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Re: 2018 Adelaide Footy League Quinella Comp

Postby Lightning McQueen » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:32 am

coman's having trouble with his log in so he sent me his predictions:

coman wrote:Div 1: ROCS vs PAOC Spoon: Pt. Dist
Div 2: Sal North vs Brighton Spoon: PHOS
Div 3: Morphy's vs Scotch Spoon: Seaton
Div 4: Edwardstown vs Kilburn Spoon: Pooraka
Div 5: Lockleys vs Smithfield Spoon: Farmers
Div 6: West Croydon vs Luthies Spoon: Greenies
Div 7: Marion vs Lonsdale Spoon: Mitchell Park
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Re: 2018 Adelaide Footy League Quinella Comp

Postby carey » Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:08 pm

Div 1: TTG v ROC Spoon - Athelstone
Div 2: Sal Nth v Brighton Spoon - GG
Div 3: Nth Haven v Scotch Spoon- Portland
Div 4: Kilburn v Edwardstown Spoon- SMOSH
Div 5: Lockleys v CBCOC Spoon- Kenilworth
Div 6: Adelaide Lutheran v West Croydon Spoon- Greenacres
Div 7: OSB Lonsdale v Marion Spoon- Golden Grove
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Re: 2018 Adelaide Footy League Quinella Comp

Postby marbles » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:17 am

Div 1- Prince Alfred v Henley, Spoon- Modbury
Div 2- Brighton vs PHOS Spoon- Broadview
Div 3- North Haven v Golden Grove, Spoon- Pembroke
Div 4- Eastern Park v Glenunga, Spoon- Salisbury
Div 5- CBCOC v Pulteney, Spoon- Kenilworth
Div 6- Brahma Lodge v Adelaide Lutheran - Greenacres
Div 7- TTG vs Lonsdale Spoon - Mitchell Park
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Re: 2018 Adelaide Footy League Quinella Comp

Postby Footy Chick » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:17 pm


Feel free to check your progress, there are some that can still score an extra point with a D1 entry.

Special mentions to S Demon and BZB27 for picking all the wooden spooners bar one :lol:

If i've made a mistake with your scoring, let me know

I dont think anyone can beat @S Demon on 11 winners though.

@BZB27 and last years winner @Bombers4eva both on 10.

This would count just in front of winning a flag, hey S Demon? :lol: ;)
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