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Postby Dissident » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:49 am

Hey all

Figured this was a good place for writing this, being the games and quiz section!

I've been using a site called Big Fish Games for years now. They make games that you can play free for an hour and then choose to purchase. They are along the lines of classic adventure games, with hidden object levels. They are well crafted stories with excellent graphics and good puzzles. My girlfriend and I often play them together rather than putting on a DVD.

Anyway, click on the link above to check them out. The games aren't some fly-by-night creation either - most of them have a staff of around a dozen working for 12 months - on each game.

I will post any special offers here as well in the future
Whilst they have a myriad of other games, the Hidden Object type games are the most popular and what I find enjoyable. Just click on PC games - Hidden Object

Cheers, and happy playing!


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