Angus Graham North
Brenton Graham Central
Colin Graham Sturt
Colin Graham Woodville
Duncan Graham North
Frank Graham Torrens
Jack E. Graham South
James H. Graham West
Jeff Graham Torrens Eagles
John Graham Torrens
John.F Graham Norwood
Kurt Graham West
Matthew Graham Glenelg
Michael Graham Sturt
Patrick Graham Sturt
Philip Graham Central
Phillip Graham Sturt
Quinton Graham Central
Stuart Graham Sturt
Tony Graham Sturt
Trevor Graham North
Shane Grambeau Torrens Woodville
Dave Granger Port
Ashley Grant Sturt
Colin Grant Port
Darren Grant Central Woodville Eagles
Ian Grant Sturt
Peter Grant Glenelg
Danny Grantham North
Trevor Grantham Norwood
Dick Grantley Norwood
Gordon Gratton Sturt
Geoff Graubner Glenelg
Norman Gravell South
Harry Graves Port
Lennard Graves Port
Alan Gray Sturt
Alastair Gray North
Bradley Gray North
Colin Gray West
Corey Gray Sturt
Keith Gray West
Robert Gray West
Sam Gray Port
Troy Gray West
Wally Gray Norwood
Anton Grbac Torrens
Frank Grealy Glenelg
Alan Grear South
Paul Greaves Sturt
Phil Greaves Torrens North
Alan Green Torrens
Arthur Green South
Ashley Green West
David Green Central
David Green Port
Geoffrey Green Sturt
Gordon Green Sturt
Harry G. Green Port South
Jack Green Sturt
John Green South Sturt
John Green Norwood
Kingsley Green North
Kym Green Norwood
Lancelot Green Sturt
Leslie Green South
P Green Torrens
Peter Green Central
Ralph Green Sturt
Shannon Green West
Sidney Green Glenelg
Sydney Green Torrens
Leonard Greenbank Glenelg
Claude Greening Port
Malcolm Greenslade Sturt Glenelg
Levi Greenwood Port
Malcolm Greenwood West Glenelg
Robin Greenwood South
Alan Greer Port
Don Greg Port
John Gregerson Norwood
Michael Gregg Norwood West
Darren Gregory Sturt
Edwin Gregory Sturt
Leon Gregory Glenelg
Leslie Gregory North
Winston Gregory Glenelg
Trevor Grenfell North Port
David Grenvold Glenelg
Alex Greve North
Andrew Gribble West
Ben Grieger West Eagles
Bobby Grierson South
John Griffen South
Kenneth Griffen West
Lyall Griffen North
Ryan Griffen South
Jonathon Griffin Central
Michael Griffin South
Adam Griffiths North
Ashley Griffiths Port
Craig Griffiths Central
Frank Griffiths Port
Gavan Griffiths Glenelg
Kevin Griffiths South
Len Griffiths Glenelg
Max Griffiths Torrens
Roy Griffiths South
Walter Griffiths Glenelg Norwood
Wayne Griffiths Port West
Chris Grigg Norwood
Ian Grigg South
Mitchell Grigg Norwood
H Griggs South
Victor Griggs North
Alex Grima Glenelg
Nathan Grima Central
Todd Grima Glenelg
Peter Grimes South
Jason Grimley West
Colin Grimm Port
Norman Grimm Torrens
Rod Grimm Port
Shane Grimm Port
Ken Grimwood Glenelg
Trevor Grimwood Port West
Norm Grindlay Torrens
Barry Grinter Torrens
Jack Gripton Torrens
Nigel Grivell Sturt
Rod Grljusich Central
Tom Grljusich Central
Adam Grocke North Eagles
Brett Grocke Port
Chris Groom South
Colin Grose Glenelg
Gavin Grose North
B Gross South
Colin Gross Norwood
Darren Grosser West
Leon Grosser West
Will Grosser West
Mal Grossman North
Frank Groutch Norwood
Colin Grove South
Harold Grove South
Percival Grove Sturt
Alan Groves West
Herbert Groves West
Malcolm Groves West
Neil Groves West
Darryl Growden Port
Kevin Growden Port
Trevor Growden Norwood Glenelg
Don Growder Glenelg
MacGregor Grummett South
Heath Grundy Norwood
Norman Gryst West
Donald Guerin Sturt
Michael Guerin Norwood South
Brent Guerra Central
David Guest Woodville
Sebastian Guilhaus Glenelg Eagles
Edward Guiney Glenelg Sturt
Jim Gulliver Glenelg
Garry Gum North
Josh Gum North
Lance Gum North
Robin Gum Sturt
Tristan Gum North
Stephen Gumley Sturt
Lancelot Gun Glenelg
Lloyd Gun South
Andrew Gunn North
D.Malcolm Gunn Sturt
Gary Gunn Central
Terrence Gunn Glenelg
Ben Gunning Norwood
Jack Gunston Central
David Gurney West
Garry Gurney Norwood
Lionel Gurney North
Gordon C. Gurr Sturt
Phillip Guthridge South
Bill Guthrie South
Leo Guthrie West
Peter Gutsche South
Graham Gutschke North
Brian Guy South
Geoff Guy Glenelg
Victor Guy North
Charles G. Gwynne Norwood
Charles J. Gwynne Norwood
Luke Habel Central
Alfred Hack Glenelg
Frank Hackett West
John Hackett West
Louis Hadden Central
Ernest Haddrick Glenelg
L Hagan Port
Ben Hage Sturt
Des Hage South
Robert Hage North
Rod Hage Central
Norm Hagen West
Craig Hahn Central
Scott Hahn Port
Malcolm Hailstone Glenelg
Colin Haines South
Frank Haines North
Jim Haines Port
Peter Haines South
Robert Haines Norwood South
John Halbert Sturt
Brian Hale Sturt
Glen Hale Glenelg West Sturt
Barry Hales Woodville
Warren Halfpenny Norwood
A.H "Pat" Hall Norwood Glenelg
Alexander Hall Norwood
Andrew Hall Glenelg
Bradley Hall Sturt
Chris Hall South Glenelg
Christopher Hall Eagles
Colin Hall South
G.F Hall Norwood
George T. Hall South
J Hall Sturt
John Hall Norwood
John Hall Port
John F. Hall North Port
Kerren Hall Port
Malcolm Hall North
Phillip Hall West
Richard S. Hall Port
Rick Hall Woodville
Ricky Hall Glenelg
Robert Hall South
Ron Hall Port
Ross Hall Glenelg
Steven Hall Eagles
Tony Hall Glenelg
Paul Hallahan Glenelg
Paul Hallandale Central
Richard Halliday Glenelg
William J. Halliday Port
G.V Hallion Sturt
Rodney Hamann Norwood
Murray Hamblin Central West
Frank Hambly North
Alex Hambour Norwood
Graham Hamdorf South
Alex Hamilton Torrens
Dave Hamilton South
Douglas Hamilton Torrens South
Jack "Snowy" Hamilton North West
Jack F. Hamilton West
John Hamilton Glenelg
Joshua Hamilton West
Kerry Hamilton Glenelg
Paul Hamilton Glenelg
Peter Hamilton West
Richard Hamilton West
Ron Hamilton West
Steven Hamilton North West
Thomas Hamilton West
William Hamilton North
Douglas Hammerstein Norwood Torrens
Mick Hammill Torrens Port
Bob Hammond North Norwood
Tim Hammond Sturt
Ernest Hampel West
Stephen Hampel South
John Hamra West
David Hams Glenelg South
A.J Hancock Sturt
Ben Hancock Sturt
David Hancock Glenelg
Richard Hancock Norwood
Stanley Hancock North
Brett Hand Norwood
Herbert "Jim" Handby South Glenelg
Michael Handby Glenelg South
Luke Handke Norwood
Robert Handley Central
Raymond Hanel Torrens
Barry Hank Torrens
Bill Hank Torrens
Bob Hank Torrens
Ray Hank Torrens
Tom Hank Torrens
John Hanley South West Glenelg
Denis Hann Sturt South
J.H Hann South
William Hann Torrens
Ian Hanna Torrens
Kenneth Hanna Torrens
Samuel Hanna South
Thomas Hanna West
Arthur Hannaford Glenelg
Don Hannaford Port
Ian Hannaford Port
Stuart Hannagan South
Brett Hannam Central
G Hannam West
John "Bunny" Hannam West Glenelg
Mark Hannam Torrens Eagles
Patrick Hannam South
Rick Hannam Sturt
Shaun Hannam Torrens Eagles
Vicotr Hannam Port
John Hannan South
Tony Hannan Port
George Hanrahan Torrens
Mark Hanrahan Torrens
Raymond Hanrahan Torrens
John Hansberry South
D Hansbury Glenelg
Fred Hansch Woodville
Frank Hansen Port South
John Hansen South
Joseph Hansen South
William Hanson Port
Brian Haraida Central
Merv Harbinson West
Peter Harbinson Sturt
Frank Harby North Norwood
Gary Hardeman Sturt
Luke Harder Port
Kevin Hardiman South Norwood
Harry Harding West
Nick Harding West
Scott Harding West
Stanley Harding Torrens West
Damien Hardwick Glenelg
Frederick Hardwick North
Clyde Hardy Woodville
Frank Hardy Sturt
Justin Hardy Central
Peter Hardy Sturt
Norman Hare West
P.H Hare Sturt
Mel Harford Glenelg
Patrick Harford West
Daniel Hargraves North
Edward Hargreaves North Sturt
Peter Hargreaves Sturt
Arnold Harker Norwood
Richard Harkness Torrens
Tim Harkness Glenelg
A Harley Torrens
Tom Harley Norwood
Arthur L. Harmer Norwood
John Harper Torrens Central
Phil Harper Woodville
Paul Harradine South Woodville
Daniel Harrington Central
William Harrington North
Alan Harris South
Ben Harris Port
Bevan Harris Norwood Central
Brenton Harris South
Daniel Harris West North
Darren Harris South
Don Harris Sturt
Donald Harris Glenelg
Donald J. Harris West
Graham Harris Woodville
H.G Harris Sturt
Harold Harris South
Harold Harris South
Kenneth Harris South
Kevin Harris Woodville
Kym Harris South
Neville Harris Norwood
R.G Harris Sturt
Richard Harris North
Ron Harris Woodville Central
Ronald O. Harris Sturt
Shane Harris Port
Sydney Harris Norwood
W Harris West
Wilbur Harris Torrens
William J. Harris North
Fred Harrison Port
Gerry Harrison Norwood
John Harrison Glenelg
Kym Harrison Woodville
Les Harrison Central
Michael Harrison Glenelg
Phil Harrison Port North
Richard Harrison South Eagles
David Harrold Glenelg
Leslie Harry Glenelg
Roc Harry Eagles Port
Ben Hart North
Darel Hart Central North
Darren Hart Norwood
John Hart Torrens
Ronald Hart Glenelg
Royce Hart Glenelg
Tom Hart Norwood West
Peter Harten Sturt
Brenton Hartfield North Norwood Glenelg
Adam Hartlett West
Hamish Hartlett West
William Hartman West
Anthony Harvey Norwood
David Harvey Port
J.W Harvey Sturt
James Harvey Port
Jared Harvey Eagles
Jarrod Harvey North
Jeffrey Harvey Torrens
John Harvey North
John Harvey Port
Lionel Harvey Norwood
Peter Harvey Woodville
Ryan Harvey North
William Harvey Norwood Glenelg
William Harvey West
Mark Harwood South Glenelg Port
Scott Haselgrove Glenelg
John Hasiuk Central
Robert Haslam North
Ross Haslam Port
Mike Hasledine North
Leslie H. Haslem Sturt
Jon Hassall South
Salim Hassan West Sturt
Clayton Hasse Glenelg
Frederick Hassett South
Jack Hassett Torrens
Wayne Hastings Port
Ron Hateley South
Tom Hateley South
Phil Haughan Central
Trevor Haupt West
Keith Haussen Glenelg South
Stephen Hauth Glenelg
Daniel Havelberg Central
David Hawes Norwood
Albert Hawke North
Bert Hawke North
Harold Hawke North
Hedley Hawke North
Neil Hawke Port Torrens
Robert J. Hawke Glenelg
Colin Hawker Glenelg
Leslie Hawkes Norwood Glenelg
Raymond Hawkes Glenelg
Robb Hawkins South
Peter Hawthorne West
Adam Hay Glenelg
Joseph Hay Port
Mervyn Hay North Port
Steven Hay North
Tyson Hay Central
William Hay North
Denis Hayden North
Alan Hayes Central
Andrew Hayes Central
John Hayes West
John Hayes West
Leo Hayes West
Leo S. Hayes South
Neville Hayes Port
Ray Hayes Port West
Garry Haylock Woodville Eagles
Kevin Haylock Central
John Hayman Port
Ben Haynes West
Ian Haynes South
Melville Haynes Central
Hans Haystraten West
Russell Haythorpe North Norwood
Tim Hazell Norwood
Clifford Head Torrens
Dick Head Port
Edward Head West
L Head Sturt
Lindsay Head Torrens
Reginald Head West
Richard Head West Glenelg Sturt
Thomas Head Torrens
Charles Heading North
Craig Headland Eagles
Hamley Headley Norwood
Fred H. Headon Sturt
Gordon Headon Norwood Sturt West
John P. Headon Sturt
Norman H. Headon Sturt
Stan A. Headon Sturt
Cecil Heaft South
Melville Heaft Glenelg
Craig Healey Glenelg
Daniel Healy Central
Denis Healy Central
Simon Heaney Woodville
Kevin Heard West
Barry Hearl North
Eric Hearl Glenelg
Maxwell Hearl South
Byron Hearne Woodville
Frederick Hearne South
Herman Hearne South
Walter J. Hearne Norwood South
Walter T. Hearne Norwood South
Berek Heath Norwood
Bob Heath Sturt
Clyde Heath Norwood
Darryl Heath South
Edward Heath Port
Jack Heath Port
Laurie Heath Torrens West
Nick Heath North
John Heaton Port
Lindsay Heaven Woodville
Brent Heaver West
D.R Hebbard Norwood
Graeme Hebbard South
William Hebbard South
Hector Heddle West
Thomas Hedge South
Neville Heenan North
Paul Heeps South
Herbert Heffernan Norwood
Wayne Heffernan Sturt
John Hegarty Norwood
Patrick Hegarty Torrens
Anthony Hehir Torrens
Earl Heidenreich Norwood
Glen Heidenreich South
Gordon Heidenreich Norwood
Neil Hein Norwood
Samuel Heinjus Eagles
Kenneth Heinrich Central
Mark Heinrich Sturt
Peter Heinrich Sturt
Phil Heinrich Sturt
William Heinrich Norwood
Ian Heitman Sturt
Lance Heitmann Norwood
Brad Helbig West
Roy Hele Torrens West
Simon Hele Glenelg
Rohan Helyar Norwood
Leslie Hemers North
Alan Hender Port
Colin Hender Sturt
Ned Hender Port Glenelg
Ricky Henderson Central
Teghan Henderson North
Ray Hendrie South
John Hendry Torrens
M Hendry Sturt
Rod Hendry Port
Ronald Henke Norwood
Barry Henningsen North
Murray Henningsen North Port
Rhodes Hensell North
Trent Hentschel Eagles
Bruce Hentschke North
Ian Hentschke Central
Wayne Henwood Glenelg
Charles Hepburn Norwood West
Malcolm Heppell Norwood
Martin Heppell Norwood
Bertie Hepworth Torrens
Chris Herbert West
Colin Herbert Port
Des Herbert West
J.S Herbert Sturt
K Herbert Sturt
Lucas Herbert North Glenelg
Marsh Herbert South
Roger Herbert Central
Chris Hercock Glenelg
Frederick Herde South
Herman J. Herde South
Joe Hermanson Port West
Ryan Herring Sturt
Bill Herron Glenelg
Adam Heuskes Norwood North
Arthur Heusler Norwood
Russell Hewes Torrens
Albert E. Hewett Sturt
Don Hewett Glenelg
Harold Hewett Glenelg
Ian Hewett Torrens
John Hewett Torrens
Mark Hewett Torrens Glenelg
Ron Hewett North
Shane Hewish West Sturt North
Mal Hewitson Port
B Hewitt Norwood
Darryl Hewitt West Woodville South
Evan Hewitt Norwood
Glynn Hewitt West Woodville South
Grant Hewitt South West
Gregory Hewitt West
Jim Hewitt West
Max Hewitt West
Peter Hewitt West
Ron Hewitt South
Stanley Hewitt South
Herbert L. Heylen Sturt
Lloyd Heylen North
Lloyd F. Heylen Sturt
Peter Heylen Central
Bruce Heywood-Smith Glenelg
Sidney Hiatt Norwood
John Hibberd Glenelg
Alan Hickinbotham South
Donald Hickman Glenelg
Frank Hickman Norwood
James Hickman Port
Cody Hicks Eagles
D.G.J Hicks Sturt
Damian Hicks Central
Daryl Hicks Sturt
Des Hicks Sturt Woodville
Garry Hicks Sturt
Gary Hicks West
Henry Hicks Sturt
J Hicks Sturt
Joe Hicks Sturt Central
John Hicks Norwood
Victor Hicks South
Zack Hier Eagles
Fred D. Higgie Sturt
Ben Higgins Eagles
Brett Higgins Glenelg Port
Charles Higgins North
Neil Higgins West
Robert Higgins West
Stuart Higgins Sturt
B Higgs South
Terry Hilder South
Alex Hill West
Andrew Hill Norwood
Andrew L. Hill Norwood
Bernie Hill Sturt
Bob Hill Torrens
Brian Hill Central
Brian Hill South
Bryan Hill Glenelg
Charles Hill Norwood
Clem Hill Glenelg
Clement Hill South
Colin Hill Torrens
Dudley Hill North
Eric Hill West
F Hill South
Geoff Hill Woodville
Harold Hill Torrens
John Hill Sturt
John Hill West
John F. Hill Torrens
John H. Hill West
Kevin Hill Torrens
L.Roy Hill Norwood
Len Hill North
Lionel Hill Norwood
Logan Hill West
Malcolm Hill Sturt
Norman Hill South
Peter Hill Port
R.J Hill South
Richard Hill Sturt
Shayne Hill Central
Simon Hill North
Stanley Hill Norwood
Stuart Hill Eagles
Trent Hill Eagles
Trevor Hill North Torrens
Walter Hill Glenelg
William Hill North
Jack Hillary Sturt
Desmond Hillebrand West
Harward Hillier Glenelg
Victor Hillier Glenelg
John Hillman Norwood
Chris Hills Torrens
Loftus Hindes Norwood
Ernest Hine Torrens
Henry Hine Glenelg
Ian Hine Glenelg
Lyn Hine Torrens
Paul Hine Woodville
Sidney Hine Torrens
Bruce Hines Norwood
Des Hines Norwood
Peter Hines South
John Hinge Glenelg Sturt
Greg Hinkley West
Jim Hinson Glenelg
Mark Hinton Norwood
Raymond Hinton Glenelg
Robert Hirst South
Robert Hislop Norwood West
Cameron Hitchcock Glenelg
Horace Hoare Port
Robert Hoare Torrens
Peter Hoban Eagles
William Hoban West
Stanley Hobbs Port
Michael Hobby Norwood
Tony Hobby Port
Mark Hochuli Norwood
Bruce Hocking Torrens
Eddie Hocking Central West
Jarrod Hocking Glenelg
Ray B. Hocking Torrens
Ray S. Hocking Torrens
Reg Hocking Sturt
Reginald Hocking Torrens
Robert Hocking West
Bruce Hockney Sturt
Colin Hockney Sturt
Ian Hockridge Glenelg
Lawrence Hodge Port
Kym Hodgeman Glenelg
Len Hodgeman Sturt
Tony Hodgens Norwood
Jeff Hodges Woodville Port
Phil Hodges South
Scott Hodges Port
Shane Hodges West North
George Hodgins Torrens
Max Hodgson South
Orlando Hodgson South
Travis Hodgson Eagles
Greg Hodson Torrens
Kevin Hoefel Woodville
Jan Hoekman North
Greig Hoey South
Arthur Hoffman Port
Des Hoffman Norwood
Ron Hoffman Port
Steve Hoffman Norwood
Trevor Hoffman Woodville
Peter Hofner Port
Cyril Hoft Glenelg
Colin Hogan Sturt
D Hogan West
Frank Hogan West
Gordon Hogan North
J.D Hogan South
Jim Hogan North
Keith Hogan Norwood
L.W Hogan Sturt
John Hogarth North
Michael Hogarth Sturt
Paul Hogarth Sturt
Reg Hogben North
Sydney Hogben Port
Allan Hogg West
Ronald Hogg Torrens
Neil Hoile North
Timothy Hoile Norwood
Frank Holbrook Norwood
Frank T. Holden North Norwood Sturt
P.J Holden Sturt
H Holder South
Ernest Holdsworth Glenelg
Ian Holdsworth Norwood
Cecil Hole West
Michael Hole West
John Holgate Central
Ben Holland North
Darren Holland Eagles
Eddie Holland Woodville
Geoff Holland South
Luke Holland North
Nick Holland North
Ben Hollands West
Greg Hollick West
Ivan Holliday Norwood
Michael Holliday Norwood
Alby Hollingworth Port
Brian Hollis Torrens
George A. Hollis South
Paul Hollis Sturt
Thomas Hollis Torrens
Mark Hollitt North
Charles Hollow South
Mark Holman Port
Peter Holman North
Brian Holmes Port
Clement Holmes South
Dale Holmes Central
Shane Holmes Port
Thomas Holmes Glenelg
Richard Holmesby Norwood
David Holst Glenelg
Anthony Holt South
Frederick Holt Torrens
Leslie Holton Torrens
Claude Homan North
Terry Homan Torrens
Nicholas Homburg West
Robert G. Honeybone Sturt
Jamie Honner West
Rex Honniball North
Brenton Honor South
David Hood Torrens
Adam Hooper West
James Hooper Glenelg
John Hooper Port
Juan Hooper West
Michael Hooper West
Robert Hooper West
Merv Hopgood North
Colin Hopkins Woodville
Matthew Hopkins West
Heath Hopwood Central
M Hopwood North
Jack Horan Glenelg
Daniel Horgan West
Andrew Horne South
Chris Horne Woodville
Maxwell Horne Port
Michael Horne North
Wilbur Horsborough Torrens
R Horsley Sturt
H Horsman Torrens
Kent Horsnell Norwood
Chris Horwood Sturt
F Horwood South
Andrew Hosie Port
Michael Hosking Norwood
Shine Hosking Port
Troy Hosking Glenelg
Raymond Hoskins North
Trent Hotton South
Peter Hoult West
Colin Hounsell Woodville
Albert House Glenelg
Edward House South Torrens
Henry House West Sturt
David Houston Norwood
Ian Houston North South
Alan Howard North
Alan Howard North
Brendon Howard Sturt
Brent Howard Glenelg
Dean Howard West North
E.J Howard South
Frank Howard Glenelg
Michael Howard Sturt
Phil Howard Woodville
Roger Howe South
T Howe Port
Graham Howell Torrens
Andrew Howells Sturt
Joel Howes Sturt
Samuel Howie Port
Phil Howlett South
Brett Howman Sturt
Ron Hoy Norwood
Bradley Hoye West Norwood
Alex Hryhorec Port
R Hubbert Port
Wilfred Huddleston Port Central
Joseph Huddy West
Ben Hudson North
Brodie Hudson Central
John Hudson Port
R. William Hudson West
W Hudson Glenelg
William F. Hudson Torrens
Keith Huelin Torrens
Brentley Hughes Woodville
Danny Hughes Port
David Hughes West
Gavin Hughes Norwood
Graham Hughes Norwood Sturt
Murray Hughes West
Trevor Hughes North West
V Hughes Sturt
Wayne Hughes Central
Ray Hughson Torrens
Ian Hull Port
Mark Hull Central
Troy Hull Port
Danny Hulm Central
Ronald Humble Norwood
Joe Humphrey West
Lyn Humphrey Central West
Herbert Humphreys Sturt
Adrian Hunt Central Torrens
Anthony Hunt West
Ben Hunt South
Chris Hunt Glenelg
John Hunt Norwood
John Hunt Sturt
Percy Hunt South
Ralph Hunt South
Ray Hunt Glenelg
Bradley Hunter South
John Hunter North
John "Gus" Hunter Sturt
William Huntly South
Brian Huppatz North
Ray Huppatz Woodville Port
Cyril Hurcombe Norwood
Leonard Hurley South
Peter Hurley Glenelg
Tom Hurley Sturt
Shannon Hurn Central
William Hurn Central
Evan Hurse Sturt
Chris Hurst Central
Gerry Hurst South
Murray Hurst South
W Huston South
Steve Hutchings South
Alex Hutchins West
Bill Hutchinson Norwood
Len Hutchinson Torrens
Shane Hutchinson South
David Hutton Port
Greg Hutton Woodville
Maurice Hutton Sturt
Russell Hutton Sturt Woodville
Stephen Hutton Port
William Hutton Norwood Torrens
Eric Huxtable Torrens
Harold Huxtable Norwood
Jack Huxtable Norwood
Matthew Huxtable West
Robert Hyam North South
Graeme Hyde West Sturt
Sydney Hyde North
Tom Hyde Norwood
