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Re: SAFooty V2

Shouldn't the new logo have been the old one bent over with Andy D pumping it from behind?
by dedja
Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:50 am
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Re: Adelaide Crows Reserves 2014

The only name it should be changed to is


The amount of money spent just for an extra 20,000 seats, most of which will be covered in a few years time, is not justified with the hospital systems in such a horrific state. And the money spent on the walk way is ridiculously excessive.
by nwdfanparade
Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:46 pm
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Re: Great to see...

It is not complete opposite...

Different circumstances for one, in that Hams was still on an AFL list and hadn't been delisted like Callinan...

If I were in Nutta's shoes, I would have made the same decision as he did...

One turns down money and opportunity to play for their local club and the other turns down their local club for money and opportunity and yet somehow this is not the total opposite? Sorry Phil, but the same decision met with the opposite decision. I've no issue with either. They make their decision based on what matters to them and nobody else.
by Grahaml
Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:20 pm
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Re: St Kilda 2013

Koch ... all piss and wind, looks like a Kock now.

Alan Richardson now officially coach.

Koch was never really blocking it, just getting St Kilda to now foot the bill associated with finding a replacement. Good move.
I liked the bit where he complained about having to pay for another clubs incompetence. Luckily no one has ever paid for Port being incompetent.
by smac
Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:50 pm
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Re: 2013 Draft November 21

Tambling was pick 4, Hird pick 79.Anyone who thinks they've got a bargain with any of these kids just need to hold their horses.

How people think they can possibly judge a "steal" less than 24 hours after a kid is drafted is seriously beyond me. You'd have to asses your thought processes if you think you can do that.

Carlton kings of the draft, Cripps what a steal!

I rest my case.
by Booney
Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:45 am
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Re: Adelaide Crows Reserves 2014

What you guys seem to be missing is what is best for the players, not what is best for your selfish attitudes, or the selfish attitudes of the sanfl clubs for that matter.

I would rather see any centrals player playing the highest level, or giving themselves the greatest chance of personal development.

So for younger players that means playing in the AFL environment year round - I think it's a no brainier that this is a good thing for them.

For someone like nutta, opportunity to captain as well as development and coaching roles make it a no brainier for him too. So good luck to him I reckon

I think what has everyone up in arms is that for the first time the paradigm shift that happened 22 years ago is finally codified - the SANFL is primarily a breeding ground for AFL players. I, for one, don't think this is a bad thing, and I don't think it diminishes the importance or the integrity of the league either. It's just different. Once the season is underway I think it will be business as usual, save for the inevitable "OMG the crows reserves are top/bottom"

No one i know would hold any animosity towards Callinan, clearly there are things the Crows can offer him off field that will help him along the way.

But the structure that he operates under is untenable, you tell me how a quality, stand alone competition is enhanced by a system where the clubs are operating under 3 different sets of rules and conditions (SANFL clubs, Ravens, Port Magpies) thanks to an SANFL commission that hasn't had the courage or integrity to stick by it's own statements and past commitments.

The SANFL should not be sacrificed to the almighty AFL, just because of the massive power imbalance between the two.
by Ronnie
Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:12 pm
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Re: Adelaide Crows Reserves 2014

bennymacca wrote:the SANFL and football in general would be much better if every idiot on this forum stopped supporting football

It's that type of thinking that gets you on club boards so it seems... you'd fit right in.
by csbowes
Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:09 pm
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South Adelaide 2014 Memberships Now Available

A lot of non South supporters mentioned they would like to buy a South membership and support the club for voting No so I just thought I would let people know memberships are now available.

Please see the club's website at for details.

Go Panthers for season 2014 #THEREARENOLIMITS
by Panther Pack
Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:54 am
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Re: 2013/14 BIG BASH

Big Bash 3 scheduled to go from 20 Dec - 15 Feb, way too long
by RustyCage
Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:03 pm
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Re: Adelaide Crows Reserves 2014

The Van Berlo injury is good news if anyone still cares about winning in the SANFL - it makes the Ravens significantly weaker as now their best midfielder is replaced by someone not up to SANFL standard for the whole season (probably).
Another example that the competition is now a shambles.
by Ecky
Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:22 am
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Re: Adelaide Crows Reserves 2014

Port Adelaide MAGPIES reserve will have the best 18 years old's that didn't get drafted to the AFL. Do you really think that a 18 year old that still wants to have a crack at AFL will want to play for norwood over Port. Having access to everything at a AFL club versus only having access to everything at a SANFL club. Sorry, how will they have access to "everything at a AFL club" if they're playing for the "Port Adelaide MAGPIES reserve[s]"?

