World War II Nazi Quiz

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Re: World War II Nazi Quiz

Postby Dogwatcher » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:42 pm

bennymacca wrote: pearl harbour was december 7th 1941 (knew this because there is an audio clip at the start of hardcore history haha)

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Re: World War II Nazi Quiz

Postby Jimmy_041 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:33 am

Rik E Boy wrote:Q1 - What is a Landser

Q2 - What is a Sonderkommando
Sonderkommando were camp inmates who were selected by the SS to do the dirty work..loading ovens, throwing bodies into burning pits and emptying out the gas chambers. It is estimated that a being a Sonderkommsndo would extend your life expectancy in the camp by around six months. Sonderkommandos would eventually fall foul of the same fate as they would know too much and become dangerous.

Q3 - What was the WWII meaning of a Kessel

Just read Stalingrad by Antony Beevor so a bit of a leg up here..........
Literal meaning is a "cauldron"
Military meaning: a pocket of encirclement where the next step is annihilation (which happened to the German Sixth Army in the Battle of Stalingrad (Nov 1942)

Q4 - Who were the Einstatzgruppen
Einstatzguppen were death squads whose primary role was to round up Jews and other Nazi enemies and liquidate them. Traditionally they would follow the front line troops and are feature of the Ostfront or Eastern Front. The Einstsz groups were set up by Reinhard Heydrich.

Q5 - What is a Golden Pheasant

Q6 - The assassination of which Nazi led to the liquidation of the Czech village of Lidice
In May 1942 Reinhard Heydrich the "protector of Czechoslovakia" was assassinated by British trained Czech and Slovak agents. Shots were fired and a bomb was thrown. Heydrich was not killed instantly as he lingered on for several days before dying of infection in his wound. The Gestapo reprisals were fierce, over a 1000 people were killed including nearly the entire population of Lidice.

Q7 - In which prison was Mein Kampf 'written'

Q8 - Who started the Reichstag fire

Q9 - When did the US declare War on Nazi Germany

Q10 - Who was the 'Desert Fox'
Erwin Rommel was the Desert Fox who was a brilliant tactical commander who had the respect and even adoration of his troops. After his mostly successful operations in the African theatre he was called to Europe to oversee the defence of fortress Europe. Late in the day Rommel came to realise adolf had lost the plot and Rommel was implicated in a plot against the Furher. He chose suicide and Hitler cynically gave him a state Funeral as his reward.

Q11 - What is the codename for the invasion of Britain
Operation Sea Lion. It was going well for Germany when they depleted the resources of Fighter Command until an errant raid altered the conduct if the campaign. Churchill retaliated with a bombing raid on Berlin after the Luftwaffe bombed London instead of a Milatary target.

In a rage, Hitler ordered what became known as The a Blitz on London. This allowed the RAF to repair Radar Ststions and Airfiels and to rest and train pilots. England stood up and a Hitler realised the job couldn't be done and he looked to the East.

Q12 - Which Nazi played a key role in the signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact?

Q13 - What was Theresienstadt?

Q14 - Which German physicist played a key role in rocket development during the war before working with NASA
Werner Van Brauhn was a Rocket Engineer who devised the V1 and V2 Rockets during the latter years of the war. When Germany fell to defeat there was something of a rush for German scientists on both sides of what became the Cold War. Vin Brauhn worked at NASA for many years and was instrumental in the Apollo program.

Q15 - Who was the Nazi kidnapped by Mossad in 1960
Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped in Garabaldi Street Bounous Aries by the Mossad. He was given the choice of a lead sandwich or a free trip to Israel and he elected to face trial. Eichmann was on the nose because he was Heydrich's lapdog and one of the key architects of the Final Solution. Initially in charge if immigration and resettling, Eichmann proved to be just as efficient at arranging of the disposal of human beings.

Q16 - What is a Hiwi?

Q17 - True or False - Adolf Hitler was an ordinary soldier in The Great War who was wounded and won the Iron Cross for bravery
Hitler was a corporal on the Western Front who was wounded in a gas attack. At the armistice hitler was in hospital recovering from his wounds. He never got over the shock of the surrender and this fuelled the fiery rhetoric that drove the nazi party. Unlike most Germans, Hitler remained in the army after the war as it was the only time he felt like he belonged somewhere.

Q18 - Which high ranking Nazi cheated the hangman at Nuremburg
When you are sentenced to prison, you aren't cheating the hangman. When you are sentenced to death and you take Cynaide that definitely qualifies.

Goring was the big catch at Nuremberg and because he was incarerated, he was off the drugs and eating better food and his mind was clear and he dropped weight. He was unrepentant on the stand and was preventing from making a speech when asked to enter a plea. Goring used his intellect, charm and connections to befriend an American prison guard who gave him some Cynaide which Goring took before his appointment with the hangman.

Q19 - Which Nazi figure was the key casualty of 'The night of the long knives'

Q20 - What is the codename for the invasion of Russia
Operation Barbarossa is described as the greatest war in human history. It was Hitlers big gamble. A diversion into the Balkans and Greece robbed the nazis of key warmer weeks that could have swung the course of history. The decision to split his troops to strike out for oil fields to the South was also a key factor.

So much for lovey dovey Christmas quizzes. ;)


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Re: World War II Nazi Quiz

Postby Grenville » Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:20 pm

Q19 is Ernst Roehm. He was leader of 'the brown shirts' who the SS saw as a danger to their quest for power in Hitler's inner sanctum. By the time he was chopped the brown shirts were numbered in the millions and Himmler made it his business to see Roehm was disposed of.
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