Oscar H. Hyman Sturt
Robert Hyman West
Damien Hynes Central
David Hynes Port
Pat Hynes Port
Michael Hywood South
Steve Hywood Glenelg
Michael Ialeggio Norwood
Cameron Ilett Port
Jared Ilett Port
Denis Iljcesen Eagles South
Matthew Illman West
R.W Illman Sturt
John Incoll Torrens
Anthony Ingerson Central
Toby Ingerson Torrens
Colin Ingham Sturt
H.G Ingham Sturt
Arthur Inglis Glenelg
Dirk Inglis Torrens
Stephen Inglis North
John Inglis(Jnr) Norwood
John Inglis(Snr) Norwood
Gordon Inkster Port
Tim Inkster Eagles
Keith Inman Port
William Innes Glenelg
Barry Ion Woodville
Doug Ion Central
Anthony Ippindo Norwood
Brenton Ireland West
Lynton Ireland Central
Jeff Iron Woodville
Nathon Irvin Sturt Norwood Glenelg
Barry Irvine Sturt
Charles Irvine Port
Michael Irvine South
Leslie Irwin South
Bill Isaac Torrens West South
Brian Isaac Torrens
Gerry Iseger South
Guiseppe Iuliano Norwood
Peter Ivanoff South
Luke Ivens North
Oswald Jacka Norwood
Roger Jacka Glenelg
Trevor Jacka Woodville
Ian Jackman South Port Torrens
Matthew Jackman Eagles
Nick Jackman South Norwood
Brennan Jackson South
Darren Jackson South
David Jackson Woodville
Dick Jackson South
Harold Jackson Glenelg South Sturt
Keith Jackson Sturt
Kent Jackson South
Rick Jackson South
Sean Jackson Woodville West
Syd Jackson Glenelg
Thomas Jackson Torrens
Thomas Jackson West
Tim Jackson Central
Wayne Jackson Torrens
William Jackson South
Jarrhan Jacky Eagles
Edwin Jacobs West
Fred Jacobs Port
Sam Jacobs Eagles
Troy Jacques South
Stan Jacquier Port
Steve Jacquier Woodville Eagles
Matthew Jaensch Sturt
Stan Jaffer South
Basil Jaggard Port
Adam Jago Norwood
Allen Jakovich Woodville
Stan Jakubowicz South
Mark Jamar North
Albert James Glenelg
Brett James Norwood
Colin James Sturt
Dick James North
Geoff James West
Hewitson James Port
Jason James Eagles
Keith James West
Malcolm James West
Matthew James Eagles Norwood
Max James Port
Paul James North Norwood
Peter James Central
Richard James Port
Robert James West
Roger James Norwood
Sidney James Glenelg Norwood South
Will James Central
William James Norwood
William James Sturt
Rod Jameson Glenelg
J Jamieson West
Neil Jamieson West
Jack Jantke Sturt
Ronald Jantke North
Daniel Jaques Port
Jeremy Jaques Port West
Luke Jarjoura Sturt
Andrew Jarman North Norwood
Barry Jarman Torrens
Darren Jarman North
Eric Jarman Torrens
Geoff Jarman Central
Roy Jarman South
Trevor Jarman Torrens Central
Bruce Jarmyn South
Luke Jarrad Eagles
Bruce Jarrett Sturt
Grant Jarrett Sturt
Alfred Jarvis South
Andrew Jarvis Norwood South
Cecil Jarvis South
Harold Jarvis West
James Jarvis West
K.R Jarvis Sturt
Maxwell Jarvis West
Paul Jarvis West Sturt
Neville Jasper Sturt
Bohdan Jaworskyj North
Joseph Jeffrey North
Peter Jeffrey Torrens
Ben Jeffries Norwood
Desmond Jeffries Torrens
Mark Jeffries North Eagles
Shirley W. Jeffries Norwood Sturt
Colin Jelbert South
Archie Jenkins North
Danny Jenkins Norwood
Evan Jenkins Torrens
John Jenkins Torrens
Ray Jenkins Sturt
W.J Jenkins Sturt
Dean Jenkinson Central
James Jenner Torrens
Kyle Jenner Port Central
Edley Jennings Port
Garry Jennings West
Steve Jensen Woodville
Luke Jericho West
Mark Jericho West
Charles V. Jervis North
Lawrence Jervis North
Robert Jervis North
Charles Jessop North
Ray S. Jewaskiewitz Sturt
Archibald Job South
William Job South
George Jobson South
Paul Johansen Torrens
Max Johincke South
Dale John Glenelg
Ernest Johncock Norwood
Graham Johncock Port
Jeremy Johncock Sturt
Alan Johns Norwood
Andrew Johns Sturt
Brian Johns Sturt
David Johns Glenelg
Ernie Johns North
Gary Johns South
Harry Johns Norwood
Joseph Johns Norwood
Keith Johns Port Central
Kevin Johns Central
Rex Johns Port
Bert H. Johnson Torrens
Bertie Johnson West
Brian Johnson Norwood
Brian Johnson Port
Brian Johnson Woodville
Bruce Johnson Norwood
Chris Johnson Port
Colin Johnson Port
Darren Johnson North
Edgar Johnson Norwood
Eric.A Johnson Norwood
Eric.G Johnson Norwood
Greg Johnson West
Ian Johnson Woodville Central
Jim Johnson Sturt
John Johnson Port
Kane Johnson Glenelg
Keith Johnson North
Ken Johnson Port
Michael Johnson Glenelg
Neill Johnson Sturt
Peter Johnson Norwood
Peter Johnson South
Robert C. Johnson Port
Robert R. Johnson Port
Stephen Johnson Sturt
Vic Johnson Port
William Johnson Norwood
David Johnston Glenelg
Geoff Johnston North
George Johnston Glenelg
Graham Johnston North
Herbert Johnston Sturt
Keith Johnston South
Malcolm Johnston Central South
Michael A. Johnston South
Peter Johnston Glenelg South
Peter Johnston Torrens
Russell Johnston Port
W Johnston Port
Wayne Johnston Sturt
Anthony Johnstone Norwood
Graham Johnstone Central
H.F Johnstone Sturt
Robert Johnstone West
Jack Jolley Glenelg
Adrian Jolly West
Ken Jolly Glenelg Port
Matthew Jolly Norwood
Randall Jolly Woodville
William Jolly South
Jacob Jona Norwood
David Jonas West
Peter Jonas Central
Thomas Jonas Norwood
Albert Jones Torrens
Alexander Jones South
Allan Jones West
Bob Jones North
Corey Jones Sturt
Don Jones South
Edward Jones South
Edward B. Jones North
Ernie Jones North
Gary Jones Central
Geoff Jones North
Howard Jones Norwood
Ian Jones Woodville
Keith Jones Port
Malcolm Jones Sturt
Malcolm "Emmy" Jones Sturt
Mark Jones Norwood Central
Matthew Jones Central
Morgan Jones South
Peter Jones South
Richard Jones Glenelg Torrens
Sam Jones Eagles West
Simon Jones Glenelg
Sydney Jones Torrens
Victor Jones Torrens
William Jones North
Matthew Joraslafsky Glenelg
Bernard Jordan West
Laurence Jordan Port
Scott Jordan Glenelg
Carl P.S. Jorgensen Sturt
Don Jorgensen Norwood
Simon Jorgensen North
Gary Josephs South
Dylan Joyce South
Glenn Joyce West
Bruce Joycey Central
Ben Judd Sturt
John Judd South
Merrick Judd Port
Peter Judd South
Ross Julge Torrens
Jack Juniper Norwood
William Juniper Norwood
Lance Juttner Torrens
Tate Kaesler Sturt North
Jack Kaethner Sturt
Martin Kahl Norwood
Arthur Kain Torrens Sturt
John Kalleske Sturt
Ben Kane Glenelg
Chris Kane Glenelg
J Kane West
Peter Kanis Norwood
John Kantilaftas West
David Kantilla South
A.C.J Kappler Sturt
Darren Kappler South
David Kappler South
Jack Kappler Sturt Glenelg
Robert Kappler Glenelg
Michael Karger Sturt
Barry Karklis South
John Karney Torrens
Frederick Karpany South
Merv Kartinyeri Sturt South
Bob Karutz West
John Karutz Glenelg
Christos Kastanos Port
John Katavich Port
Alex Katsaros Sturt
James Katsaros Sturt
Greg Kavanagh North
Wayne Kavanagh Sturt
Bill Kay Sturt
Harold E. Kay South
Jack L. Kay Sturt Norwood South
Joel Kay Sturt
Greg Kazuro Glenelg
Cliff Keal Port
Charles Keam Glenelg
Mark Keam South
Peter Keam South
Shane Keam South
Stephen Keam South Norwood
Edward Kean Torrens
James Keane West
John Keane North
John Keane Torrens
Len Keane North
Merv Keane Sturt
Ron Keane Glenelg West
Shane Keane South
Stephen Keane West
Besley Kearney Norwood Torrens
Jacob Kearney South
Charles Kearns West
Gil Kearns West
John Kearns Torrens West
Kevin Kearns Sturt
Michael Kearns West
Glenn Keast Glenelg
John Keast Torrens
Aaron Keating South Norwood
Bob Keddie West South Glenelg
John Keegan West
Marlow Keelan Norwood
A Keeley Torrens
Francis Keen South
Anthony Keenan Norwood
Merv Keenihan Norwood
Thomas Keian South
Clyde Kellaway Torrens Port
Stanley Kellaway Port
Thomas Kellaway Port
Jake Keller North
Joshua Keller Sturt
Chris Kellett West Torrens
David Kellett Central
Graeme Kellett North
Jarrod Kellock Glenelg
Stephen Kellow Glenelg
Craig Kelly Norwood
J Kelly Sturt
Kevin Kelly Woodville
Kieran Kelly Norwood
Kim Kelly Port
Matthew Kelly Norwood
Peter Kelly Torrens
Richard Kelly Norwood Glenelg
Walter Kelly Glenelg
William Kelly Woodville
Ben Kemp Norwood
Brian Kemp Sturt Central
David Kemp Port
Des Kemp North
Mark Kemp North
Mel Kemp Glenelg
Paul Kemp Port
Morrie Kempson Glenelg West
H Kempster South
Thomas Kempster Torrens West
Walter Kempster South
Trevor Kendall Glenelg
Frank Kendle Norwood
Roy Kendle Norwood
Stephen Kenna South
Arlen Kennedy West Port
Brendon Kennedy West
Brian Kennedy Central
Dexter Kennedy West Port
George Kennedy South
John Kennedy Central
Mark Kennedy Eagles
Michael Kennedy West
Patrick Kennedy North
Paul Kennedy North Sturt
W Kennedy Sturt
W Kennedy Torrens
Jak Kennedy-Hunt South
Max Kenner South
Greg Kennett Central
Michael Kennett Sturt South
Paul Kennett North
Toby Kennett Sturt
D.T Kenny Sturt
Barry Kent North
Dylan Kent West
Robert Kent Central
Robert W. Kent South
William Kent Torrens
Geoffrey Keogh South
John Keough West Sturt
Peter Keough Port
Emmaunel Kerinaua South
Donald "Neil" Kerley West South Glenelg
Stephen Kerley Norwood North
David Kernahan Glenelg
Harry Kernahan Glenelg
John Kernahan Glenelg
Stephen Kernahan Glenelg
Trevor Kernich Central
C Kerr South
J Kerr Sturt
Jason Kerr West
Roger Kerr Port
William Kerr South
Dean Kerrison Port
Raymond Kerrison Glenelg
Dennis Kershaw Torrens
George H. Kersley Torrens
George V. Kersley Torrens
Herbert Kersley South Torrens
Phil Kersten West
Rod Kersten Woodville
Brian Key Port
Ryan Key Norwood
Derek Kickett Central
Robin Kidney Glenelg
Clyde Kies West
Kenneth Kies West
J Kiley Glenelg
Herman Kilmartin Torrens
Glenn Kilpatrick West
David Kimber South
Donald Kimber South
Harold Kimber South
Victor Kimber Torrens
Isaac Kimbley South
Brian P. King Sturt
Brett King South
Brian King Port Glenelg
Clinton King South
Damian King Norwood
George King Glenelg
Jamie King Port West
Jason King Eagles North
Josh King Eagles
Ken King North
Laurie King Sturt
Matthew King Port
Michael King Glenelg
Paul King Glenelg West
Trevor King North
Trevor King Sturt
Adam Kingsley Port
F Kingsley North
Jason Kingsley Eagles
Wade Kingsley Eagles
Bob Kingston Norwood Port
C.C Kingston South
Geoff Kingston Torrens
Alexander Kinlough Torrens
Patrick Kinlough Torrens
John Kinnear Torrens
Kym Kinnear Port
Mat Kinnear North
Ray Kinter Torrens
A.E Kirchner Sturt
Clint Kirey West
Daniel Kirk Glenelg
Malcolm Kirk North
Royal Kirk West
Ruory Kirkby Glenelg
Hector Kirkpatrick North
Zane Kirkwood Port
Andrew Kirvan South
Kevin Kirwan Norwood
Ron Kitchen South
Aaron Kite Norwood
Robert Kite Norwood
Damien Kitschke Sturt
Bernard Kitson South
David Kitson Port
Eugene Kitson South
Kevin Kitto Norwood
Brenton Klaebe Norwood
Wilfred Klaebe Norwood
Rod Klaffer Torrens
Hartley Klau Norwood
Rex Klavins Port
Ian Kleinig Sturt
Peter Kleinig Central
Leslie Kleinschmidt North
Darren Klemm Woodville Eagles
Troy Klemm West
Greg Klenjans South
Kim Klomp North Sturt
Robbert Klomp Sturt
Albert Klose West
Graeme Klose Central
Thomas Klose North
John Klug Woodville Eagles
Adam Klun Sturt
Hayden Kluver Port
Chris Kluzek Eagles
Matthew Kluzek Eagles
Terry Kluzek Torrens
Cyril Knaggs Norwood
Frank Knapman Port
E Kneale West
Ron Kneebone Norwood
Terry Kneebone Woodville
Alfred Knight Torrens South
Denis Knight South
Kevin Knight Torrens
Morton Knight Torrens
Ray Knight West
Ronald Knight Port
Steven Knight Port
Ben Knights Norwood
Chris Knights Eagles
Matthew Knill Glenelg
Brett Knowles North
Martin Knowles North
Don Knuckey North
Les Knuckey North
Clem Koch Sturt
Daryl Koch Norwood
Doug Koch Central
Michael Koch Central
Ron Koch Norwood
Eric Koehler West
Bob Koehne North
Ivan Koehne South
Max Koehne Sturt
Peter Koerner Norwood North
Doug Koop Woodville
Steven Koops North
Frederick Kopke South
Kym Koster South Glenelg
Spiro Kotaros Sturt
Barry Kotz South
Paul Koulouriotis West
Tyrone Kovacs Sturt
Joe Kozlowski Port
Myles Krakouer West
Nathan Krakouer Port
Ernest Kranz Norwood
Peter Krieg Central North
Dwayne Kretschmer Glenelg
Kym Kretschmer Port
Lyall Kretschmer Port
Marx Kretschmer Port
Peter Kretschmer Sturt
Jens Kreuter West
Graeme Krieg Central
Graeme Krieg Woodville
Larry Krieg Sturt Woodville
Matthew Krieg Central North
Peter Krieg Woodville
Peter Kriewaldt Sturt
Ian Kroehn Central North
Malcolm Krollig South
H.A "Buckets" Krome Norwood
Josh Krueger Glenelg
Clifford Kruger West
Leigh Kruger South
Victor Kruger West
Daryl Kruse Torrens
Max Kruse Glenelg
H.A Kruss South
Mark Krzeminski Woodville
Bruce Kuchel West
Greg Kuchel Norwood
Harold Kuhl Port
Keith Kuhlmann West Glenelg
David Kupsch North Glenelg
Ronald Kupsch South
Russell Kupsch Glenelg
Jaroslav Kurovec Port
Angus Kurtze Sturt
Nick Kurzel North
Shane Kuss South
Bill Kutcher Sturt
Ray Kutcher Torrens Sturt
Bruce Lacey Woodville
Len Lackman Port
Jeff Ladd Sturt
Brendon Lade South
Chris Ladhams North
Graham Ladner Port
Don Laffin Glenelg
Joseph Laffin North
Noel Lafsky Glenelg
Bruce Lahey North
Nick Laidlaw Sturt
Charles Laing Glenelg
David Laing Port Woodville
Roy Laird Central
Angus Lally Glenelg
Stephen Lally Central
Clayton Lamb West Glenelg
Jamie Lamb South
Peter Lamb Woodville
Corey Lambert Eagles
Craig Lambert Woodville
Leon Lambert Norwood
Martin Lambert Central
Robert Lambert Central
Stuart Lamond North Eagles
Alfred Lampe Glenelg
William Lampe Torrens
John Lampre West
Jack D. Lamprell Sturt
Bruce Lancaster Woodville
Arthur Lance Sturt
Robert Lander Port
Vin Landers Torrens
Aaron Landorf South
Jason Landorf South
Brian Lane Glenelg
Kevin Lane Sturt
Robert Lane South
Thomas Lane West
Travis Lane Eagles
Damian Lang Port
F.W Lang Sturt
Ian Lang North
Adam Lange Sturt
Robert Langford Woodville
Tom Langford West
Gil Langley Sturt
Max Langley Glenelg
Robert F. Langley Sturt
Basil Langmead Port
Ted Langridge Sturt
D Langsford Torrens
Maurie Langsford West
Hubert Langton West
George Lapins South
Edward Lapthorne South
Len Lapthorne South
Trevor Larkins West
A Lasehky Sturt
Alf Laslett West
Herbert Laslett Glenelg
Rex Lathlean Sturt
Clarence Latimer Port
John Latimer North
Dale Laube Port West
Ricky Laube West
Geoff Lauder Sturt
Peter Laughlin Norwood
Jesse Laurie West
William W. Lavender Sturt
Tom Lawler West
David Lawless West Torrens
Alby Lawn West
Don Lawrence Norwood
Ernest Lawrence Norwood
John Lawrence Glenelg
John Lawrence North
Heath Lawry Central
Doug Lawson Norwood
Ken Lawson Torrens
Mark Lawson Port
Shane Lawson Port
Trevor Lawson Glenelg
Bernie Lawton Norwood
Jed Lawton Central
James Laxton Norwood
Bernard Leahy West South North
Gerard Leahy Norwood
Peter Leahy North West
Rex Leahy Glenelg
Thomas Leahy North West
Vincent Leahy North West
Bill Leak Sturt
Lance Leak Sturt Glenelg
Murray Leake Sturt
H.A Leaker Sturt
Horace Leaker South
W Leaker Sturt
Brett Leal Eagles
Greg Leal Port
Scott Leal North
William Leane South
Ronald Leaver Port
Victor LeCornu Norwood
Brent LeCras Port
Alex Lee Sturt
Andrew Lee Norwood
Bob Lee West
David Lee Torrens
Harold P. Lee Sturt
Harry Lee West
Horace Lee South
Johnathon Lee Eagles
Philip Lee Norwood
Ray Lee North Torrens
Robbie Lee West
Ron Lee West Central
Scott Lee Central
Brian Lees Port
Daniel Lees Port
Jack Leesue West Glenelg
A Leggett South
Kym Lehmann North Central
Ross Lehmann North
Troy Lehmann North
Keith Leith West
Malvern Leith South
Fred LeMessurier North
Roy A. LeMessurier North Port
Norman Lemon Torrens
Reginald Lenne West
John Lennell West
Allan Lennon Woodville
Bruce Lennon Sturt
David Lennon Woodville
Alan Leonard Torrens South
Frank Leonard West
Geoff Leonard Sturt
Mike Leonard Torrens
Keith LePage Norwood
Colin LePoidevin South
Frank Lesiputty West
Elmore Leske Sturt
Everard Leske Sturt
Gavin Leske West North
Michael Leske West
Robert Leskovic Torrens
Martin Leslie Port
Kristian Letsch South
Cyril Leverington Glenelg
Lawrence Leverington Glenelg
Brenton Levitzke Torrens
Lawrence Levy Port
Brendon Lewis South West
Essington Lewis Norwood South
Frank Lewis West
Geoff Lewis South
K. Peter Lewis West
Lance Lewis Norwood
Percy Lewis North
Ryan Lewis Norwood
Scott Lewis West Glenelg Eagles
Stanley Lewis South
Thomas Lewis North
William Lewis Glenelg
Brian Leys Port
Terry Libbis Woodville
Nick Liddle South
Ted Liddy West
John Lidgerwood South
Jim Liebelt Norwood
John Liebelt South Glenelg
Michael Liebelt Glenelg
Ray Liebich Norwood Sturt
Francis Liebig Glenelg
Gustave Liebig West
Brett Lienert Sturt
Kym Lienert Central
Stuart Lierich Norwood
Bruce Light Port
Jim Lihou Glenelg
Alick Lill Norwood
John Lill Norwood
Douglas Lillecrapp South
David Lillico Central
Allan Limb Sturt Port
Arthur Limb Sturt
Herbert Limb Sturt
Cuthbert Lincoln Port
Bruce Lindner West
Carl Lindner Central
Don Lindner North
Kym Lindner Central
Theo Lindner North
Bruce Lindsay Torrens Eagles
Chris Lindsay Torrens
Paul Lindsay Eagles
Peter Lindsay Port
T.D Lindsay Norwood
Clifford Lines North
Harold Lines Norwood
Wayne Ling West
Hector Lingwood-Smith South Sturt
Arthur Link Glenelg
Allan Linke North
Ambrose Linke Glenelg
Geoff Linke South
Graeme Linke Woodville
Haydn Linke Glenelg
Innes Linke Glenelg
Ray Linke South
Robert Linke Glenelg
Trevor Linke South
George Linklater Port
John Lipp Torrens
Robert Lipp Glenelg
William Lipp Glenelg
Matthew Liptak Glenelg
Kevin List Norwood
Damien Lister North
Chris Litster Torrens
Brendan Little Central North
Murray Little Norwood
Murray Little Sturt
Vern Little Sturt
Brendan Littler Norwood
Brian Livesey Torrens
Peter Livesey South
Stephen Livesey Central Torrens
Sam Livingston South
David Llewellyn Woodville
Don Llewellyn West
James Llewellyn Sturt
Darren Lloyd South
John Lloyd Port Glenelg
Tony Lloyd Sturt
Trevor Lloyd Central
Sidney Loader Norwood
Don Loades Torrens
Matthew Lobbe Port West
Jack Lock Torrens
Stanley Lock North
Michael Lockman South
Alex Lockwood West
Bowen Lockwood Port Central
Mark Lockwood Woodville
Colin Lodge Torrens
Errol Lodge Torrens
Darren Loffler Norwood
Greg Lofts North
Brendan Logan North
Harold Logan Port
Sam Logan Glenelg
Thomas Logan Glenelg
Karl Lohde Port
Billy Lokan North
Geoffrey Lokan Glenelg
John Lokan Norwood Central
Matthew Lokan Port
Mervyn Lokan Torrens
Ray Lokan North South
Brodie Lomas Eagles
John W. Londrigan Sturt Port
Roy Lonergan Norwood
Alfred Long Glenelg
Bruce Long Glenelg
Doug Long Glenelg
Hurtle Long South
Ian Long North
John Long Glenelg
Leonard Long Norwood South West
Michael Long Torrens
Noel Long Torrens
Paul Long South
Terry Longbottom Woodville
Steve Longham South
Barry Longman North
Robert Longman Glenelg
S Longman Glenelg
Simon Longman North
Vernon Longman Glenelg
Alfred Longmore Sturt
Nathan Lonie North
Tim Looby Port
John Lord Glenelg
Denis Lorenz Norwood
Phil Lounder Central
Richard Lounder Central North
Rodney Love South
Bob Loveday West
Ernest Loveder Port
Leon Lovegrove West
Cecil Lovelock South
Colin Loveridge North
Kevin Lovie North
Scott Loving West
Bill Low Glenelg Torrens
Dave Low Torrens
Roy Low North
Kenneth Lowe Sturt
Max Lowe Sturt
Edward Lower Norwood
Nick Lower Norwood
Daryl Lowry North
Daniel Lowther West
Stephen Lubcke Glenelg
Dave Lucas Torrens
Russell Lucas Glenelg
William Lucas South
Roy Ludeman West
Roger Luders West
John Ludlow Sturt
Laurie T. Lugg Sturt
Simon Luhrs Central
Brian Luke Port
Jarrod Luke South
John Luke Port
Richard Luke South
Ron Luke Port
Jack Lukeman West
Chris Lukosis Woodville
Robert Lukosis Eagles
Robert Lukosis Woodville
Craig Lum Port
Hayden Lumsden Sturt
Alex Lunn Woodville
Michael Lunniss Glenelg
Clayton Lush South
Leslie Lush Glenelg
Ross Lush North
Robin Lutze Sturt
William Lyall North
Scott Lycett Port
Brayden Lyle Port
Brian Lynch North
C Lynch Glenelg
Colin Lynch West
Garry Lynch Torrens South
Jack Lynch West
Jake Lynch Eagles North
Rhyce Lynch South
Robert Lynch Woodville Eagles
Harold T. Lyne Sturt Glenelg
Tony Lynn Central
Allan Lyon Norwood
Colin Lyons Torrens
John Lyons South
Nathan Lyons South
Neville Lyons South
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M to R

Ronald Mabarrack West Sturt Glenelg
Philip Mabbarack West
John MacFarlane Glenelg
Rick Macgowan Central North
Dean Machell Sturt
Jack Mack Port
Basil Mackay South
David Mackay South
George Mackay West
Jack MacKay North South
John Mackay West
William Mackay North South
Colin Mackenzie Torrens
Edward Mackenzie West
Hubert MacKenzie North Torrens
Tom MacKenzie Torrens North
Brett Mackereth Woodville
Lewis Mackereth Sturt
Maxwell Mackereth Sturt
Joel Mackie Eagles
Justin Mackie West
Norman Macklin West
Christian Macri Central
Anthony MacTavish Glenelg
Colin MacVicar Woodville Glenelg
Milton Maczkowiack Torrens
Lawrence Madden Torrens
Nicholas Madden Port
Ken M. Maddern Port
Lancelot Maddern Norwood
Garry Maddison Norwood
Josh Maddox South
Alan Mader Woodville
Rodney Mader Sturt
James.P Madigan Norwood
Paul Magarey Sturt
Robert Magarey Sturt
Francis Magor Port
J Magor South
Stephen Magor West
Brendon Maguire Central
Tony Mahar Torrens
Kelvin Maher Glenelg
Graham Mahney Port
Wayne Mahney Port
James Mahoney South
Josh Mahoney Glenelg
Peter Mahoney South
Robert Mahoney West
Sam Mahoney South
William Mahoney Port
Josh Mail North
Hurtle Main Norwood
Jack Maine Sturt
Bruce Makings South
Bill Makinos South
Peter Maksimovic Central North
Spiro Malakellis Port
Tony Malakellis Port
Kim Malcolm Torrens
Shane Malcolm West
Don Male South
William Maley South
Nick Malinovski West
Gordon Maloney Torrens
Malcolm Maloney North
Mark Maloney Central
Seamus Maloney Sturt
Vernon Maloney North
H Malthouse Torrens
Brett Mancini North Eagles
Rudi Mandemaker Central
Matthew Manfield Eagles Glenelg
Lou Mangan Port
Shane Mangan Torrens
Herbert Mangelsdorf North
Peter Mangelsen Woodville
Nick Manhood South
George Mani Torrens
Anthony Mann Central
Peter Mann Port
Rex Mann Port
Roland Mann South
Joseph Manning Norwood
Paul Manning Glenelg
Richard Manning Norwood West
Roy Manning Torrens
Brett Mannion South
Scott Mannion South Glenelg
Richard Manouge Torrens Port
Clinton Mansell West South
Darren Mansell Glenelg
Ken Mansfield Woodville
Walter Manson Port
Ashley Manuel South
David Manuel North
Howard Manuel North West
Jim Manuel Woodville
Mark Manuell Woodville
Alexander Maple Glenelg
John Maquire Torrens
Trevor Marano Norwood
Robert March Central
John Marchioro Torrens
Samuel Mardling Port
George Margitich South
Ivan Maric Port
Peter Marker Glenelg
William Marker Sturt
John Marks Sturt
Alf Marlow South
Bob Marrett Port
Murray Marrett Port
Paul Marrett Port
Peter Marrett Port
Craig Marriott Glenelg Torrens
John Marriott Norwood
Ben Marsh West
David Marsh North
George Marsh Torrens
Jason Marsh Norwood
Neville Marsh North
Bob Marshall Sturt
David Marshall Glenelg
Frank Marshall Glenelg
John Marshall Glenelg
Marc Marshall North West
Russell Marshall West
William Marshall Port
Otto Martiensen Port
Aaron Martin South
Barry Martin Torrens
Barry Martin Woodville
Bob Martin Norwood
Brian Martin Sturt
Brian L. Martin South
Brodie Martin Sturt
Charles Martin Glenelg
Chris Martin Eagles
David Martin South
Erik Martin Glenelg
Frank Martin West
G.C Martin South
Garth Martin North South
Geoff Martin Sturt
Gordon Martin Sturt Central
Hugh Martin Torrens
J Martin North
J. Gerald Martin Sturt
John Martin Woodville Eagles
John Martin Torrens
Keith Martin South
L.Cecil Martin Norwood
Leslie Martin Sturt
Leslie H. Martin Sturt
Lynn Martin Torrens
Matthew Martin West
Maurice Martin North Norwood
Michael Martin Glenelg
Norman Martin Glenelg
Owen Martin North
Paul Martin South
Robert F. Martin Sturt
Stirling J. Martin South
Thomas Martin North
Tim Martin North
William Martin West Sturt
Colin Martindoff South
Anthony Martyn Port
Louis Martyn Port
Les Marvell Torrens
Tim Masierowski Central
Ernest Mason Port
Francis Mason South
Jamie Mason North Glenelg
Leslie Mason South
Duane Massey North
Kris Massie Norwood
Donald Masters Glenelg
Ernest Masters South
Reg Masters Glenelg
Doug Matchett South
Andrew Matheson Woodville Torrens
Brett Matheson South
Brian Matheson Norwood
Jim Mathews South
Robert Mathews Woodville
John Mathison Port
George Matic Norwood West
William Matsinos South
Phillip Matson Sturt
Graham Matters Port
Mostyn Matters Glenelg
Anthony Matthews Port
Ashley Matthews South
Brett Matthews Norwood
C Matthews North
Eric Matthews Norwood
Frank Matthews West
Geoffrey Matthews Norwood
H. James Matthews South
James Matthews North
Paul Matthews Sturt
Scott Matthews Eagles
Edward Mattner Sturt
Leo Mattner Sturt
Martin Mattner Sturt
Laurence Matulich Torrens
Peter Maxted South
Frank Maxwell Glenelg
Richard Maxwell Woodville
Thomas Maxwell Torrens
Alfred May North South
Cecil May Sturt
David May Sturt
Don May Glenelg
Ian May Glenelg
James May Sturt
John May North
John May Sturt
Josh May Sturt
Peter.J May North
Trevor May Port
Wally May Sturt
Grant R. Mayfield Sturt
Phil Maylin Woodville
Billy Mayman Sturt
Alan J. Maynard Port
Alan W. Maynard Port
Brenton Maynard Norwood
Peter Maynard Glenelg Eagles
Richard Maynard Port
Rodney Maynard Norwood
Howard Mayne Torrens
Richard Mayne Port
Terry Mayne West
Max Mayo Norwood
Clarence Maywald Port
Stephen Mazey Woodville Norwood
Alan Mazzini North
Adrian McAdam North
Gilbert McAdam Central
Greg McAdam North Central
Robert McAinsh North
Sam McArdle Central
Scott McArdle Central
Ray McArthur West
Dennis McAvaney Norwood South
John McAvaney South
John McBain Port
William McBeath Torrens
Kevin McBride Norwood
Luke McCabe Central
Martin McCague North
Bill McCallum Norwood
Perc McCallum Norwood
Neil McCann North
Pat McCann North
Alan McCard Norwood
L McCarron South
Alan McCarthy West
Bernard McCarthy Torrens
Damien McCarthy North Woodville Eagles
Denis McCarthy South
Frank McCarthy Sturt
Graham McCarthy Port
Jack McCarthy South West
James McCarthy West
John McCarthy Eagles
John L. McCarthy Glenelg West North
Joseph McCarthy South West
Kevin McCarthy Glenelg
Peter McCarthy Sturt
Stephen McCarthy Norwood Torrens
Tony McCarthy Sturt Glenelg
Dennis McCartney Central
Jason McCartney South
Peter McCarty South
Justin McConnell Glenelg
Ross McConnell Torrens
William McConnell West
Leigh McCorkell North
Clarence McCormack West
Noel McCormack Woodville South
Paul McCormack Norwood
Simon McCormick West
Scott McCulloch West
Stewie McCully Glenelg
Ryan McDermid Norwood
Chris McDermott Glenelg North
A McDonald West
Barry McDonald Norwood Glenelg
Claude McDonald North
Colin McDonald Woodville Eagles
Harold McDonald Port
John McDonald Glenelg
John McDonald Sturt
Lachlan McDonald North
Peter McDonald West
R.A McDonald Torrens
Raymond McDonald Sturt Glenelg
Robert A. McDonald Sturt
Sam McDonald West
Scott McDonald Woodville Glenelg
Thomas McDonald Port
Trevor McDonald Woodville
Arthur McDonnell Torrens Port
David McDonnell Glenelg
Ed McDonnell Norwood
William McDonnell Torrens
Darcy McDougall South Sturt
Ronald McDougall Norwood
Stephen McDougall Port
Ian McDowall Norwood
Nathan McDowall Port
Jim McDowell North
Ben McEntee Norwood Glenelg
Daniel McEntee Glenelg
James McEntee West
John McEntee Torrens
Luke McEntee North
Patrick McEntee South
Thomas McEntee Sturt
Adam McEvoy Sturt
Maurice McEvoy South
Phil McEvoy Central
Harry McEwen Port North
Alistair McEwin Sturt
Alexander McFarlane Port
Duncan McFarlane Norwood
Glen McFarlane South
John McFarlane Port
William McFarlane Port
Harold McGaffin Sturt
Jack McGaffin South
Ryan McGahey North
Paul McGann South
Peter McGann South
Charles McGavisk Norwood Torrens South
Terry McGee Central
Lindsay McGie Port
John McGillick Glenelg
Ray McGillick West
Warrick McGinty Glenelg
Michael McGlashan Sturt
Bertie McGlaughlin Sturt
Scott McGlone South
Neil McGoran Central
Alan McGowan Glenelg
Barry McGowan Port
Brian McGowan Glenelg
Ronald McGowan South
Chris McGown Sturt
Cory McGrath South
John McGrath West
Malcolm McGrath Central
Mark McGrath West
Matthew McGrath West
Shane McGrath Norwood Torrens
Archie McGregor Glenelg
Bruce McGregor West South
C McGregor South
Ken McGregor Eagles
Ken McGregor West
Lachlan McGregor Glenelg
Harold McGuinness Torrens
Kieran McGuinness Norwood
Michael McGuinness Eagles
Phil McGuinness Glenelg Port
Sean McGuinness South
Tony McGuinness Glenelg
Peter McIndoe Torrens Glenelg
Glen McInerney Glenelg
James McInerney West Port
John McInerney West
Kym McInerney Glenelg
Peter McInerney Glenelg
Ryan McInerney Port
Thomas McInerney Port
Paul McInneny Eagles
Bruce McInnes Port West
Colin McInnes Torrens
Don McInnes North
George McInnes North
John McInnes Norwood
Melville McInnes North
Norman McInnes Port
Owen McInnes Torrens West
Rod McInnes Woodville South
Charles McIntosh North
Garry McIntosh Norwood
Ian McIntosh South
Jason McIntosh Glenelg
Andrew McIntyre North
Andrew McIntyre South
Peter McIntyre South
Tim McIntyre Sturt
Ronald McKail North
Andrew McKay Glenelg
Ashley McKay Port
Bruce McKay West
Bruce McKay West
Darren McKay Port
David McKay Torrens
Ian McKay Central
Ian McKay North
Todd McKay South
David McKechnie Sturt
Geoffrey McKee Norwood
James McKee South
Stephen McKee South
Craig McKellar Woodville
Ian McKenna South
J.P McKenna West
Nick McKenna South
Tom McKenna West
Barry McKenzie Torrens
Bill McKenzie North
Colin McKenzie Port
Donald McKenzie Torrens
Graham McKenzie Port
James McKenzie Torrens
Jason McKenzie Central
Mark McKenzie Eagles
Phil McKenzie Glenelg
Ted McKenzie South Torrens
Tom McKenzie North
Brendan McKeough South
Shaun McKernan South
Malcolm McKiggan Port
John McKinnon Glenelg
Les McKinnon West Glenelg
Martin McKinnon Central Norwood
Robin McKinnon West
William McKnight Torrens
Chris McLay Central
Alan "Bob" McLean Norwood Port
Andrew McLean Glenelg Norwood
Douglas McLean Norwood
Kane McLean Norwood North Sturt
Leslie McLean Port
Luke McLean Norwood
Wade McLean North
James McLeay Sturt
Allen McLeod Sturt
Andrew McLeod Port
Brian McLeod Glenelg West
Donald McLeod South Glenelg
E.Donald McLeod Torrens
Ian McLeod Glenelg South
Tim McLeod Woodville Sturt
Trevor McLeod Port
Joshua McLoughlan Eagles
Edward McLoughlin Torrens
Steven McLuckie West
James McLure Eagles
Trevor McLure North
Gavin McMahon West
Glen McMahon Norwood
Layton McMahon Eagles
R.K McMahon South
Shane McMahon Central
Thomas McMahon Sturt
W.M McMahon South
Jack McManus Torrens
Geoff McMillan Norwood
Marcus McMillan West
Brian McNamara Glenelg
Colin McNamara North
Damien McNamara Glenelg
Edward McNamara Norwood Sturt
John McNamara West North
L McNamara Sturt
Lawrence McNamara Norwood
Lawrence.W McNamara Norwood
Terrence McNamara Glenelg
Thomas P. McNamara North
R.Graham McNeil Torrens
Tim McNeil Norwood
George McNeilage Norwood
Jamie McPhee Sturt
Christen McPherson Central
Glen McPherson Glenelg
Leslie McPherson Sturt
Peter McQuillan Torrens
C McRae South
Craig McRae Glenelg
Neville McSkimming Glenelg South
Kevin McSporran Torrens Woodville
Paul McWilliam Sturt
Darren Mead Port
Neville Mead Torrens
Peter Mead Port
Damian Meade Torrens Eagles
Fred Meadows Port
Peter Medhurst Central
William Medlin Norwood West
Simon Meehan Torrens
Paul Meekins South
Bob Meers Port
John Meesen Norwood
James Megins Glenelg
John Mehaffey Torrens
B Mehrtens South
F Mehrtens South
Iney Mehrtens South
James Meikeljohn Port
Chris Melican Glenelg
Tony Melican Norwood
Don Mellish North
Martin Mellody Glenelg
Greg Mellor West
Peter Mellor West
Damien Mellow Norwood South
Bill Melville North
Vic Melville West
Lisle Melvin North
Royce Melvin North
Colin Mengerson Norwood
G Mensforth West
Luke Mensforth West
John Menz Norwood
Gary Menzel Norwood
John Menzel South
William Menzies Glenelg
Bradley Mercer Port
Anthony Merchant South
Maxwell Merchant South Sturt
J.G.T Meredith South
Adam Merrett Port
Gordon Merrett South
Edward Merrigan South
Andrew Merriman Eagles
Harold Merritt Torrens
Adolf Mesecke West
Brad Mesecke Glenelg
Fred Mesecke North West
Harold Mesecke West
Justin Metcalfe West
Peter Meuret Woodville West
Geoffrey Mewett Torrens
Carl Meyer Sturt
Danny Meyer Glenelg
W.G Michael South
Jim Michalanney Norwood
William Michalanney South Glenelg
Barry Michelmore South
Mark Mickan West
Frank Middleton Central
John Middleton Port
Joseph Middleton Port
Greg Midson Norwood
Brenton Miels Sturt
Graham Milbank Glenelg
Michael A. Milburn Sturt
Leon Milde Port
Colin Mildenhall South
Edward Mildenhall West
Ray Mildenhall Woodville
Terry Milera Port
Tim Milera Port
John G. Miles Sturt
Sam Miles Sturt
Todd Miles Eagles
Gordon Millar West
Jason Millar Norwood
Les Millar West
Zac Millar North
Glen Millard West
Ian Millard Glenelg
Peter Millard Glenelg
A.A Miller Torrens
A.C Miller Torrens
Alan Miller Norwood
Albyn Miller South
Brenton Miller Torrens
Brian Miller West
Cameron Miller Port
Denis Miller Norwood
Donald Miller Norwood
Doug Miller Sturt
Edwin Miller Sturt
H.G Miller South
Harold Miller Norwood Sturt Torrens
Harry Miller Port
J Miller Port
James Miller Glenelg
John A. Miller Glenelg
John M. Miller Glenelg
Keith Miller Glenelg
Kym Miller Woodville
L Miller Glenelg
Mark Miller South West
Neville Miller West
Nigel Miller Sturt
P.N Miller Norwood
Robert Miller Glenelg
Rodney Miller South Torrens
Ronald Miller South
Steve Miller West
W Miller Torrens
Wally Miller Norwood
Wayne Miller Torrens
William R. Miller Norwood Sturt
Algernon Millhouse Norwood
John Millowick North
Dean Mills Glenelg
Harold Mills Port South
John Mills South
Len Mills Torrens
Lindsay Mills North
Percival Mills Port
Trent Mills South
Wayde Mills Glenelg
William Mills West Glenelg
Rex Millstead North
Cameron Milne Central
Jeremy Milne Glenelg
David Milsom West
Peter Milsom West
Peter Milte Sturt
G Mincherton Norwood
Brett Minchington Central
Leon Minervini Norwood
Maurie Minervini Port Norwood
Mick Minervini South
Peter Minervini Norwood Torrens
Vince Minervini Central
William Minnear Torrens
Steven Minnis South
Chris Minns South
Hugh Minson Norwood
Chris Mitch West
Alan Mitchell Sturt West
Albert Mitchell Norwood
Ashley Mitchell Torrens
David Mitchell Glenelg
David Mitchell Woodville
Denis Mitchell Torrens
F Mitchell South
Frank Mitchell Norwood
Graham Mitchell Woodville
John Mitchell Woodville
John W. Mitchell Sturt
Robert Mitchell North
Shayne Mitchell Glenelg
Warwick Mitchell North
George Mitchington North
Kenneth Mitchinson South
Fernando Mitta Torrens
Trevor Mitton South
Michael Mjaskalo North Central
Dean Mobbs Central
Ben Modra Norwood
Dennis Modra Norwood
Otto Modra Norwood
Tony Modra West
John Molan Torrens West
George Moll Norwood
D Molle Sturt
Radlee Moller Central
Chris Molloy North
Glen Molloy Norwood
Graham Molloy Norwood
Stephen Molloy North
E Monck South
Angus Monfries Sturt
Austin Monfries North
William Monkhouse Norwood
Richard Monoghan North Port
Ray Monohan Norwood Glenelg
John Monten Torrens
Ashley Montgomery West
Brett Montgomery Sturt
Malcolm Montgomery North
John Moody Norwood
Laurie Moon North
Murray Mooney Norwood
A Moore Norwood
Andrew Moore North
Ben Moore Glenelg
Brian Moore Port
Clarrie Moore Norwood
Colin Moore Port
George W. Moore Torrens West
Ivan Moore Glenelg
Peter Moore Sturt
Robert Moore Glenelg
Shane Moore Woodville
Stephen Moore Woodville Eagles
Terry Moore Central
Thomas Moore West
Brad Moran West
Rod Morcom North
Sonny Morey Central
Adam Morgan North
Alan Morgan Torrens
Albert Morgan Sturt
Bill Morgan Woodville
Daniel Morgan Port
David Morgan South
David Morgan West
Harry Morgan West
Leon Morgan Eagles
Richard Morgan Glenelg
Walter Morgan West
Dan Moriarty South
Joseph Moriarty South
Leo Moriarty South
Andrew Moritz North
William Morley Glenelg
John Moroney Glenelg
Kevin Moroney West
Thomas Moroney Glenelg
Colin Morphett Glenelg South
Scott Morphett Torrens Eagles
Bob Morrell Torrens
Robert Morrell Torrens
Edward Morris North
Geoff Morris West
Paul Morris Norwood Eagles
Phillip Morris West
Steven Morris West
Thomas Morris West
Jack Morrison Norwood
Shane Morrison Port
Henry Morrow Glenelg
William Morse North
Dick Mortimer South
John Mortimer Sturt
Alexander Morton South
Anthony Morton South Central
Brian Morton Glenelg
Danny Morton North Norwood
Lance Morton North
Parker "Bo" Morton Sturt
Peter Morton Sturt
Adrian Moscheni Sturt
Theo Moskos South
Cyril Moss South
Darryl Moss Glenelg
James Moss Central
Shane Moss Glenelg
Herbert Mossop Torrens
Brett Motley Norwood
Geof Motley Port
Peter Motley Sturt
Aaron Motlop North
Daniel Motlop North
Mark Motlop Glenelg
Marlon Motlop North
Paul Motlop Norwood
Shannon Motlop North
Algernon Mott Port
Andrew Moulds Central
Stephen Moulds Torrens
Clifford Mount North
Bruce Mourney West
Gary Mousley South Sturt
Reginald Mowat Sturt
Bartholomew Moy West
James Moy Torrens West
Albert Moyle Norwood Glenelg
Charles Moyle Glenelg South
Edward Moyle Glenelg
William Moyle North
William J. Moyle South
Robert Moyse Sturt
Ernest Mucklow Port
Bernard Mueller Torrens
Edwin Mueller Sturt
Mark Mueller West
Theodore Mueller West South
Vernon Mueller North
W.A Mueller Torrens
Barry Mugge North
Allan Muir Central
John Muir Glenelg
Robert Muir Torrens Woodville
George Mulcahy South
Ben Mules Glenelg
Robin Mulholland Central
John Mullen West
Bruce Mullens North
Albert Muller Torrens
Kenton Muller North
Craig Mullins Central
Greg Mullins Central
John Mullins North
Reg Mullins Torrens
Jeff Mulraney Norwood Torrens
Peter Mulraney Norwood
Brian Mulvihill Torrens Woodville
Bronte Mumford North
Robert Mumford North
Simon Munkara South
Geoff Munn Port
Lewis Munn Torrens
Peter Munn West
Ray Munn North
Simon Munn West
Ross Munns Norwood
C.C "Diddy" Munro South West
Justin Munro North
Walter Munro South
Cecil Murch North
Dennis Murch North
Chris Murdoch Woodville
Frederick Murdoch South
Roger Murdoch Norwood
William Murdoch Glenelg Torrens South
Jack Murdy South
Maxwell Murdy South
Brian Murphy Sturt
Byron Murphy Glenelg
David Murphy Sturt
David J. Murphy Sturt
F Murphy West
Francis Murphy Torrens
G Murphy Port
John Murphy Glenelg
John Murphy Sturt
Michael Murphy Glenelg
Michael Murphy Glenelg
Michael J. Murphy South
Mick Murphy Torrens
Nicholas Murphy South
Oswald Murphy Norwood
Patrick Murphy South
Peter Murphy Norwood
Allan Murray South
Brad Murray Port
Damian Murray West
Derek Murray South
George Murray South Port
Ian Murray Sturt
Michael Murray Woodville
Robin Murray Glenelg
Trevor Murray South
John Murrell Norwood
Brett Murrihy Eagles
Anthony Murton Central South
Phillip Murton South
Frank Musgrave Torrens
Chris Musolino Central
Alfred Mussman Sturt
Tony Mustaca North
Ivan Muster Norwood
Gary Mutton Sturt
Lyall Mutton Norwood Glenelg
George Mutze South
Greg Mutze Central
Kevin Myatt Torrens
Maxwell Myers Norwood
Dion Myles West
Jake Myles Sturt
Les Myles North
Shaun Myles Central
Ernest Nagel Glenelg
Keith Nagel Sturt
Albert Nairn Norwood
Chris Naish North
Bill Nalder Norwood Central
Mark Naley South
Jerry Nalty South
Edward Nancarrow South
Ian Nancarrow Norwood
Stanley Nancarrow South
John Narroway Glenelg
Maxwell Narroway Sturt
Allan Nash Sturt
Brunel Nash Norwood
Graham Nash Norwood
Jay Nash Central
John Nash Norwood
Maurice Nash West
Ben Nason Central
John Nason South
Robin Nason South
Luke Nathan West
Maurice Natoli North
Chris Natt Port
Greg Natt Port
Mervyn Natt Port
E Naughton Port
Augustine Naylon Torrens
George Naylon Port
Ben Neagle South
Brett Neagle Norwood
Richard Neagle Norwood
David Neal Woodville
David Neale South
Ralph Neate Sturt
Peter Neave South
Simon Neave Norwood Torrens Eagles
Shane Neaves West
William Neely Glenelg
Romano Negri Woodville Eagles
Peter Neil South
William Neil West
John Neill Glenelg
Robbie Neill Norwood
George Neilsen Torrens
Ben Nelson Sturt
Bob Nelson West
Clarence Nelson Norwood
Craig Nelson Torrens
John "Horrie" Nelson Norwood
Phil Nelson Sturt
Hamilton Nesbitt Torrens
Roger Nettle Port
Ernest J. Nettlefold North
John Nettlefold Norwood
Danny Neve North
Robert A. Neville North
Robert B. Neville North
Ben Newberry South West
Josh Newberry North
Raymond Newberry Glenelg
David Newbold Torrens
David Newett Eagles
Phil Newland Norwood
Alan Newman South
Barry Newman West
John Newman South
Steven Newman Central
Garth Newton Woodville Eagles
Ben Nichol North
Bill Nicholas Norwood Sturt
Simon Nicholas Glenelg
Tim Nicholas Norwood
Bill Nicholls Torrens
Bruce Nicholls North
Douglas Nicholls North
Eric Nicholls Torrens
Frank Nicholls Torrens
Graham Nicholls Norwood
J.E Nicholls Norwood
John Nicholls Woodville
Kym Nicholls Norwood
Max Nicholls Port
Paul Nicholls West
Robert Nicholls Torrens
Greg Nichols Glenelg
Stephen Nichols Woodville
Bradley Nicholson Port
E.M Nicholson Torrens
Greg Nicholson Norwood West
John Nicholson Torrens
Ken Nickels Port
Adam Nicks South
Matthew Nicks West
Peter Nicks Central
Gary Nicol Norwood
Graham Nicol Glenelg
Stuart Nicol Eagles
Francis Nicolle Sturt
H. Ivor Nicolle Sturt
Brian Nielsen South
David Niemann Torrens Eagles
Michael Niesen Central
Paul Nikoletos Torrens
John Ninnes West
James Nite Glenelg
Luke Nitschke Norwood
Roy Nixon North
Anton Noack Central
John Noack Sturt
William G. Noal Norwood Sturt
Malcolm Noble Norwood
Stephen Nolan Central
V.A Nolan Torrens
Tim Noles South
Gerry Noonan Torrens
John Noonan West
Kenneth Noonan North
William Noonan Glenelg
Jay Norden Sturt
Bradley Nordhausen West
Brian Norman South
Ernest Norman Torrens
Luke Norman South West
Marcus Norman South
Gary Norris South
Barry Norsworthy Central
Brian Norsworthy Norwood
Chad Norsworthy Central
Mark Norsworthy Central
Colin Northcott Port
S Northcott South
Paul Northeast Port
Alan Norton Torrens
Blake Norton North
Geoff Norton North
Howard Norton North
Kevin Norton Central
Scott Norton Central
Ray Nottage North
Jeffrey Nottle Sturt
Laurie Nugent Glenelg
Mike Nunan Sturt North Norwood
Tim Nunan North
Donald Nunn West
Russell Nunn Torrens
Clifford Nurton West
Graeme Nuske Sturt
Gordon Nutt North
Ryan Nye North
Damien Nygaard Norwood
Peter Nygaard Torrens
Ben Nyland South
Bruce Nyland Port
Richard Oakey Norwood
George Oakley West
Travis Oakley North Eagles
Douglas Oaten Torrens
Frank Oaten Torrens
John Oaten Torrens
Lionel Oaten Torrens
William Oaten Torrens
Robert Oates Torrens
David Oatey Sturt
Edward J. Oatey Port Torrens
Jack Oatey Norwood
Peter Oatey Norwood
Robert Oatey Norwood Sturt
Albert Oatway North West
Brian Oatway Torrens
Douglas Oborn West Glenelg
John Oborn West
Stanley Oborn West
Sydney Oborn South
Cristian O'Brien Norwood
Daniel O'Brien North
Darren O'Brien Glenelg
Francis O'Brien Norwood
Frederick O'Brien South
Gerald O'Brien South
Harold O'Brien South
Jesse O'Brien North
Jock O'Brien Central
Lionel O'Brien Port
Michael O'Brien Port Sturt
Michael O'Brien Central
Neville O'Brien Central
Norman O'Brien South
Paul O'Brien Woodville
Rory O'Brien North
S O'Brien West
Sean O'Brien Woodville
Stephen O'Brien Port
Warren O'Brien South
Adrian Obst Central
Alan Obst Central
Andrew Obst Port
Damian Obst Norwood Sturt
Ken Obst Port
Peter Obst Port Woodville
Peter Obst Glenelg
Trevor Obst Port
Ryan O'Callaghan West
John O'Connell South
Max O'Connell Port Sturt
Wally O'Connell South
Barry O'Connor Norwood
John O'Connor Woodville
Norman O'Connor North
Peter O'Connor Norwood
R O'Connor Torrens
Rod O'Connor Central
Ryan O'Connor Port North
Adrian O'Dea West
Francis O'Dea North
Gerald O'Dea Torrens
Jack O'Dea West
Roy O'Dea South
Alan Odgers North
Freddy Odgers Sturt
Arthur O'Donnell West North
Donnell O'Donnell West
Kelly O'Donnell Glenelg
Jack O'Donoghue West
Leslie O'Donoghue West
Stephen O'Donoghue West
John O'Donohue West
David O'Donovan Port
John O'Donovan West
Leon O'Driscoll West
Des O'Dwyer Norwood Woodville Eagles
Howard Oehme Torrens
John Oehme Port
Kelvin Oehme Torrens
Heinrich Offe Sturt
Kane Officer Central
Jim Ogilvie Woodville
Anthony J. O'Grady South
John D. O'Grady South
Ossie O'Grady Torrens
Phil O'Grady Port
Richard O'Grady Glenelg
Edward O'Halloran North
Brayden O'Hara Central
Brett O'Hara Eagles North
Brian O'Keefe West
Guy O'Keefe South
John O'Keefe West
Mark O'Keefe Sturt
Sean O'Keefe Sturt
Rhys O'Keeffe North
Bert Olds Port
Don Olds Norwood Sturt
Doug Olds Norwood
Douglas F. Olds North
John Olds South
Frank O'Leary North
Jack O'Leary Torrens
Michael O'Leary Norwood Sturt
Arthur Oliver West
Charles Oliver South
Chris Oliver Sturt
David Oliver West
Don Oliver West
Frederick Oliver South Glenelg
George Oliver Glenelg
Harold Oliver Port
Robert Oliver Glenelg
William Oliver South
William Oliver West
Keith Olliver Glenelg West
Clarence O'Loughlin Torrens
Dan O'Loughlin North
Darren O'Loughlin North
Ricky O'Loughlin Port
Robert O'Loughlin Norwood
Michael Olsen Norwood
Troy Olsen Port
A.J Olson Torrens
Charles O'Malley Torrens Glenelg
Patrick O'Malley South
Keith Omond West
P O'Neil Torrens
Kevin O'Neill Norwood South
Michael O'Neill Central
Ivan Ophel Norwood
Edward Opitz Sturt
Roger Orchard West
Ernest O'Regan Port
Ray O'Reilly West
Rod O'Reilly Woodville
Grant O'Reily Central
Samuel Organ South
Max Ormond Glenelg
Trent Ormond-Allen Port South
Andrew Osborn South
Greg Osborn South
John Osborn Sturt
Richard Osborn Torrens Sturt
Ted Osborne Glenelg
Peter Osbourne Central
Robert O'Shannessy North
J.S.E O'Shaughnessy Sturt
Chad O'Sullivan Central
John O'Sullivan Central
Ryan O'Sullivan West
Lance Oswald West
Stephen Oswald Port
Andy Otten South
Brad Ottens Glenelg
Dean Ottens Sturt
Luke Ottens Glenelg
Anthony Owens Central
Anthony Owens Glenelg
Brenton Owens Port
David Owens North
Jack Owens Glenelg
William Owens Port Glenelg
Albert Packer Norwood
Seb Packer Sturt
Warren Packer Norwood
Clarence Packham Norwood
Henry Packham West
Ralph Packham West
V Pade South
William Padman Norwood
Bob Paech Glenelg
Brian P. Paech Sturt
Colin Paech Glenelg
David O. Paech Sturt
Ivor Paech South
Joseph Paech West
Len R. Paech Sturt
Mick Paech Sturt
Tim Paech Sturt
George Page Norwood
Greg Page Central
Harold Page Norwood
Jeff Page Norwood
John Page North
John Page South
Lesley Page Glenelg
Paul Page South
Peter Page Central
Ron Page Woodville
R. Dean Pahl Sturt
Claude Pain Norwood
Roy Pain Torrens
Will Paley Sturt
Nigel Palfreyman Eagles
David Palm Norwood
Alan Palmer Torrens
Bertram Palmer Norwood
C Palmer Torrens
Chris Palmer West
Eugene Palmer West
George H. Palmer South
Jack "Jock" Palmer Norwood
L Palmer Sturt
Lachlan Palmer South
Mark Palmer West
Peter Palmer South
Russell Palmer North
Stanley Palmer North
Stuart Palmer South
William Palmer South
John Panagaris Torrens West
Dean Pangrazio Woodville
Darrell Panizza Woodville
Des Panizza South
Ray Panizza South West
Jack Pannenburg West
Matthew Panos Norwood
Luke Panozzo Glenelg
Kurt Panzak Norwood
Chris Papageorgiou Sturt
Frank Papaglia South
Brendan Papps Eagles
Trevor Papst West
Colin Parham Port
Denis Parham South
Geoff Parham Torrens South
J.R Parham Sturt
Wayne Parish Glenelg
Greg Parke Norwood
Aidan Parker South
Bevan Parker Glenelg
Bevan Parker Norwood
Brendan Parker North
Eddy Parker South
Gary Parker South Torrens
Geoff Parker South
Greg Parker Sturt
Horace Parker West
John Parker West
John Parker Woodville
Leonard Parker Norwood Torrens
Max Parker Woodville North
Rodney Parker Glenelg
Stephen Parker Sturt
David Parkinson South
Doug Parnell North
Leslie Parnell Norwood
Reginald Parnell South West
Arnold Parry West
Craig Parry Port South Eagles
Norman Parslow North South
Charles B. Parsons Sturt
James Parsons Torrens
Kym Parsons South
Mike Parsons North
Phil Parsons South
Rod Parsons South
Samuel Parsons South
Scott Parsons Woodville
Stephen Parsons Woodville
Mark Partington Central
Archibald Partridge Norwood
John Partridge Woodville
Peter Partridge Norwood Glenelg
Frederick Pascall South
Andrew Pascoe Norwood
Barry Pascoe North
Bob Pascoe North
Chris Pascoe West
James Pascoe Sturt
Ken Pascoe South
Ben Pash North
Frederick Pash South
Harold Pash North
Jeff Pash North
Norm Pash North
Ron Pash North
Mark Passador Eagles
Craig Pastro North
Donald Patching Glenelg
Joel Patfull Norwood
Ronald Paton Torrens
H Patrotta South
Stanley Patten Torrens
Brad Patterson Central
Doug Patterson Woodville
Mike Patterson North
Paul Patterson West
Stephen Patterson Norwood
Keith Pattinson Glenelg
Reginald Pattinson Torrens
Geoff Paull North
Jim Pavli South
Greg Pavlich Torrens
Jake Pavlich Eagles
Mark Pavlich Torrens
Matthew Pavlich Eagles
Steve Pavlich Torrens
Stephen Paxman North
Robert Paxton Norwood
Albert L. Payne West Sturt
Charile Payne North
David Payne Norwood
Denis Payne Torrens
Des Payne Norwood
Geoff Payne Glenelg
John Payne North
Matthew Payne Sturt
John Paynter Glenelg Sturt
Seb Paynter Sturt
Andrew Payze Torrens Eagles
Grantley Payze Torrens
Mark Payze Torrens
Rod Payze Torrens
Bob Peach Woodville
Bryce Peake Sturt
Max Peake Port
Adam Pearce Eagles
Danyle Pearce Sturt
David Pearce West
Frank Pearce North
Jeffrey Pearce South
Joseph Pearce Glenelg
Josh Pearce Glenelg
Randall Pearce South
Ricky Pearce Norwood
Ross Pearce South
Stanley Pearce North
Neil Pearson Norwood
Stephen Pech North
Henry Peckham West
William Pedder Norwood
Lionel Pedersen North
Pat Pedersen Port
Ross Pedersen Eagles
Joe Pedler Eagles
Leonard Pedler North
Simon Pedler Port
Max Peek Glenelg
Mervyn Peek Glenelg
Scott Peek West
Luke Peel Eagles
Albert Pelgrave South
Chris Pelle North
Charles Pellew North
Jamie Pelling Sturt
J.Leonard Pelzer Glenelg Sturt
Fred Pemberton Glenelg
Alex Pender Port
Charles Penery North
R.H Pengilly Sturt
Harold Penn Port
Bernard Percival Glenelg
Harold Percy Glenelg
Brian Perkins North
Brian Perkins Torrens
Justin Perkins Port
Ross Perkins Torrens
Tim Perkins North
Bradley Perks South
Clayton Perks South
Kym Perks Torrens
Curtis Perrey South
Ian Perrie South North
Mark Perrin Woodville
Dene Perrott Sturt
Charles Perry Norwood North
D Perry Glenelg
Devon Perry North
Frank Perry Norwood
Harry Perry Port
Joel Perry Port
Percy Perry Glenelg
Robert Perry Woodville
Rupert Perry West
William Perry Port
Clarence Perryman North
Robert Perugini West
Nick Pesch Eagles
Brian Peters West
Frank Peters Norwood
Fred Peters Port
J Peters South
Mark Peters Woodville
Norman V. Peters West
Scott Peters North
Bob Petersen Woodville
Jim Petersen South
Jared Petrenko Eagles
Michael Pettigrew West
Noel Pettingill Norwood Sturt
Steve Pettitt Norwood
Jack Pettrey Port
Kenneth Peucker South
Simon Peucker North Port
Darren Pfeiffer Norwood
Ian Pfeiffer Sturt
Todd Pfeiffer North
Tony Pfeiffer Sturt
Joseph Pfeil Torrens
Ben Pfitzner Central
Howard Pfitzner Norwood North
John Pfitzner West
Vic Pfitzner West
Geoff Phelps Port
Philip Philcox Woodville
Michael Phillipou Eagles
Peter Phillipou Torrens
Sam Phillipou Eagles Port
Arne Phillips Torrens
Brenton Phillips North
Brian F. Phillips Sturt
Greg Phillips Port
James Phillips Torrens
John Phillips North
Matthew Phillips Port
Neville Phillips Port
Percy Phillips Torrens
Raymond Phillips Torrens
Ron Phillips North
Simon Phillips South
Simon Phillips Norwood
Terry Phillips Central
Dennis "Fred" Phillis Glenelg
Donald Phillis North Glenelg
Gordon Phillis West
Wayne Phillis Glenelg Norwood
Bob Philp Port
Percy Philp Port
Henry Philps Port
Peter Phipps West
Ben Physick Glenelg
Peter Physick South
David Piasente West
Lance Picioane Glenelg
George Pickering Norwood
Byron Pickett Port
Dutchie Pieper West
Thomas Pierce West
Anthony Pierri Norwood
Trevor Pierson West Woodville Torrens
Brian Pike Sturt
Don Pike Sturt
Hartley Pike Norwood
Martin Pike Norwood
William Pike Glenelg
James Pile Norwood
Barry Pilgrim Port
Ashley Pilkington Norwood
Des Pilkington West
Glen Pill Torrens
Shane Pill Torrens
Barry Pilmore Torrens
Morrie Pilmore Torrens
Rex Pilmore Sturt
Cecil Pinnington Glenelg
Clement Pinches Norwood
A.P "Stump" Pincombe Sturt
Ernest Piper Glenelg
Paul Pisani Torrens Eagles
Simon Pisani West
H Pitkin Norwood
Mark Pitman Central South
Allen Pitt Norwood
Steven Pitt Norwood
Jasper Pittard Sturt
Brian Pittman Norwood
David Pittman Norwood
Mark Pitura Sturt
Paul Piva West
Clive Plant Sturt
James Plant Sturt
Robert Plant Glenelg
Ryan Plant West
Ryan Plant West
Justin Plapp Port
Chris Platten Central
John Platten Central
John Platten North
Graeme Plew West
Anthony Plim Norwood
Bryan Ploenges South
Warren Ploenges South
Frederick Plummer Glenelg
John Plummer North
Hubert Plumstead Norwood
Bill Plunkett Norwood
John Plunkett Norwood
Reg Plunkett Norwood
Malcolm Pohlner North
David Polden South
Jared Polec Eagles
John Polkinghorne South
Gregory Pollard Port
Reg Pollard Glenelg
Michael Polley Glenelg
Michael Pollock Torrens
Steven Pollock North
Max Pontifex Torrens
Darryl Poole Port
Frank Poole West
Kenneth Poole Torrens
Sidney Poole Norwood
Ken Poon Torrens
Michael Poon West
Adrian Pope West
Craig Pope North
Horace Pope Port
Maurie Pope Norwood
Rodney Pope West Norwood
Rob Popplestone Sturt Torrens Eagles
Andy Porplycia Port
Jason Porplyzia West
Ross Porritt Norwood
Darcy Porter South Torrens
Grant Porter West
John Porter North
Simon Porter West South
Tony Porter Central
Mitchell Portlock South
Brian Post South
Frank Post North
Ian Post South
Norman Post Glenelg
Brian Potter Glenelg
Craig Potter Central
Jeff Potter Port
John Potter Norwood
Lee Potter Sturt
Ryan Potter Eagles
Stephen Potter Torrens
Barry Potts South North
Denis Potts Norwood Glenelg
Simon Potts North
William Potts Norwood
Mike Poulter Norwood
Jared Poulton Port
H Powell South
Horace Powell West
Luke Powell Eagles
Matthew Powell South Sturt
Mervyn Powell Glenelg
Peter Powell Glenelg
Robert Powell Port
Tim Powell South
William T. Powell Port South Glenelg
Gordon A. Power North Glenelg
H Power Glenelg
John Power North
Michael Power North
Michael Poynton North
Jack Prater Torrens
John Prater Glenelg
Graham Pratt West
John Pratt Norwood
Guy Pratten North
Ian Prendergast South
Victor Prentice South
Stephen Presscott Sturt Eagles
Alan Price Central
Owen Price Sturt
R.C Price South
Ray Price Central
Ronald Price Glenelg
Sydney Price North
Todd Price Eagles
Tom Price Norwood
Walter Price West
Jack Prideaux Port
Barry Pridham West
Don Pridmore Sturt West
Hugh Pridmore Norwood
Doug Priest North
Chris Prime Norwood
David Prime Norwood
Robert Prime South
Wayne Primmer Torrens
Matthew Primus Norwood
Charles Prince Glenelg
A.J Pring Torrens
Bill Prior Glenelg
Don Prior Torrens South
Mark Prior Central
Ray Prior Central
William H.G. Prior Sturt
Danny Pritchard Port
David Pritchard Port
John Pritchard Glenelg
John Probert Sturt
Richard Proctor Port
Nick Prokopec Central West
John Prooyen Central
SImon Prosser North
Anthony Proud West
Bob Proud North
Bruce Proud South
Daniel Proud West
Norm Proud North
B Prouse Glenelg
Damien Prouse Norwood
Thomas Prowse West
Paul Prymke Torrens Eagles
Donald Pryor South
Leonard Pryor West
Michael Pryor South
Frank P. Pudney Sturt
Joe Pudney Central
Harry Puhle Torrens
Paul Puopolo Norwood
Andrew Purchase West
John Purdie South
Murray Purdie Sturt
Alfred Purdy Glenelg
Bevan Purser West
Charlie Pyatt Torrens
James Pyke Norwood
John Pym Woodville
Albert Pyman Sturt
Ben Pyman South
Chris Pyman Central
Robert Pyman Torrens Eagles
Ern Pynor Sturt
Ronald Quall Torrens
David Querzoli Torrens
Frank Quick Torrens
John Quick Torrens
Nathan Quick Eagles
Daniel Quigley North
Hugh Quin Port
George Quinn Port
John Quinn Port
John Quinn Port
John M. Quinn Port
Maurice Quinn Torrens
Robert Quinn Port
Robert G. Quinn South Port
Simon Quinn South
T. James Quinn Port
William Quinn Port
Joe Rack North
Chris Radbone Sturt
Shane Radbone Sturt
Tyson Radetti North
Daryl Rady Glenelg
Gary Rae Central
Jason Rae Central Eagles
David Raggatt Torrens
John Raggatt North
Robert Rahilly Sturt
Damien Raidis Sturt Glenelg
Michael Raidis Glenelg
Ian Rainbird Woodville
Nick Raines Port
Jeff Rainsford Port
Roy Rainsford Norwood
Frederick Ralph West
Harry Ralph Norwood
Warren Ralph Glenelg
Ian Ralston Norwood
Leslie Ramm West
Alfred Ramsay South
Bruce Ramsay West
Brian Ramsey Woodville
David Ramsey North
John Ramsey North South
Graeme Ramshaw Central
Bruce Ranger North
Robert Rankin Port
Brent Rankine Torrens
David Rankine Torrens
Keith Ransom Norwood
H Rappiport South
Roger Rasheed Sturt
E Rath West
Allan Rathjen Port
Dennis Rattigan Sturt
Mark Rattley West
Mark Rattley Woodville
Steven Rattray Glenelg
Alan Rau Sturt
Paul Ravesi West
Lee Ravlich West
Mark Rawlins South
Barry Rawson Torrens
Jack Rawson North
Jim Rawson Glenelg
Norman Rawson North
D Ray West
Bruce Raymond Sturt
Dennis Raymond Sturt
Donald Raymond South
Eric Raymond West
Howard Rayner Sturt
Nathan Rayner Eagles
A.F Read Sturt
Darren Read Glenelg
Desmond Read South
John Read Torrens
Maxwell Read South
Philip Read Torrens
Ashley Reade Norwood
Shane Reardon Woodville
Matthew Reavill Glenelg
Adrian Rebbeck North Glenelg
Guido Rebuli Torrens
Steve Rechner West Woodville
Horrace Reddaway Port South
Denis Redden Eagles
Donald Redden North
Jarrad Redden Eagles
Michael Redden North
Peter Redden Norwood
Thomas Redden Glenelg
Donald Reddin Sturt Glenelg
Ron Redford West Glenelg
Tarak Redigolo South
Alan Redman South
William Redman Sturt
Tony Redshaw Glenelg
Peter Reece South
Phillip Reece Sturt
Graham Reed Central Sturt
William Reed South
Jack Reedman North
John Reedman South North West
Leslie Reedman North
Sydney Reedman South
Jack Rees North
Robert Rees North
Simon Reeve South
Darren Reeves North
David Reeves Woodville
Leonard Reeves Sturt
Lynton Reeves Port Central
Bruce Rehn South
Shaun Rehn West
Corey Reichert Central
Lawrence Reichmann Torrens
John Reid South
Peter Reid Sturt
Phil Reid Glenelg
Robert Reid Woodville
T Reid South
William Reid Sturt
Brent Reilly Sturt
J.P Reilly South
James Reilly Glenelg
James Reilly Norwood
Lance Reilly South Woodville
Tim Reilly North
Trent Reilly Glenelg
Phil Reimann South Woodville
Ron Reimann Norwood South
Hugh Reimers Central
August Reinberg Port
Matthew Rendell Torrens
Steve Rendell Torrens
Tim Rendell Torrens
Albert Renfrey South Torrens
Bill Renfrey Port
Dean Renfrey Norwood South
Ethelbert Renfrey Sturt
Frank Renfrey Sturt Norwood
Herbert Renner North
John Renner North
Mike Rennie West
Paul Rennie West Glenelg
Trevor Reu West
Grant Reubenicht Glenelg
Allan Reval Port
Chris Reynolds South
David Reynolds Sturt
John Reynolds Norwood
Lincoln Reynolds North
Lou Reynolds West
Lyndsay Reynolds West
Ross Reynolds Sturt
Paul Rhigas North
William Ribbett Norwood
Craig Ricciuto West
Mark Ricciuto West
Colin Rice Glenelg
T Rice Torrens
William Rice Glenelg
Wayne Richard Central
Dean Richards Torrens
Graham Richards Torrens
Gregory Richards North
Laurie Richards Woodville
N Richards Port
Ray Richards South
Reg Richards South
Adam Richardson Central
Adam Richardson West
Alan Richardson Sturt
David Richardson South
Edward Richardson West
Jayce Richardson Glenelg
Josh Richardson Sturt
Kym Richardson Torrens
Neil Richardson Sturt
Osma Richardson Sturt
Robert Richardson South
Robert "Jack" Richardson Sturt West
Steven Richardson Norwood
Thomas Richardson Sturt
Victor Richardson Sturt
Colin Richens Glenelg
George Richmond Torrens
Leslie Richmond Torrens
Eddie Richter Woodville
Harold Richter Glenelg
John Richter Sturt
Robert Richter Woodville
Vernon Richter Glenelg
Wayne Riddle Central
Guy Ridgway Glenelg
Colin Ridley Glenelg
Gavin Ridley Woodville
David Riggs Torrens
Damian Rigney South
Roger Rigney Sturt
Trevor Rigney South
Aiden Riley Sturt
Bernard Riley South
Horrie Riley Sturt
John Riley North
John Riley Sturt
Lance Riley South
Robert Riley Woodville
Sidney Riley South
Stephen Riley Central
Stephen Riley North
Clarence Rimes Torrens
James Rimington Eagles
Robert Rimmer North
Chad Rintoul Eagles
Barry Riordan Sturt
Anthony Risby Torrens
Thomas Rischbieth Sturt
John Ritch Port
Jared Rivers North
Mick Rivers South
Paul Rivers Torrens
Charlie Rix North
Greg Rix Norwood
Paul Rizonico Port
Don Roach West Norwood
Graeme Roach North
Tony Roach North
George Roache Woodville
Kym Roads Sturt
Sandy Roads Norwood Torrens
Sydney P. Roads Norwood
Darren Robbins North
Frederick Robbins North
Graeme Robbins South
Brendon Roberson Sturt Central
Alf Roberts Torrens
Brian Roberts South
Brian Roberts Sturt
Cameron Roberts North Sturt
Chris Roberts Sturt
Clive Roberts Norwood
Daniel Roberts Eagles
Gavin Roberts Norwood
John Roberts Woodville Torrens North
Lew Roberts Port
Merv Roberts Norwood
Neville Roberts Torrens Norwood
Peter Roberts Norwood Torrens
Raymond Roberts Torrens
Samuel Roberts West South
Todd Roberts North
Tom Roberts Torrens
Alexander Robertson Port South
Benjamin Robertson North
Brad Robertson Port
Chris Robertson North Port
Clyde Robertson South
Colin Robertson Port
David Robertson North
Geoff Robertson Central
Graeme Robertson West Port
Herb Robertson Port
Ian Robertson West North
John Robertson Port
Morris Robertson Glenelg
Paul Robertson Sturt
Phil Robertson Port
R.Graeme Robertson Torrens
Stanley Robertson Port
Clark Roberts-Thomson Sturt
Kurt Roberts-Thomson Sturt
Phil Robin Norwood
Darin Robins North
Donn Robins Sturt
Haydn Robins Eagles
Alexander Robinson Sturt
Bert Robinson Port
Craig Robinson Glenelg
Donald A. Robinson Sturt
Donald N. Robinson Sturt
John Robinson North
John W. Robinson Port Glenelg
Peter Robinson Glenelg
Ray Robinson Port
Scott Robinson Norwood Sturt
Stanley Robinson Norwood
Trevor N. Robinson Sturt
Ted Robjent Glenelg
Barrie Robran North
Jonathon Robran Norwood
Matthew Robran Norwood
Rodney Robran North
Lee Robson Torrens
Fortunate Rocchi Sturt
Raymond Rocher Glenelg
David Rodan Norwood
Jason Roe North
Jason Roe North
Trevor Roe Central
Ben Roehrich Glenelg
Brian Roehrich Glenelg
Anthony Roennfeldt South
Dick Roennfeldt South
James Roennfeldt South
Walter Roesler Sturt
Aaron Rogers Glenelg
Andrew Rogers Woodville Eagles
Brian Rogers West
Matthew Rogers South
Phil Rogers Glenelg
Tim Rogers South
Ralph Rogerson North
Callum Rohde North
Darcy Rohrig North
Dane Rolfe Norwood
Peter Rolfe South
John Rombotis Glenelg
John Romney Sturt
John Ronaldson South
Travis Ronaldson West
Michael Roocke West
Michael Rooney West
Arthur Rose Glenelg
Claude Rose South Sturt
Edward Rose Port
Herman Rose Port
Keith Rose South
Norman Rose West
Trevor Rose Port
Wayne Rosenboom North
Charles Rosenthal Sturt
M L. Rosenthal Sturt
Aldo Rossetto West South
Kenneth Rosevear South
Clement Rosewarne South Glenelg
Geoff Rosewarne Glenelg
Laurie Rosewarne Glenelg
Reg Rosewarne Glenelg
Matthew Rosier South
Alexander Ross Norwood
Douglas Ross Sturt
Errol Ross Glenelg
George Ross Glenelg
John Ross Sturt
Jonathon Ross Norwood
Lachlan Ross West
Lester Ross Norwood South
Lester Ross Norwood
Nelson Ross Norwood
R Ross South
Stephen Ross Port
Glen Rosser Norwood
Rudolph Rossini Sturt
Claude Rossiter Sturt
P Rossiter South
Reginald Rounsvell South
Paul Rouvray Glenelg
Brian Rowe South
George Rowe South
Greg Rowe West
Jason Rowe South
Jeremy Rowe West
Kevin Rowe Glenelg
Matthew Rowe West
Robert Rowe Norwood
Ronald Rowe Glenelg
Sam Rowe Norwood
Stephen Rowe Norwood
George Rowell South
Les Rowell South
Adrian Rowett Glenelg
Colin Rowett Glenelg
Richard Rowett Norwood South
G Rowley South
Thomas Rowley Sturt
Angus Rowntree Eagles
Robert Rozee South
Lindsay Ruciack Central
Donald Rudd Port Sturt
Lloyd Rudd Port
Mick Rudd Norwood
G Rudolph Sturt
Sam Rudolph Glenelg
Vinnie Rugolo Eagles
Peter Rumbelow Norwood
Douglas Rundell Torrens
Brian Rundle Glenelg
Desmond Rundle Glenelg
Renton J. Rundle North
Frederick Rusby North
Lawrence Rusby South
Robert Rusby South
Shannon Rusca West
Peter Ruscuklic South
Thomas Rush North
Lawrie Rushby South
John Rushworth West
Arthur Russell North
Dennis Russell Glenelg North
Dick Russell Port
Don Russell Torrens
Dwayne Russell Port
Frank Russell Torrens
John Russell North
Ken Russell Central
Kym Russell Sturt Norwood
Mark Russell Glenelg
Percival Russell North
Roger Russell West
Scott Russell Sturt
Steve Russell South
Trevor Russell North
Aldo Russian West
Bill Ruth Woodville
Grant Rutherford Torrens
Ben Rutten West
Mark Ruwoldt Glenelg
"Bulla" Ryan South
Andrew Ryan South
Andrew Ryan West
Bradley Ryan North West
Clarence Ryan Sturt
Clement Ryan South
D Ryan South
Damien Ryan Port Sturt
Danny Ryan North
Francis Ryan West
Gary Ryan North
Graham Ryan Sturt
Grant Ryan West
Jeffrey Ryan South
John Ryan West
John A. Ryan West
John V. Ryan South
Kieran Ryan Norwood
Leigh Ryan South
Lloyd Ryan South
Mark Ryan South
Neil Ryan South
Paul Ryan South
Peter Ryan Norwood
Robert Ryan Sturt Glenelg
Robert Ryan Sturt
Thomas Ryan South
William Ryan Torrens
Frederick Ryder West
Colin Ryles Woodville
Paul Rynne North
Leigh Ryswyk North
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S to Z

Dennis Sachse North
John Sachse North Woodville
Neil Sachse North
Colin Saddington Sturt
Paul Sadler South
T Sadlier North
Stephen Saleeba West
Damien Salevic Glenelg
Adam Saliba North
Justin Salisbury Sturt
Scott Salisbury Glenelg
Cyril Sallis Glenelg
Len Sallis Glenelg
George Salmon Norwood
Kevin Salmon Port
Steven Salopek Glenelg
Ron Salotti Norwood
Nick Salter Eagles
Kevin Salvemini Port
Leonard Salvemini Port
Jeffrey Sambell Norwood
Clay Sampson South
Colin Sampson Port
Edgar Sampson West
J Sampson South
James Sampson Norwood South Glenelg
Jon Sampson Norwood
Joshua Sampson South
Roy Samuel Port
Alfred Sandercock South
David Sanders North
Douglas Sanders Sturt
Phil Sanders Sturt
Raymond Sanders Sturt
Brenton Sanderson Sturt
Albert Sandery North
John Sandery North
Mitchell Sandery Norwood
Tom Sandery North
Glenn Sandford North Norwood
John Sandford North
John Sandland Glenelg North
Phil Sandland Glenelg
Phil Sandland North
Graham Sando South
Alexander Sangster Port
Clement Sangster Norwood
Cyril Sangster Torrens Glenelg
John Sangster Sturt
Robin Sangster Sturt
Derek Sansbury Central
Eddie Sansbury Central
Trevor Sapwell Norwood Woodville
Geoff Sara West
Jeff Sarau Torrens
Thomas Sard Norwood Port North
John Sargent North
Brian R. Sarre Sturt
Jim Sarre Sturt
Ron Saul North
Lee Saunders South Glenelg
Luke Saunders Port
Norman Saunders South
Phil Saunders South Norwood
Rick Saunders Glenelg
Rod Saunders North
Andrew Savage North
Duncan Savage Port
Gerry Savage Central
Ken Sawatzke Norwood West Sturt
James Sawford Sturt Port
Russell Sawford Torrens
Albert Sawley Norwood
Brian Sawley Norwood
Francis Sawley Norwood
Gordon Sawley Norwood
Ross Sawley Sturt
Cornelius Sawyer South
Percival Sawyer Sturt
Ellis Saxon Norwood
James Sayers Torrens
Dave Saywell Central
James Saywell Central
Bob Scaglia North
Philip Scala West
Joe Scanlon West South
Justin Scanlon Norwood
Matthew Scanlon West
Lawrence Scarman West
Laurence Schache Sturt Torrens Eagles
Robert Schaefer Central Sturt
George Schallehn Central
Des Schapel West
Merv Schapel Sturt
W.L Schapel South
Alfred Schedlich South
Chris Scheer Woodville
Daniel Schell Central
Jarrod Schiller Central
Daryl Schimmelbusch Torrens Woodville
Lewis Schinkel Sturt
Ken Schiphorst Glenelg
Greg Schlein Norwood North
Wayne Schmaal Norwood South
Jeffrey Schmelzkopf Norwood
Stephen Schmid South Glenelg
Bob Schmidt South
Chris Schmidt West
Eric Schmidt South
Greg Schmidt North
Lee Schmidt South
Sam Schmidt West
Clyde Schmitzer South
John Schneebichler South Glenelg
Karl Schneider Norwood
Jim Schober Sturt
Barrie Schoell Sturt Norwood
Ernest Schoff West
Rick Schoff Sturt
Jarrad Schofield Central
Hans Schoppe Central
David Schramm West
Toby Schreier Sturt
Bernard Schroeder Port
Jacob Schuback Glenelg
Nathan Schubert Central
Rick Schubert North
Shane Schubert North
Bruce Schultz Norwood
Clement R. Schultz Sturt
Craig Schultz Sturt
Duane Schultz Eagles
G Schultz North
Graeme Schultz Central South
James Schultz South
Mervyn Schultz Sturt
Rhyse Schulz Sturt
Dean Schulz Glenelg
George Schulz Norwood
Jay Schulz Eagles
Kevin Schultz Sturt
Mark Schulz South
Paul Schulz North
Peter Schulz North
Shane Schulz Port
Toby Schulz Norwood
Sydney B. Schulze South
Bertie Schumacher Norwood
Raymond Schumacher Glenelg
Dean Schumann West
Reginald Schumann Port
Leon Schupelius Glenelg
Lou Schupelius Port
David Schutt Woodville
Alan Schwartz Torrens Eagles
Brian Schwarz Sturt
Gordan Schwartz Norwood Torrens
Michael Schwarz Woodville
Peter Schwarz Woodville Eagles
Ben Schwarze Eagles West
Keith Schwerdt Sturt
Pat Schwerdt Central
Stephen Schwerdt Central
Basil Scott Norwood
Darren Scott South
Gordon Scott Torrens West
Ian Scott Woodville
Ivan Scott Sturt
S Scott West
Stanley Scott South
Stuart Scott North
Sydney Scott South North West
Walter Scott Norwood
William Scott Torrens
Daniel Scott-Collings Glenelg
Matthew Scott-Toms Sturt
Paul Scoullar Central
Justin Scripps Glenelg Norwood
Clarrie Scrutton Sturt
Cyril Scrutton Sturt
Gordon Scrutton Sturt
Stanley Scrutton Sturt
George Seager South
Nathan Seal Port
Cecil Searle Torrens
Ernest Searle Glenelg
Horrie Searle North
Kenneth Searle South
Kenneth Searle Torrens
Richard Searle North
Rick Searle Torrens
Rudall Searle Torrens North
Trevor Searle Torrens
Troy Searle Eagles
Stanley Seccombe North
Ken Secker North
Dick Secomb Central
Dean Sedunary West
John Seebohm Glenelg
Rodney Seekamp Norwood
John Seelenmeyer Norwood
Raymond Seeley Glenelg
Henry Selby Port
Jacob Selfe Port
James Sellar Glenelg
Oscar Sellers Norwood
Frank Sellick North Sturt
Samuel Sellick Sturt
Bertram Selth Norwood
Bob Selth Sturt
Robert Semmens Norwood
Cliff Semmler West
Kenneth Semple Torrens
Zane Separovich Port
Victor Serotski Port
David Serotzki Norwood
Ben Setchell North
Albert Setterburg South
Adrian Settre Port
Ralph Sewer Woodville Glenelg
Dean Sexton South
Eric Sexton Norwood
Jack Sexton West Norwood Glenelg
Geoff Seyers West
Dudley Shakes Glenelg Sturt
Michael Shallow Torrens
Desmond Shanahan Sturt
Paul Shanahan Torrens
Brian Shanks Sturt
Jay Shannon Port
Ken Shannon Port
Wayne Shapter Sturt
Bob Sharland Sturt
Anthony Sharley West
Cameron Sharp Sturt
Colin Sharp Sturt
Cyril Sharp Sturt
Doug B. Sharp Sturt
E Sharp Glenelg
George C. Sharp Sturt
G.F Sharpe South
Charles Sharples Sturt
Aaron Shattock Eagles
Arthur Shaw Sturt
Clint Shaw Eagles
Damen Shaw Port
Derek Shaw West
Earl Shaw Central
Harry Shaw North
Merv Shaw North Torrens
Neville Shaw West
Richard Shaw South
Sam Shaw Glenelg
Tony Shaw South
Charles Shea West
Charles Shearer Port
Scott Shearer Sturt
Frederick Shearing Glenelg
Bob Shearman Torrens Sturt
Chris Shee North
Jade Sheedy Sturt
John Sheedy Sturt
Paul Sheedy Norwood
Anthony Sheehan Port
Damien Sheehan Port
Greg Sheehan West
Justin Sheehan Port
A. William Sheffield West
David Sheldon Central
Brad Sheldrick Norwood Sturt Eagles
Cameron Shenton Norwood
Clarence Shepherd Torrens
Geoff Shepherd Glenelg
Harry Shepherd West
John Shepherd Sturt
Peter Shepherd Torrens
Colin Shepherdson North
Cyril R. Shepherdson North Sturt
Keith Shepley Glenelg
D Sheppard Port
Lewis Sheppard Sturt
Peter Sheppard North
Mike Sheridan North
Anthony Sherry Sturt
Paul Sherwood Glenelg
William Sheuard Torrens
William.L Shield Sturt
Russell Shields Central
David Shillabeer Norwood
Kevin Shimleck South
Ronald Shipp South Torrens
Bob Shipsides South
Matthew Shir Glenelg
Richard Shirley Torrens
Robert Shirley Eagles
Brett Sholl South
Terry Short Sturt
Tim Short Sturt
Walter Short Norwood
Keith Shorthill Central
Jack Shortridge Torrens Glenelg
Tom Shrubsole West
Hallett Shueard West
Hubert Shugg South West
Leslie Shuttleworth Sturt
Peter Y. Sibenaler Central
Yves Sibenaler Central
Spencer Sibley Norwood
Brenton Sickerdick Central
Malcolm Siegert Glenelg
John Siggins Norwood
Tony Signoriello Norwood
Kevin Silva South
Taite Silverlock West
Jarrod Silvester West
Charles Sim Torrens
Lachlan Sim West
Sid Simeon Norwood
Scott Simister West
Stan Simmonds North
Bruce Simmons Torrens
John Simmons South
Peter Simmons North
Sidney Simmons Norwood West
Lorenz L. Simon Sturt
Henry Simons West
Robert Simons West
Peter Simounds Sturt
Albert Simpson Torrens
Alexander Simpson Sturt
Andrew Simpson South
Edward Simpson Torrens
Hamish Simpson Eagles
Harold Simpson Norwood
Jon Simpson Woodville Port
Matthew Simpson North West
Robert Simpson West
Victor Simpson South
Cyril Sims Glenelg
Edgar Sims Sturt
Gary Sims West
Grantley Sims Sturt
K Sims Glenelg
Peter Sims West
Phil Sims Sturt
Ronald Sims South
Steven Sims Torrens North
Trevor Sims Sturt
Trevor Sims Sturt
Bob Simunsen Woodville
John Simunsen South
G.F Sinclair South
Graham Sinclair Glenelg
Nathan Sinclair South
Peter Sinclair Norwood
C.J Sincock Sturt
David Sincock Glenelg
Gavin Sincock West
Harold Sincock Torrens
Balraj Singh West
Matthew Sinkunas Port South
Clarence G. Sisson South Norwood
Chris Siviour Sturt
Laurence Siviour Torrens
Jack Skelley Port
Peter Skelley South
Bob Skinner Norwood
Lyle Skinner Central
Mark Skinner Norwood
Hayden Skipworth Eagles
Fidel Skorzewski Port
A.G Skuse South
Alf Skuse South
Rod Skuse Woodville
Trevor Skuse Woodville
Jeffrey Sladden South Sturt
Harry Slade West
Ian Slade Sturt
Kenneth Slade Port
Matthew Slade Central
Robert Slade Norwood
Grant Slatter Torrens
Bernie Slattery West
Brian Slattery West Glenelg
Charles Slattery West
Daniel Slattery West
Henry Slattery West
Luke Slattery Port
Peter Slattery Glenelg
Ray Slattery South
Thomas Slattery South
Tom Slattery North
Tyson Slattery West
Wayne Slattery South North
William Slattery Norwood West
Jim Slaven Torrens
Mervyn Slee Norwood
Stanley Sleep South
Terry Sloan Central
Rory Sloane North
Samuel Sloss Sturt
Leonard Sly South
Garry Smallridge Port Norwood
Brendan Smart Torrens
Douglas Smart Norwood Sturt North
Justin Smart Glenelg
Lewis Smart North
Nathan Smart Norwood South
Nigel Smart South
Peter Smart South
Robert Smart Norwood
Sam Smart Norwood
Maxwell C. Smedley South
Corey Smelt Glenelg
Eric Smelt Sturt
Adam R. Smith North
Alan Smith Norwood Torrens
Alan Smith Woodville
Alfred Smith Sturt
Alfred F. Smith West
Arnold Smith Sturt
Arthur Smith Torrens
Arthur S.R. Smith South
Barry Smith Norwood
Bernie Smith West
Bob Smith North
Bob Smith Sturt
Brad Smith Glenelg Norwood
Brad Smith South
Bradley Smith Glenelg
Brenton Smith Woodville
Brett Smith Torrens
Brian Smith West
Brodie Smith Eagles
Cecil Smith Glenelg
Clement Smith North
Colin Smith West
Darren Smith Port
Darryl Smith Sturt Torrens
David Smith Norwood Glenelg
Donald Smith Glenelg
E Smith West
Ernest Smith Norwood
F.S Smith South
Fred Smith Sturt
G.B Smith Torrens
Gary Smith Central
Glen Smith Sturt
Greg Smith Central
Greg Smith North
Henry Smith Torrens
J Smith Torrens
Jacob Smith South
James Smith West
Jeff Smith Glenelg
Jesse Smith West
John W. Smith Sturt
Justin Smith Torrens
Ken Smith Glenelg
Kevin Smith Woodville
Kym Smith Sturt
Leslie Smith Sturt
Lindsay Smith Glenelg
Lon Smith West
M.J Smith South
Malcolm Smith Norwood
Mathew Smith South
Matthew Smith Port
Matthew Smith Sturt
Merv Smith North
Mervyn Smith North
Michael Smith Central
Mike Smith West
Neville Smith Glenelg
Nick Smith Sturt
Norman Smith Torrens
Peter Smith North
Phil Smith Port
Phil Smith Woodville
Reginald W. Smith South
Richard Smith Sturt
Roger Smith Torrens
Rohan Smith Port
Ronald Smith West
Stan Smith Torrens
Trevor Smith West
Walter J. Smith West
Warren Smith South
William Smith Sturt
Geoff Smitham Central
Keith Smoker South
Ryan Smyth Glenelg
Robert Smythe North
A Snell Port
Bob Snell West
Leslie Sneyd North
Shannon Snook Glenelg
Ashley Snowden North
Harold Soar Port
Mark Soderstrom Sturt Glenelg North
Peter Sodomka Glenelg
Jamie Solly Port
Harry Solomon North West
Jack Solomon South
Myer Solomon South
Craig Somerville Torrens
Clement Sonntag Glenelg
Nicholas Sorognan West
Anthony Sorrell Glenelg
Anthony Sorrell Port
Jack Sorrell South Norwood
Tony Sorrell Central Port
Trevor Sorrell Port
Alec Souter West North
Brian Souter South
J. "Wally" Southern Sturt
Thomas Southern Sturt
Mark Southwell Torrens
Joe Sowton Norwood
John Spaans Central
C.J Spackman West
Scott Spalding Port
Michael Spanagel Port
Brad Sparkes Glenelg
Wilfred Sparks Norwood
Leonard Sparrow South
Malcolm Sparrow Torrens
Richard Sparrow Woodville
Barry Speck North
Lionel Speck North
Barry Speed South
Jason Spehr Torrens Eagles
Luke Spehr North Eagles
Benjamin Speight Norwood
John Spelling Central
Adam Spencer Eagles
Arthur Spencer North
Barry Spencer Woodville
Keith Spencer Port
Lyall Spencer North
Paul Spencer Port
Robert Spencer Norwood
Tom Spencer Port
Rodney Sperling South
Frank Spiel South Sturt Torrens
Doug Spiers Port
Jason Spivey Glenelg
Alex Splitt South
Kingsley Spoehr South West
Garry Sporn North
Kieran Sporn West
Peter Sporn North
Trent Sporn North
R Spragg Sturt
Laurence Sprigg North South
Rex Sprigg Woodville
Chris Spry Woodville
John Spry North Port
John W. Spry Sturt Glenelg
Lee Spurr Central
Ben Squire South
Damian Squire North Sturt
Gary Stableford Torrens
A Stacey Torrens
Chris Stacey North
Raymond Stacey Torrens West
Harvey Stafford South
Kenneth Stafford Glenelg
Andrew Stagg South
Jeremy Stagg Sturt
Matthew Stagg Sturt
Des Staite Glenelg
John Staite Glenelg
John Staite South
John Staker Torrens
Craig Stanbridge North
Leigh Stanbridge North
Barry Standfield Sturt
Clifford Stanford South
Daniel Stanley Port
Rhys Stanley West
Mark Stanton Woodville
Trevor Stanton Central
Lee Staple Eagles
Cameron Staples North
John Stapleton Port
Alex Staritski Norwood
Justin Staritski Norwood
Josh Starke North
William Starr North
Chris Stasinowsky South
Ian Stasinowsky Norwood
Craig Statham Glenelg
Craig Staude Glenelg
Roy Stearnes West
Alf Steed Port
Ken Steele North
Todd Steele South
Walter Steele Norwood North
Reginald Steen Sturt
Nathan Steinberner Central
Frederick Steinhardt South
Frederick W. Steinle Sturt
Frank Stemper Woodville Norwood
Alex Stengle Central
Tyson Stenglein Port
Robert Stennett North
Constantine Stephanos South
A Stephens Sturt
Alf Stephens West
Brad Stephens Glenelg
Guy Stephens Norwood
Haydn Stephens Woodville
Henry Stephens Port
John Stephens Norwood
Peter Stephens Port
Phil Stephens Norwood
Victor Stephens Norwood West
Dillon Stephenson South
Errol Sterzl South
Shane Sterzl South
Damian Stevens South
Danny Stevens Central
Frank Stevens West
Gavin Stevens Glenelg
H Stevens Port
Jonathon Stevens Norwood
Kenneth Stevens Torrens
Lawrie Stevens Port
Linden Stevens Sturt
Mark Stevens Eagles
Michael Stevens Central
Michael Stevens Central
Nick Stevens West
Scott Stevens Central North
Scott Stevens Port
Bruce Stevenson Central West
Jamie Stevenson Sturt
Malcolm Stevenson North
Alan Stewart Central
Alan Stewart Port
Bruce Stewart North
Daniel Stewart North
Donald Stewart Glenelg
Duane Stewart Norwood
Freddie Stewart Norwood
James Stewart Eagles
Keith Stewart South
Lynne Stewart Norwood
Mark Stewart West
Murray Stewart West
Paul Stewart Eagles
William Stewart South
Ken Stiecke Central
Fred Stigwood North Torrens
Stedman Stinson Port
Ian Stock Glenelg
William Stoddart Norwood
David Stoeckel South
Kym Stoeckel Sturt
Albert Stokes Torrens West
Matthew Stokes Eagles
Peter Stokes Torrens
Steven Stokes West
Vic Stoll West
A Stone Norwood
Albert Stone Port South West
Ernest Stone Torrens
Greg Stone Woodville
Leigh Stone Central
Len Stone Port
Todd Stone North
Trevor Stone North
Trevor Stone Woodville
Victor Stone South
Cecil Stopford South Glenelg
Alex Stopp Norwood
Adrian Storch West
Garfield Storer North
Shaun Storer West
Thomas Storie Norwood
T Storr Norwood
Henry Stott Glenelg
Leonard Stott West
Ricky Stoyanoff Port
Geoff Strang North
William Strapps Sturt
Roy Stratfold Norwood
D'Arcy Stratford West
Angus Strauss North Torrens
Eddie Strawns Port
Steven Stretch Torrens
Toby Stribling North
Alan Stringer North Glenelg
Barry Stringer North
Cliff Stringer Glenelg South
Dean Stringer North
Kelly Stringer North
Paul Stringer Port
Peter Stringer South
Roger L. Stringer West
Vivian G. Stringer Sturt
Wayne Stringer North Glenelg
David Strooper Glenelg
David Strudwick North
James Strugnell Torrens
Frank Stuart Port
Hamish Stuart Glenelg
Marcus Stuart Sturt
Noel Stuart Port
Raymond Stuart South Sturt
Colin Stutley North Central
Allan Suck Torrens
Brad Sugars Glenelg
Alec Sugg North
Fred Sugg North
William Sugg North Sturt
Eric Suhard Norwood
Howard Suhard Norwood
Noel Suhard Norwood
Daniel Sukkel West
Ian Sulley Torrens
A.J Sullivan Torrens
Frank Sullivan South
Frank W. Sullivan South
Jack Sullivan Glenelg
James Sullivan South
Kevin Sullivan Glenelg
Lee Sullivan Woodville
Michael Sullivan Glenelg
Mick Sullivan Woodville
Nicholas Sullivan South
Paul Sullivan Central
Peter Sullivan South
Murray Sully Torrens
Reginald Sully Torrens
John Summersides North Glenelg
Greg Summerton West
Steven Summerton Port
William Summerton West
Byron Sumner Eagles
Jarrad Sundqvist Glenelg
Jacob Surjan Central Port
Jason Sutherland Central
Neil Sutherland Glenelg
Peter Sutherland Sturt
Scott Sutherland Sturt North
William J. Sutherland West
Adrian Sutter North
Dean Sutter Norwood
John F. Sutter West
Simon Sutterby Sturt
Gary Sutton Central
Harley Swanbury Norwood
Paul Swanbury Norwood
Tim Swann North
John Swanson Port
B.R Sweeney South
Graham Sweeney Port
John Sweeney Port
Joseph Swiderski Central
A Swift South
Julian Swinstead Central
Adam Switala Central
Thomas Syer Norwood
Bruce Sykes West
Bill Sylow South
Brad Symes Central
Tim Symes West
Dale Symmons Eagles
Allan Symonds Glenelg
Claude Symonds North
Darrel Symonds Norwood
Denis Symonds Torrens
Frederick Symonds Glenelg
Jon Symonds South Glenelg
Mark Symonds South
Wybert Symonds Norwood
Calvin Symons Sturt
Frederick Symons Sturt
Tony Symons Glenelg
I Syms Port
Dennis Syvertsen Woodville
Jason Sziller Torrens Eagles
Rudolf Sziller Torrens
Steven Sziller Eagles
Peter Tabe South
T. Edward Tabe South
Walter Tabe South Torrens
Eugene Taheny Woodville
Keith Tainsh Port
Ian Tait South
Simon Tait West Glenelg
Dean Talbot South
Jim Talbot Port
Stephen Talbot Glenelg
Trevor Talbot Port
Daniel Talia South
Peter Talman Port
James Tamblyn Glenelg
Simon Tamke South
Hamish Tamlin Norwood
Drajan Tankosic Torrens Woodville
Colin Tanner North
Grant Tanner Norwood
Sean Tanner Sturt
Wayne Tanner Norwood
Jamie Tape Eagles
Sebastian Tape Glenelg
John M. Tapp Port
Thomas Tapp Norwood
Albert Tapping North Port
Luke Tapscott North
Bob Tardif Glenelg
Tom Tarrant South
Craig Tasborski Glenelg
Sean Tasker North Glenelg Sturt
Raymond Tatchell South
John Tate North
Michael Tate Port West
Rodney Tatterson South
Michael Tattoli South
Peter Taverner Sturt
Andrew Taylor Woodville Eagles
Arthur Taylor Torrens
B.J Taylor South
Bradley Taylor Norwood
Brian Taylor North
Bruce Taylor North
Clifford Taylor North
Craig Taylor Port Sturt
Don Taylor West Glenelg
Edwin Taylor South
Errol Taylor Norwood
Gordon Taylor North Torrens
Harold Taylor North
Jim Taylor Norwood
John E. Taylor Torrens
John G. Taylor Torrens
Johnny Taylor West Torrens Glenelg
Joshua Taylor Port
Kevin Taylor Torrens
Lawrence Taylor West Glenelg
Michael Taylor Central
Michael Taylor Norwood
Pat Taylor Port
Percy Taylor Torrens Port
Rob Taylor West
Robert Taylor North
Ron Taylor Torrens South
Ronald Taylor North
Stanley Taylor Norwood
Tom Taylor Glenelg
Vic Taylor Port
John Taylor Snr Port
Keith Teagle Glenelg
Keith S. Teagle Glenelg
Harry Teague North
Stewart Teague Norwood
Roy Teakle South
Alan Teasdale South
Luke Teasdale North
Noel Teasdale Woodville
Ross Teasdale Torrens
Fred Tee Woodville
Francis Teisseire South
John Teisseire West
Alan Telfer North
Paul Temay Glenelg
Gordon Temby Port
Peter Temby Torrens
Clement Temple South Sturt
Laurie Temple Norwood
E Templer North
Robert Templer West
James Templeton South
Michael Templeton Woodville
Kane Tenace Glenelg
Dean Terlich Norwood
Harold Terrell Port
Norm Terrell Port
Joel Tessman Port
Fred Tester Sturt
John Tester Sturt
Keith Tester Sturt
Gregory Thalburn West
Alby Thatcher West
Charles Thatcher West
Robert Thatcher West
Henry Theakstone Torrens
William Theodore Port
Josh Thewlis South
Adolf Thiel South
Jim Thiel Norwood
Cohen Thiele North
John Thiele Torrens
Kevin Thiele Torrens
Mark Thiele South
Neville Thiele Port West
Stephen Thiele Torrens
James Thiessen Norwood
A.E Thomas South
Alan Thomas Sturt
Arthur Thomas Norwood
Arthur Thomas Sturt
Cecil Thomas Norwood
Charles Thomas North
Cyril Thomas South
D.J Thomas West
Daniel Thomas West
Darren Thomas Sturt
Darryl Thomas West
David E. Thomas South
Doug Thomas West
Edgar Thomas Norwood
Ernest Thomas South
Errol Thomas Central
Francis Thomas West
Frank Thomas Sturt
George Thomas West
George G. Thomas Norwood Torrens
Greg Thomas Norwood Central
Ian Thomas Torrens
J Thomas Port
Jamie Thomas Central
Keith Thomas Norwood
Leonard Thomas Sturt
Leslie Thomas West Sturt
Lewis Thomas South
Lindsay Thomas Port
Mark Thomas Torrens
Matthew Thomas Norwood South
Matthew Thomas Norwood
Max Thomas North
Norman Thomas North
Paul Thomas Central
Peter Thomas Sturt
Phillip Thomas Norwood Torrens
Richard Thomas Norwood
Thomas Thomas West
Verney Thomas South
Wayne Thomas Sturt
William L. Thomas Glenelg South
William A. Thomas South
William B. Thomas North Port
William J. Thomas North
Ben Thompson Glenelg
Carlyle Thompson Norwood
Claude Thompson North Port
Clayton Thompson Sturt
Colin Thompson West
David Thompson South
Don Thompson Port
Edmond Thompson Glenelg West
Geoffrey Thompson West
Hurk Thompson Torrens
Jack Thompson North
James Thompson Glenelg
John Thompson Glenelg
John D. Thompson Port
John W. Thompson Sturt
Kriston Thompson North
Kurt Thompson West
Leslie Thompson Torrens
Luke Thompson Eagles
Maxwell Thompson Glenelg
Michael Thompson Norwood
Murray Thompson Central
Ray Thompson West South
Robbie Thompson Glenelg
Roger Thompson Sturt
Ronald Thompson Torrens
Scott Thompson Port
Trevor Thompson Port
Wade Thompson North
James Thoms Torrens
Adam Thomson Sturt
Christian Thomson North Port
Jim Thomson Norwood Glenelg
Peter Thomson South
Robert Thomson Glenelg
Steven Thomson Glenelg
Tom Thorn West
Wayne Thornborrow Glenelg
Rowan Thorne Eagles
F Thornhill Glenelg
Ross Thornton Torrens
Jarrod Thorpe Norwood
Clarence Thorsen West
Ken Thorsen Torrens West
Brian Threadgold South
David Threadgold South
Chris Thredgold North Sturt
Harold Thredgold North
George Thring Sturt
Glen Thurbon North
Wilfred Thurgaland Port
Josh Thurgood Port
C Thurlow North
Toby Thurstans Sturt
James Tiddy North
John Tidswell North
Walter Tidswell South
James Tierney West South North
Ken Tierney Port
Phil Tierney Torrens
Clifford Tilbrook Glenelg
John Tilbrook Sturt
Peter Tilbrook Norwood
David Tiller North
Anthony Tilley Woodville
George E. Tilley Sturt
John Timms North
Kurt Tippett West
William Tippins Glenelg
Shane Tipuamantamerri Glenelg
Harry Tobin Norwood Port
William Tobin North
Pat Tocaciu North
Cliff Todd West
Lewis Todd South
Glen Todman Glenelg
Luke Toia Eagles North
Abraham Tomich Norwood West
J Tomlin South
Ritchie Tomlin Glenelg
Nick Tomlinson Sturt
Jimmy Tompkins Port
Charles Toms West
Ernest Toms Glenelg
Laurence Toms Glenelg Sturt
Shane Tongerie South Central
Bruce Tonkin Woodville
Donald Tonkin West
Eric Tonkin Sturt
Frank Tonkin Sturt West
John Tonkin Torrens
Tony Tonkin West
William Tonkin Torrens West
Gerard Toohey Torrens West
Chris Toome Woodville
Claude Toovey Norwood
George Topperwien South
Jason Torney South
Leo Torpy Glenelg
Norman Torpy Glenelg
Lloyd Toseland Glenelg
Stuart Totham Woodville Eagles
Roy Townley Norwood North
Brian Townsend Torrens
George Townsend Norwood
Keith Townsend Central
Richard Townsend Norwood
Michael Toy Glenelg
Leonard Toyne Sturt South
John Tracy Central
Joseph Travers Norwood West
Steve Traynor Port
Graham Treagus Torrens
Charles Tredrea South
Gary Tredrea Port West
John Tredrea South
John Tredrea South
Warren Tredrea Port
William Tredrea South
Leigh Treeby Eagles
Allan Tregenza West
Bob Tregenza Glenelg Torrens
Rodney Tregenza South
Simon Tregenza Port
Ross Treleaven Sturt
Tom Treloar Glenelg
Albert Trembath Norwood
Josh Trembath Glenelg
Jack Trengove Sturt
Jackson Trengove Port
Max Trengove North
William Trengove South
William Trenner Torrens
Bill Trenorden Glenelg
Kenneth Trenorden South
Ray Trenorden North
Simon Trenorden North
Walter Trenorden North
Roy Trenwith Glenelg
Glynn Trescowthick North
Hedley Trestrail Norwood West
Daniel Trevena South
Darren Trevena South
Samuel Trewartha West
Ken Trezise Sturt
Fred Trickett Norwood North
Steven Trigg North Central
David Trimbell Woodville
Ian Trimboli Central
Joseph Trimboli Central
Marcus Trimboli Sturt
Geoff Tripp Torrens
Hubert Tripp South West
Robert Trkula Woodville Eagles
Wayne Trott Torrens
David Trotter Norwood
Bob Troughton Torrens
Dean Trowse Port
Darren Troy South
Vincent Troy South
Bob Truelove Norwood
Adam Trzesinski North
Kevin Tschirpig Woodville
Arthur Tubell Port
Shane Tuck West
Brian Tucker Torrens
Frank Tucker North
Ken Tucker Torrens
Phillip Tucker Glenelg
Trevor Tucker Torrens
Brent Tuckey South
Charles Tuckey North
Geoffrey Tuckey North
Ian Tuckey North West
Len Tuckey North West
Roger Tuckwell Sturt
Leigh Tudor Glenelg
Doug Tugwell Norwood Glenelg
Lloyd Tugwell Norwood
Kevin J. Tuit Sturt
Norm Tull Port
Claude Tully South
Frank Tully South
Kevin Tully Port
Jonathon Tumes Norwood South
John Tummel Norwood
Arthur Tunbridge Port
Dud Tuohy Sturt
Howard Tuohy Sturt
Maurice Tuohy Port
Reginald Tuohy Sturt
Doug Turbill Norwood
Greg Turbill Norwood
John Turnbull Woodville
Tom Turnbull Port
Allan Turner West
Allan Turner West
Arthur Turner Port
C.D Turner Sturt
Craig Turner Woodville
Darren Turner North
James Turner South
Jason Turner South North
Jason Turner Sturt
Kenneth Turner South
Lachlan Turner Sturt Norwood
Leslie Turner North
Mark Turner Norwood
Mark Turner Sturt
Mark Turner Torrens
Neil Turner Torrens Woodville
Peter Turner North
Ron Turner Torrens
Dick Turpin Torrens
Nathan Turvey South
Allan Tutt South
Bruce Twelftree Woodville
Leon Twelftree Woodville Glenelg
Jarrod Twitt Sturt
David Twomey West
Matthew Twomey Norwood West
Nathan Twoney South
Arthur Tye Torrens
John Tye Norwood
Mark Tylor Port Glenelg
Wally Tymco Port
Thomas Tymons North
Joe Tyney South
Barry Tyrrell Woodville
Graham Tyrrell Port Woodville
Kenrick Tyrrell Norwood
Luke Tyrrell North
Jock Tyson South
Adam Ugrinic Eagles
David Ugrinic Eagles
Joseph Ulseth Norwood
Andrew Underwood Sturt
Reginald V. Underwood Torrens Port
Alonzo Utting Port
Robert Vale Glenelg
Lyndon Valente South
Ignatius Vallejo Norwood
Nathan Van Berlo South
John van der Meer Norwood
Nigel van der Zande West
Rene Van Dommele Central
James Vandeleur Eagles
James Vanderhaak West
Kris Vanderloo West
Philip Vanstone South
Mick Vanvacas Torrens
Darren Vanzetta North
Travis Varcoe Central
Glen Vardanega Norwood
Peter Vardy Central
Brad Vassal Norwood Sturt
John Vaughan Norwood North
Matthew Vaughan South
Richard Vaughton South
Barry Vaux Torrens
Laurie Veal North
Robert Veale Sturt
Chris Veide Glenelg
Jake Veide South
Brian Veitch West
Robert Veitch South
Cameron Venables Glenelg
Bruce Venning South
Mervyn Venning Torrens South
Reginald Venning South
E. Johnny Venus Sturt
Paul Veraguth Norwood
George Verco Norwood
Ernest Vercoe Norwood North
Martin Verrall Torrens
Phil Verrall Torrens
Ian Verrier West Port
Darren Vertudaches Sturt
Peter Vertudaches Norwood West
Neville Vertue Jnr Glenelg
Neville Vertue Snr Glenelg
Carl Vesty Woodville
Josh Vick South
Owen Vick Torrens
John Vickers Norwood
John L. Vickers South
Matthew Vidic Norwood
Rick Vidovich Central
John Vieceli Torrens
Ian Vigar Woodville
John Viles Glenelg
Don Villis West
Bernie Vince Eagles
Chris Vince Woodville
Graham Vincent Woodville
Paul Vines Port
Colin Viney West
Jay Viney North Sturt
Ryan Viney North South
Todd Viney Sturt
David Virgin Torrens
Norman Virgin North
Graham Virgo Port
Russell Virgo Torrens
Mark Viska Glenelg
Darren Visser Norwood
H Vivian North
Kym Vivian North
Peter Vivian Central
Peter Vivian Norwood
Jamie Vlatko Glenelg Norwood
Robert Voigt Sturt
Rex Voigt Glenelg
Shane Voigt West
Stan Volbrecht North Central
Terry von Bertouch North Norwood
Ray von Einem Norwood
Victor von Einem Norwood
Neville Wachtel South
John Wade Port
Len Wade North
Mark Wade Port Sturt
Norman Wade Torrens
Steve Wade Port
Herman Wadewitz South
Matthew Wadewitz South
Ray Wadewitz West
Alfred Wadham Glenelg
Ern Wadham Norwood
Jack Wadham Sturt
Edmund Wainwright South
James Wainwright North South Torrens
W Wainwright South
Gordon Wait Norwood
Julian Wait Port
Tyson Wait Port
Donald Waite Torrens
Merv Waite Glenelg South Torrens
Gary Wake North
Wolfred Wake South
Brett Wakefield South
Brian Wakefield West
Clarence Wakefield Torrens
Ivan Wakefield Sturt
Daniel Wakelin Central North
Darryl Wakelin Port
Michael Wakelin Central Port
Shane Wakelin Port
Scott Walden West
James Walding Glenelg
Norman Waldron Port
Terrence Waldron South
Alfred Walker Torrens Sturt
Chris Walker Woodville
Damien Walker West
Gordon Walker North
Greg Walker Eagles
Harvey Walker Torrens West
Haydn Walker Eagles
John A. Walker North
John D. Walker South Port
Kingsley Walker North
Leigh Walker Port
Lyn B. Walker Port
Lyric Walker Sturt
Max Walker Norwood
Maxwell E. Walker Norwood
Nick Walker Norwood
Norm Walker Norwood
Phil Walker South
Shaun Walker West
Taylor Walker Norwood
Tony Walker Central
William Walker Sturt
Chris Wall West
George Wallace South
Ian Wallace Torrens
John Wallace North
John Wallace West
Stanley.A Wallace South
Peter Wallensky Sturt
Gary Wallis West
John D. Wallis North Glenelg
Patrick Wallis North
Stanley Wallis North
N Wallish North
David Walls Norwood
Colin Walsh North
Daniel Walsh North
Darcy Walsh West
Douglas Walsh Sturt Port
Edmund Walsh Sturt
Edward Walsh West
Ernest Walsh South
Gavan Walsh Glenelg
Gordon Walsh Sturt
James Walsh Glenelg
Matthew Walsh Eagles
Peter Walsh North
Peter Walsh West
Tim Walsh Port
W.S Walsh Glenelg
Eric Walter North
Rex Walter North
Robbie Walter Glenelg
Michael Walters Central
Thomas Walters South
Tom Waltham Sturt
Barry Walton Glenelg
Ben Walton Central North
Matthew Walton South
Patrick Walton South
Derick Wanganeen Port
Gavin Wanganeen Port
Kevin Wanganeen Central
Spencer G. Wanganeen South
Clifford Warburton South
Craig Ward West
Daniel Ward North
Herbert Ward North
Ivan Ward Sturt
Richard Ward Sturt
Ronald Ward Torrens
Trevor Ward North
William Ward South Torrens
William Ward Glenelg
James Wardle North
Elijah Ware Central
Glen Ware Sturt
Harry Ware Port
Stanley Ware Torrens
Brian Wareing Torrens
Douglas Warhurst North
Douglas Warhurst West
Edwin Warhurst North
John Warhurst Norwood
John Warhurst Sturt
Tom Warhurst Jnr Norwood
Tom Warhurst Snr Norwood
David Wark Sturt
Nicholas Wark Sturt
Nigel Wark Sturt Norwood
Trevor Warman West
Jack Warming West
H.F Warne Sturt
Stanley Warne Glenelg
Bradley Warner North
Travis Warner Glenelg
Ben Warren South
Ian Warren Sturt
Jamie Warren Sturt
Kenneth Warren Norwood
Kym Warren Sturt
Len Warren Port Sturt
Eugene Warrior Port Norwood Glenelg
Mark Warton Port
Michael Warton Port Sturt
James Wasley Norwood
Neville Watchell South
Noel Watchman Sturt
Clive Waterhouse Port
Albert Waters Sturt
Brett Watherston North
Ben Watkins West
David J. Watkins West
R Watling South
David Watson Woodville
Don Watson Norwood
Gordon Watson Port
Joseph Watson Port
Keith Watson Port Torrens
Kevin Watson Torrens
Larry Watson West
Michael Watson Port
Michael Watson Woodville
Xavier Watson Port
Graeme Watt Woodville
Colin Watts Glenelg
Fergus Watts Eagles
Gordon Watts South
Jack Watts West
Shaun Watts Glenelg
Rowan Waugh Glenelg
Merv Way North
Neville Way Norwood
Hendrick "Taffy" Waye Sturt
I.S Waye South
M. George Waye Sturt
Raymond Waye South
Sibly Waye South Torrens
Thomas Waye Port
Phillip Wear Sturt
Robbie Weatherald Sturt
Tim Weatherald Sturt
Owen Weatherley North
Daniel Webb West
Darryl Webb North
Peter Webb Woodville
Scott Webb South
Brian Webber Glenelg
Clyde Webber Norwood
Gerry Webber Torrens
Glyn Webber Norwood
Kent Webber West
Kevin Webber Norwood Central
L Webber Torrens
Reginald Webber West
Ronald Webber South
Tim Webber Norwood
Mark Webster North
Ronald Webster West
Vernon Webster Sturt
Denis Weckert Glenelg West
Ronald Wedd Glenelg
Ashley Wedding West
Kingsley "Bill" Wedding Norwood
Leslie Wedger North
E Weeden Port
James Weeding Norwood
Ray Ween North
Sydney Ween Port Torrens
Isaac Weetra Port
Tommy Weetra Eagles
Mark Weideman West
Murray Weideman West
Wayne Weidemann Torrens Eagles
John Weidenbach South
Greg Weir Sturt
William Weir South
Fred Weise Glenelg
Jeff Weise Port
Donald Welch Woodville Sturt
Rodney Welch West
Arthur Weller Sturt Norwood
Darren Weller Sturt
Lincoln Wellington Central
Sean Wellman North
Brian Wells Norwood
D Wells Torrens
Leonard Wells Glenelg
Lionel Wells Torrens
Stephen Wells West
David Welsby Sturt
Peter Welsh Woodville
Scott Welsh West Eagles
George Wenske North West
Michael Werner Torrens
Mervyn Wescombe Glenelg
Stephen Wesselingh South
David West Glenelg
David West South
Don West Central
Don West North
Geoff West Woodville
George West Norwood
Jim West Norwood Glenelg
Ken West Port North
Mark West South
Robert West Port
Ronald West Norwood
Tom West Woodville
C.R Westbrook South
David Westbrook Eagles
Ian Westbrook Woodville
Lou Westbrook North
Gordon Westerly Port
Justin Westhoff Central
Leigh Westhoff Central
Matthew Westhoff Central
Neville Westhoff South
George Westlake West
Bob Westley South Glenelg
Gordon Westley Glenelg
Malcolm Westley North
Richard Westley Norwood
John Weston South
Lloyd Weston North
Paul Weston Glenelg Torrens Norwood
Lindsay Westphalen Sturt
Joe Westrych Sturt
Bradley Wharton Central
Robbie Whatman Port
Ernest Wheare Glenelg
Gavin Wheaton Norwood West
T.S.P Wheaton Sturt
Ian Wheeler Norwood
Darren Wheildon West
David Whelan South
Francis Whelan West
Ken Whelan Sturt
Matthew Whelan Eagles
Ray Whelan Sturt
Robert Whelan Port
Ted Whelan Port
Terry Whelan South
T Whenham North
Clarence Whicker Port
Leigh Whicker Sturt
Percy Whicker Port
William E. Whicker Port
William W. Whicker Port
Greg Whitcroft West
A.V White South
Alan White North South
Barry White South
Brett White North
Colin White Glenelg
Colin White Torrens
Damon White North
Greg White Torrens
Henry White North
Ian White North South
John White Norwood West
John White Central
John White Port
Lance White North
Lucas White Port
Macdonald White Norwood
Robin White South
Scott White Torrens
Stephen White Sturt
Sid White Norwood
T White North
Travis White North
Trevor White Torrens
Vic White Port
Charles Whitehead Sturt
Colin Whitehead Port
Reg Whitehead Sturt Glenelg
Stuart Whitehouse Torrens
Marty Whitelaw North
Andrew Whiteman Sturt
Henry Whitfield Norwood
Brian Whitford Glenelg
Des Whitford Norwood
Frederick Whitford Glenelg
George Whitford Norwood South West
Malcolm Whitford North South
Michael Whitford South
Taylor Whitford South
George Whiting South
Peter Whiting Glenelg
Kerry Whitlock Torrens
John Whitrod West
M Whitrod South
Walter Whitrod South
Raymond Whitrow South
Gordon Whittaker Norwood
Gordon R. Whittaker Sturt
Jack Whittaker Glenelg
Murray Whittaker Glenelg
Robert Whittaker Glenelg West
Ray Whittaker Jnr Port
Ray Whittaker Snr Port
Mark Whittington West South
Greg Whittlesea Sturt Glenelg
Keith Whyatt Sturt
Djaran Whyman North
Athol Wickens Sturt
Claude Wickens Sturt
Greg Wickens Glenelg
Frank Wickes North
Doug Wickham Central
Ronald Wickham Glenelg
Stan Wickham Sturt Glenelg
Daniel Wicks Sturt
Peter Wiebusch Sturt
Stephen Wiebusch Sturt
Ronald Wient Glenelg
Robert Wiese Glenelg
John Wiesner Norwood
Geoff Wiggins Eagles
Pat Wiggins West
Barry Wight South
Carl Wightman Port
Tom Wigley Eagles
Stuart Wigney Sturt
Scott Wilcocks Glenelg
Greg Wild Sturt
Steve Wildman Port
Bob Wildy Torrens
David Wildy North
Aaron Wiles Port
Arch Wilkey North
Michael Wilkins Central
Norman Wilkins Port
Alan Wilkinson West
Anthony Wilkinson North
Brett Wilkinson Norwood
Joseph Wilkinson Port
Peter Wilkinson Eagles
Allan Willats Torrens
Charles Willcox North
Albert Willett Torrens
Albert Williams Norwood South
Anthony Williams West Port
Arthur Williams West Sturt
Arthur Williams North
Ben Williams North
Bob Williams Norwood
Bradley Williams Eagles
Brent Williams West
Charles Williams Norwood
Chris Williams Sturt North
Colin Williams Glenelg
Cory Williams South
Craig Williams West
Darren Williams Sturt
Dennis Williams South
Dom Williams West
Dylan Williams South
E Williams South
Foster Williams West Port
Garry Williams Woodville Glenelg
George Williams Norwood Woodville
Glynn Williams West Sturt
H Williams Norwood
H.G Williams North
John C. Williams South
John L. Williams South
John W. Williams South
Kenneth Williams West
Mark Williams West Port
Martyn F. Williams Port
Michael G. Williams Port
Paul Williams Port West
Peter Williams Torrens
Phil Williams South
Ray Williams Norwood
Reginald Williams Sturt
Roger Williams Torrens
Ron Williams Norwood
Ryan Williams Central
Stanley Williams North
Stanley Williams South
Stephen Williams Port
T. Alex Williams Sturt
Tom Williams Port Woodville
Vernon Williams Torrens
William Williams Norwood
Charles Williamson Torrens
Walter Williamson Torrens
Bradley Willis Central
Henry Willis Sturt
James Willis Sturt
John Willis Torrens
Ryan Willits Glenelg
Dean Willmott Woodville
Ian Willmott Sturt
Joffre Willoughby North
Clifford Wills Torrens
Clarrie Willshire North South
Don Willsmore Norwood
Hurtle Willsmore Torrens
Ian Willsmore North
"Chut" Wilson Torrens
Adrian Wilson Central
Barry Wilson Port
Ben Wilson Norwood South
Billy Wilson Glenelg
Brad Wilson West
Colin Wilson South
Dale Wilson Torrens
Darrin Wilson Torrens
David C. Wilson North
Frank Wilson Sturt
Frederick Wilson Sturt
Geoff Wilson Port
Ian Wilson South
James Wilson Port
John A. Wilson South
Justin Wilson South
Lin Wilson Norwood
Malcolm Wilson Torrens
Marty Wilson Sturt
Michael Wilson Port
Michael Wilson Woodville
Norman Wilson Glenelg
Paul Wilson North
Peter Wilson Woodville South
Ray Wilson Sturt
Ronald Wilson Norwood
Trevor R. Wilson Glenelg
Wilbur Wilson Central
Wilfred Wilson Norwood
Alexander Wilton South
Clarrie Window Glenelg
David Window Norwood
Gary Window Central
Peter Window Central West
Steven Window West
John Windsor South
Ray Windsor Central
Richard Wing Torrens
Percy Winkler Glenelg
Brian Winstanley Woodville
Todd Winstanley Glenelg West
Alfred Winter South
Andrew Winter Sturt
Bruce Winter Norwood Sturt
Geoff Winter Sturt
Jason Winter South
Peter Winter West
Roger Winter West
Darryl Wintle North
Brian Winton West
Geoff Winton Glenelg South
Ian Winton Glenelg
Leonard Wisdom Port
William Wisdom North
Daniel Wise Eagles North
Geoff Wiseman Sturt
Aaron Witt South
Chris Wittman South
David Wittwer West
Arthur Woite Torrens
Gordon Woite Port
Peter Woite Port Glenelg
Ryan Woite Norwood
Eddie Woloszek Port
Austin Wonaeamirri Norwood
George Wood Norwood
Harry Wood North South
Jordan Wood West
Ken Wood Torrens
Mike Wood Woodville
Neville Wood Torrens
Terry Woodall Torrens
John Woodburn South
Brian Woodcock Norwood
Don Woodcock Norwood South
Roger Woodcock Norwood
Douglas Woodgate Sturt
Dale Woodhall West
Ben Woodhouse South
Brian Woodhouse Norwood
Jim Wooding Norwood
Craig Woodlands Glenelg South
Tom Woodroofe Norwood
Charles Woods West
Graeme Woods Eagles
J Woods Torrens
John Woods Norwood
Nathan Woods Glenelg
R.H Woods West
Stephen Woods West
Steve Woods South
Brian Woolard Glenelg
John Woolard Sturt Port
H.T Wooley North
Brett Woolford Torrens
Chris "Ray" Woolford Norwood
Darren Woolford North
Joseph Woolford North
Scott Woolley Norwood
Albert Woolman Port
Stephen Woolman Port
Geoffrey Woolston Norwood Glenelg
John Woore North
Dean Woosnam West Sturt
Darryl Worden Torrens
Wayne Worden Central
Craig Work Torrens
Matthew Wormald Torrens Eagles
Mark Worner Sturt
Neil Worthley Glenelg
Phillip Would South
Jason Wozniak Central West
Alan Wright Glenelg
Albert Wright West
Brian Wright Glenelg
Cameron Wright Central
Gary Wright Woodville
Gordon Wright Torrens
Jarrad Wright South
Jim Wright West
John Wright Norwood
John Wright Sturt
John Wright Torrens
Leslie Wright Torrens
Lindsay Wright North
Matt Wright North
Michael Wright Central North
Noel Wright Glenelg
Peter Wright Central
Randall Wright Woodville West
Rex Wright Norwood
William Wright West
M.H Wroth Glenelg
Alby Wundersitz Sturt
Vic Wundersitz Glenelg Sturt
Michael Wundke North
Mick Wundke West South
Garry Wyatt Torrens Sturt
Joe Wyatt Sturt
Keith Wyatt Torrens
Norman Wyld Torrens
William Wyles Sturt
John Wyley Central
Gary Wynd Torrens
Jimmy Wynd Central
John Wynne Norwood
Arthur Yandell North
David Yandell North
Stanley Yandell North
Laurie Yard South North
Albert Yarwood Sturt
Andrew Yates South
Barry Yates North
Clive Yates South
Clyde Yates South
Harold Yates Port
Leonard Yeend Norwood
Albert Yeo Glenelg West
David Yeo Sturt
Peter Yeo Port Sturt
Ben Yeomans South
Brad Yeomans Glenelg
David Yeomans Glenelg Norwood
Nick Yeomans Glenelg
Jonathon Yerbury Norwood
Jarrod Yon Sturt
William Yon Torrens
D Young South
Damian Young Woodville
David Young South
Doug Young Norwood
Doug Young Sturt
Gerald Young Torrens
Jarrod Young Port
John Young Torrens South
Nathan Young Eagles
Peter Young Norwood
Peter Young Torrens
Shane Young Eagles
Stanley Young North
Stanley Young Port
Tim Young Torrens
William Young South
William Young Norwood
Heath Younie North
Daniel Zadow Sturt
Greg Zadow Norwood
Jeff Zadow Norwood
Bob Zander Central
Rocky Zappia Eagles
Andrew Zealand Sturt Norwood
Robert Zerella Torrens
Vic Zerella Torrens
Roy Zerk West
Cecil Zeugofage North
Arthur Zeuner West
Daryl Zeuner North
Reginald Zeuner West
Robert Zeven North
Bertram Zevern West
Brett Ziedler Eagles
Andrew Zilm Sturt
Colin Zilm Glenelg Sturt
Andrew Zimmerman Norwood
Trevor Zimmerman Sturt
Romeo Zoanetti Sturt
Paul Zoontjens North South
Tom Zorich Central
Brett Zorzi Norwood
Glen Zubrinich South
Grant Zubrinich Norwood Sturt
Harold Zucker Sturt
Lloyd Zucker Port
Neil Zuvich Glenelg
Peter Zweck Central
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Total number of players listed so far: 8564
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Players on the list who only have an initial for a first name:

Code: Select all
R   Absolom   South         
A   Adey   North   1931      
R   Alcock   Glenelg   1946      
C.W   Aplin   South   1946      
V   Ashberger   South         
J   Balmer   South   1910      
A   Barlow   South         
V.G   Barnes   South   1915      
B   Barnett   South   1955      
W   Barry   South   1907      
A   Barter   South   1908      
R.K   Bartram   South   1936      
H   Bates   West   1910-11      
J   Battams   Glenelg   1938      
D.J   Becker   Sturt   1953   2   2
A   Bell   Port         
H   Bell   West   1910      
A   Bertram   Sturt   1945   1   -
A   Black   Torrens   1909      
A.E   Boromeo   Sturt   1944   2   -
F   Boughen   Torrens   1912      
W   Brain   Port   1958      
M   Bridgman   Norwood   1941      
W   Brinsmead   West   1907      
J   Brown   South   1915      
P   Brown   West   1910      
J   Budgeman   Port   1941   4   -
V   Burke   West   1924      
P   Burness   Port   1948   2   -
F.J   Burton   Torrens   1946      
B.E.W   Button   Torrens   1937   1   1
C   Byers   Port   1941   4   -
A   Byrnes   Glenelg   1934      
K.W   Caffery   Sturt   1950   7   -
P   Callary   South   1931   11   -
D.J   Cameron   Sturt   1946   8   7
J   Campbell   Sturt   1912   6   3
W.C   Campbell   South   1931   1   -
S   Carter   South   1908-09   32   -
T.C   Charlesworth   South   1945      
?   Charlick   Sturt   1908   1   -
A   Chiddy   West   1907      
N   Clark   Torrens   1910      
N   Clarke   South         
S   Clift   South         
E   Colby   South         
A   Coleman   Torrens   1941   8   -
J   Connolly   Torrens   1908      
A   Cook   Norwood   1913      
T.V   Cooke   South   1924      
W.G   Coombs   South         
J   Coppinger   South         
R   Corner   South   1929      
G.P   Cronin   Sturt   1914   6   -
J   Darragh   Sturt   1908   10   2
P.J   Darragh   Sturt   1912   3   1
J.L   Davidson   North   1907      
S.D   Davies   Sturt   1943   2   1
L   Davis   Sturt   1909   1   -
L.A   Davis   Sturt   1948   4   -
J   Dawson   South   1912-13      
K.J   Degan   Sturt   1944   1   2
R   Degenhart   South         
W.H   Dillon   Torrens   1919      
B   Donnell   North   1908      
J   Donnell   South         
H   Duthie   Port   1912   7   2
H.W   Dwyer   Sturt   1909   1   -
A.E   East   North   1925      
J   Edgar   South   1907      
I.C   Edwards   Glenelg   1930      
W   Edwards   South   1909      
F   Ellis   Torrens   1908      
C.A   Ettridge   South   1934      
L   Fennell   South         
R   Ferguson   Sturt   1952,56-57   15   1
A   Fisher   Norwood   1910      
S.A   Fisher   North   1909      
S   Fitzgerald   West   1923      
J   Flaherty   Torrens   1913      
C   Foule   Torrens   1910      
A   Francis   Torrens   1908      
L   Giersch   Sturt   1939   8   -
J.F   Gilding   North   1908      
D   Giles   North   1908
W   Gill   South   1919      
A   Gilligan   Glenelg   1939      
S   Gould   Port   1930   1   -
P   Green   Torrens   1919      
H   Griggs   South         
B   Gross   South         
L   Hagan   Port   1934-36   8   -
G.F   Hall   Norwood   1910      
J   Hall   Sturt   1913   12   11
G.V   Hallion   Sturt   1938   4   -
A.J   Hancock   Sturt   1935   3   5
J.H   Hann   South   1949      
G   Hannam   West   1945      
D   Hansbury   Glenelg   1940   5   -
P.H   Hare   Sturt   1915   1   -
A   Harley   Torrens   1907   1   -
H.G   Harris   Sturt   1937-38   4   -
R.G   Harris   Sturt   1956   4   -
R.O   Harris   Sturt   1938-45   79   28
W   Harris   West   1926      
J.W   Harvey   Sturt   1947   3   4
L   Head   Sturt   1912   1   -
F.H   Headon   Sturt   1940-45   80   -
J.P   Headon   Sturt   1931   6   -
N.H   Headon   Sturt   1939-49   142   10
S.A   Headon   Sturt   1931-35   63   30
D.R   Hebbard   Norwood   1941      
M   Hendry   Sturt   1911,14   2   -
J.S   Herbert   Sturt   1937-44   82   3
K   Herbert   Sturt   1943   4   7
B   Hewitt   Norwood   1945      
L.F   Heylen   Sturt   1939,41-43   17   -
D.G.J   Hicks   Sturt   1925   4   -
H   Hicks   Sturt   1914-19   24   10
J   Hicks   Sturt   1914-19   12   1
F.D   Higgie   Sturt   1947   1   -
B   Higgs   South   1915      
F   Hill   South         
R.J   Hill   South   1946      
D   Hogan   West   1951      
J.D   Hogan   South   1945      
L.W   Hogan   Sturt   1911   4   2
P.J   Holden   Sturt   1944   7   -
H   Holder   South   1933      
M   Hopwood   North   1930      
R   Horsley   Sturt   1912   3   5
H   Horsman   Torrens   1923   3   -
F   Horwood   South   1914      
E.J   Howard   South         
T   Howe   Port   1930   1   -
R   Hubbert   Port   1947   5   -
W   Hudson   Glenelg   1942   1   -
V   Hughes   Sturt   1908   10   -
H   Humphreys   Sturt   1907-08   13   9
W   Huston   South         
R.W   Illman   Sturt   1958   2   -
H.G   Ingham   Sturt   1934-35   7   -
J   Jamieson   West   1926      
K.R   Jarvis   Sturt   1937   1   -
S.W   Jeffries   Sturt   1908   9   -
W.J   Jenkins   Sturt   1952   3   -
H.W   Johnston   Sturt   1928-35   79   14
W   Johnston   Port   1934   1   -
H.F   Johnstone   Sturt   1934-35   7   2
C.P.S   Jorgensen   Sturt   1920   8   -
J   Kane   West   1910      
A.C.J   Kappler   Sturt   1910-12   14   -
J.L   Kay   Sturt   1908   4   2
A   Keeley   Torrens   1936   3   1
J   Kelly   Sturt   1915,19   17   4
H   Kempster   South   1919      
W   Kennedy   Sturt   1911   9   1
W   Kennedy   Torrens   1913      
D.T   Kenny   Sturt   1952   7   1
C   Kerr   South         
J   Kerr   Sturt   1911   7   1
J   Kiley   Glenelg   1944   1   2
F   Kingsley   North   1912      
C.C   Kingston   South         
D.E   Kirchner   Sturt   1911-13   37   2
E   Kneale   West   1931      
H.A   Kruss   South         
F.W   Lang   Sturt   1909   4   -
A   Lasenky   Sturt   1919   10   -
H.A   Leaker   Sturt   1929   14   1
W   Leaker   Sturt   1913   5   -
A   Leggett   South   1930      
T.D   Lindsay   Norwood   1945      
H   Lingwood-Smith   Sturt   1921   7   -
S   Longman   Glenelg   1940   1   -
C   Lynch   Glenelg   1943   1   -
J   Magor   South   1911      
H   Malthouse   Torrens   1908      
G.C   Martin   South   1909      
J   Martin   Torrens   1946   4   4
J   Martin   North   1951      
C   Matthews   North   1912      
L   McCarron   South         
A   McDonald   West   1954      
R.A   McDonald   Torrens   1908-10   11   13
C   McGregor   South   1907      
J.P   McKenna   West   1907-08      
R.K   McMahon   South   1954      
W.M   McMahon   South         
L   McNamara   Sturt   1943   2   -
C   McRae   South   1907      
B   Mehrtens   South         
F   Mehrtens   South         
G   Mensforth   West   1908-09      
J.G.T   Meredith   South   1945      
W.G   Michael   South   1930      
A.A   Miller   Torrens   1914      
A.C   Miller   Torrens   1908      
H.G   Miller   South   1949      
J   Miller   Port   1938-40      
L   Miller   Glenelg   1931      
P.N   Miller   Norwood   1913-14      
W   Miller   Torrens   1910   6   1
G   Mincherton   Norwood   1946      
F   Mitchell   South         
P   Molle   Sturt   1911   4   8
E   Monck   South         
A   Moore   Norwood   1909      
W.A   Mueller   Torrens   1911   12   11
G   Murphy   Port   1934-36      
E   Naughton   Port         
J.E   Nicholls   Norwood   1945      
E.M   Nicholson   Torrens   1938-41   20   10
V.A   Nolan   Torrens   1907      
S   Northcott   South   1907      
S   O'Brien   West   1935      
R   O'Connor   Torrens   1941   2   1
A.J   Olson   Torrens   1941   6   5
P   O'Neil   Torrens   1912      
J.S.E   O'Shaughnessy   Sturt   1942   3   1
V   Pade   South   1910      
J.W   Paech   Sturt   1934-36   7   4
C   Palmer   Torrens   1937   2   -
L   Palmer   Sturt   1941-46   5   2
J.R   Parham   Sturt   1926   2   -
C.B   Parsons   Sturt   1931=34   65   7
H   Patrotta   South         
J.L   Pelzer   Sturt   1923   1   -
R.H   Pengilly   Sturt   1938-39   17   2
D   Perry   Glenelg   1936   7   3
J   Peters   South         
H   Pitkin   Norwood   1930      
H   Powell   South         
H   Power   Glenelg   1940   3   -
R.C   Price   South   1947      
A.J   Pring   Torrens   1908      
B   Prouse   Glenelg   1943-44   15   25
H   Rappiport   South         
E   Rath   West   1915      
D   Ray   West   1938      
A.F   Read   Sturt   1949   1   -
T   Reid   South         
J.P   Reilly   South         
T   Rice   Torrens   1913   5   -
N   Richards   Port   1932      
M.C   Rosenthal   Sturt   1938   5   -
R   Ross   South         
P   Rossiter   South         
G   Rowley   South         
G   Rudolph   Sturt   1911   1   -
D   Ryan   South         
T   Sadlier   North   1913      
J   Sampson   South   1947-49      
W.L   Schapel   South         
G   Schultz   North   1948      
S   Scott   West   1914      
E   Sharp   Glenelg   1940   6   6
G.F   Sharpe   South         
G.F   Sinclair   South         
C.J   Sincock   Sturt   1944   6   6
A.G   Skuse   South         
E   Smith   West   1912-13      
F.S   Smith   South   1910      
G.B   Smith   Torrens   1954   3   1
J   Smith   Torrens   1909      
M.J   Smith   South   1948      
A   Snell   Port   1941      
C.J   Spackman   West   1941      
A   Stacey   Torrens   1947   2   -
A   Stephens   Sturt   1907      
H   Stevens   Port         
T   Storr   Norwood   1913      
A.J   Sullivan   Torrens   1940   5   2
B.R   Sweeney   South   1949      
A   Swift   South         
I   Syms   Port   1926      
B.J   Taylor   South   1953      
E   Templer   North   1941      
A.E   Thomas   South   1915      
D.J   Thomas   West   1926      
J   Thomas   Port   1915      
F.S   Thornhill   Glenelg   1940   2   3
C   Thurlow   North   1910      
J   Tomlin   South         
C.D   Turner   Sturt   1934      
H   Vivian   North   1910      
W   Wainwright   South   1922      
N   Wallish   North   1940      
W.S   Walsh   Glenelg   1945   3   1
H.F   Warne   Sturt   1945      
R   Watling   South         
I.S   Waye   South         
E   Weeden   Port   1920      
C.R   Westbrook   South   1947      
T.S.P   Wheaton   Sturt   1911      
T   Whenham   North   1907      
A.V   White   South   1946      
T   White   North   1911      
E   Williams   South   1907      
H   Williams   Norwood   1938      
H.G   Williams   North   1910      
J   Woods   Torrens   1908      
R.H   Woods   West   1936      
H.T   Wooley   North   1912      
M.H   Wroth   Glenelg   1945   6   4
D   Young   South
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Postby Mark_Beswick » Thu May 04, 2006 10:26 pm

Messr Spell Check,

Are you using a list I donated to the State Library 1907-1994/95? If you are, please not there are 30 deliberate omissions and 36 deliberate mistakes.
I have an update which is now digital on a 70 meg access database. This is only in its infancy but has every sanfl stat from 1897. It links AFL, WAFL, BHFL, SANFL.....

If you are using the Everrett, Deer and Beswick list, let me know and other readers in case they intend to publish.... It would be easy for me to tell


ps - There are 8989 players who have played 1 SANFL game from 1907 - Rd 5, 2006

I am in the process of typing 1897-1900. I have just finished researching these years using 7 newspapers to cross check stats and some annual reports I have collected for this period.

My database includes dates of birth, death, heights, wieight, relatives, previous clubs, occupations, war service, education, burial sites.... and MUCH more including photographs. I have every 1/4 by 1/4 result and every field umpire with middle names. The SANFL often use my stats.

Furthermore, I am in the process of re-allocating league games to different comps. The AFL does not recognise the escort cup, foundation cup, electriclight comps, coca cola cup, advertiser cup.... preseason games as official league games. Hence I am removing these from Home&Away/Finals SANFL League games and putting them in OTHER SANFL competition games.... Therefore you will still bet the same amount of overall games but they will be under re-classified in line with WAFL and AFL stats.
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Postby Mark » Thu May 04, 2006 10:34 pm

Mark also include the problem of players games tallies where in the early years players tallies also included games missed through injury which I have mentioned to you before.
I find this amazing how the SANFL have also included these along with pre season games as well.
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Postby spell_check » Thu May 04, 2006 10:55 pm

I actually have never seen your list at the State Library. Rather the list above has been compiled through many people, but especially LEGS11 who has lots of Annual Reports and Football Budgets. The things I have gone through at the Library are Annual Reports, Newspapers and Club Publications.
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Postby Mark_Beswick » Thu May 04, 2006 11:25 pm

No Probs -

You might want to check the christian name of G. Bamber - I think you have Greg or Geoff which is incorrect - I believe it is the member of Grange Golf Club - Grant

And Mark, I agree with your statement - Another problem is some clubs included a 19th man while other clubs didn't.
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Postby spell_check » Thu May 04, 2006 11:38 pm

Ah thanks. I remember somewhere either on here or in BigFooty there was a query on Bamber.
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SANFL player lists

Postby southern fan » Thu May 11, 2006 10:30 pm

Any chance of period played, total games, total goals for each player for each club.
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Postby spell_check » Thu May 11, 2006 11:41 pm

I've done the Eagles - in the clubs' list.

For the others, I'm 99% done for Norwood, but only the games, and it is not quite accurate and apart from that I don't have too much else to offer on that part.
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Postby alamodog » Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:56 am

Great List,

There is a Richard Cockrane Senior and a junior. Richard senior played in the 70's and junior is a current player. Both have played exclusively for Central District
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Postby alamodog » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:01 am

Sorry spelt wrong ..should be Cochrane
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Postby Il Duce » Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:04 am

Denis McCarthy South. he was my footy coach and year 7 teacher at christan brothers college, very strick, if you didnt try during the game or training lets say you knew about it. I remember after we took training a bit slack 1 time for the next 3 weeks we didnt touch the footballs and he rans us into the ground, lets say its was 110% at training every time after that.
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Postby Coorong » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:38 pm

wharf side crew wrote:Denis McCarthy South. he was my footy coach and year 7 teacher at christan brothers college, very strick, if you didnt try during the game or training lets say you knew about it. I remember after we took training a bit slack 1 time for the next 3 weeks we didnt touch the footballs and he rans us into the ground, lets say its was 110% at training every time after that.

he obviously did not teach english aswell.
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Postby Ian » Wed Oct 17, 2007 10:42 pm

spell_check wrote:Ian Kleinig Sturt

My old U15 & U 17 coach, the similarities between the pastor and Jack Oatey were uncanny.
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Re: Every player who has played in the SANFL - The list

Postby MagareyLegend » Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:16 pm

What including his record?
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