Anyway, let's go through it all very slowly now:
1. The 18yo kid who's played Norwood from U/16s and played U/18s last year, is good. Missed getting drafted, and maybe not SANFL league good yet, but certainly reserves good, and could be good enough to push for league selection depending on performances in the 2nds.
2. Norwood obviously don't want to let him go.
3. So the only way he ends up at the Magpies is if he walks, and if Port Adelaide (on the current system) pay a transfer fee.
4. So, will he walk?
5. On the plus side, he gets a lot of talk about playing at an AFL club, having access to an AFL club's facilities, joining an 'academy' and playing for an 'academy team' ('cos that sounds so much more prestigious than joining a reserves squad and playing reserves), and living the dream of having a crack at AFL.
6. On the minus side:
• He will be training and playing with the 3rd tier group at the PAFC, and that fact will effectively be locked in for the whole year; he will be with the 2nd tier group at Norwood, and can instantly be promoted to the top tier if performances warrant it
• He is (barring an improbable run of injuries to the AFL list and the SANFL top-up list) guaranteed not to get a SANFL league game at PAFC. There are about 37 players guaranteed a SANFL league game before him (44 on AFL list + 15 league top-up - 22 AFL players picked each week). That's a massive whack of injuries required before he's even a theoretical chance; whereas Norwood can pick him for his SANFL league debut the minute he earns his spot
• Playing SANFL reserves won't get him on an AFL list. For someone who's already been passed over once, playing well at SANFL reserves level isn't going to impress AFL talent scouts. Every mature-aged draftee from SA I can think of, got the nod by playing stand-out footy at SANFL league level
• He is (if PAFC follow the rules) prohibited from being paid more than $100 per game by the PAFC because he's stuck in the SANFL reserves all year, whereas at Norwood if he earns a league debut, then within the SANFL salary cap Norwood can pay him whatever they like
• He has to leave behind his mates and club he's grown up with, which is a greater-than-usual pull if your home club is successful and the club you're thinking of transferring to, isn't
• The talk of 'if you wanna live the dream of playing AFL, your chances are better if you come to an AFL club' is an obvious crock. If they're interested in persuading him to stay, Norwood can point out to him: "Look at the number of players drafted and rookied from Norwood over the last 5 years, as compared with those wearing a prison bar guernsey."

There may well be the odd decent 18yo who requests to transfer over to Port Adelaide for a range of reasons, including that they buy the hype—in addition to the ex-U/18 castoffs who will make up the bulk of the 'academy'. People do irrational things all of the time, young people even more so.

But good luck with the claim that "the best 18 year olds that didn't get drafted to the AFL" will be lining up en masse to leave behind their SANFL club and train with the 3rd tier group at a bones-of-its-arse AFL club, in order to grasp the prize of not playing SANFL league footy and therefore not attracting the interest of AFL talent scouts.
by SimonH
Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:00 am
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Re: Things that give you the sh1ts

I have only just tuned in but is Mark Nicholas hosting the AB medal? If so that shits me :evil:

I don't mind him (I certainly don't love him though), but what shits me is all this 'red carpet' bullshit. The wives and girlfriends aren't bloody celebrities, and shouldn't be treated as such. Just like with the Brownlow Medal. Why are they trying to 'Hollywood' events like this nowadays?
by Failed Creation
Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:52 pm
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Re: What DVD are you watching?

Zodiac-Director's Cut
by Gozu
Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:47 pm
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Re: T20 series V England

Absolute sh!te format of the game... Can't believe it is so popular.
by scoob
Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:15 am
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Re: Crows 2014

this also shows why the crows shouldn't be wearing a SA guernsey The Adelaide Football Club, the club of all South Australians, captained by a Western Australian, being deputised by two Victorians, spearhaded by a bloke from country NSW.

Yep, SA through and through.

Give me a break.

Matthew Pavlich can't wear this jumper but Shaun McKernan might. Wowee.
by Pag
Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:47 pm
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Re: Crows Disgrace

A guy at works a Collingwood supporter and South Australian and couldnt see what the problem was. So I asked him a few questions.

1) If South Australia played a State game against Victoria, who would you go for? "South Australia"

2) If the Crows played Collingwood, and the Crows wore the SA State guernsey and Collingwood wore the Vic State guernsey, who would you barrack for? "****.......I dunno.....I couldn't cheer on the Big V, but I couldn't support Adelaide.....I'd probably just watch the rugby"....
No one is asking people to support the crows, they are honouring football in this state, something no other club will do

Yes, but people that are proud South Australians should never be made to barrack AGAINST the State guernsey. And anybody that isn't a Crows supporter is going to have to.

It's ok for you, coz you can barrack for your team, and your state at the same time.

Everybody else, and there are a lot of people in this state that don't support the Adelaide Crows (I know you'll find that hard to believe), will definitely be going for Port.

The fact that you can't even acknowledge that people will have a problem with this just shows how up your own arse you and the whole Crows club and supporter base is.
by HH3
Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:47 am
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Re: Crows Disgrace

I'm surprised we haven't seen the famous 'adelaidefc' post on here yet
by whufc
Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:21 am
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Re: Things that you don't understand

saintal wrote:Why people find RSVPing to an event such a challenge.

Because I'm so popular I don't want to commit to one event just in case something better pops up ;)
by whufc
Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:43 pm
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Re: Adelaide Hills Cricket (HCA, TVCA & A&EH) 2013/14.

Strath have defeated Lobethal on the first day of their semi final at Strath with Lobethal making 122 and Strath reaching the target with 8 wickets in hand.

Woodside will need to make 315 to topple Nairne who at one stage were 8/160 until Jarrad Tait smashed 117 from 60 balls 8)
by Roxy the Rat Girl
Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:14 am
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Re: AFL - Round 1 - general discussion (and live scores)

Wedgie wrote:There never was a rule for incorrect disposal, if the ball comes out in the tackle its play on.

There definitely is a rule for incorrect disposal. If you run 30m with 2 bounces and get chased down and just drop the ball, its holding the ball every day of the week.
by HH3
Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:52 am
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Re: Eric 2014

Well, as promised I am now officially a member of the South Adelaide Football Club. Explained to the football club admin why I was doing it, and she was very grateful for the support. My three game pass will be going to a fellow South member to take friends along.

Go Panthers
by The Sleeping Giant
Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:59 pm
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Re: Eric 2014

Yeah ideally no bye and a lot more rounds than 18 though, but 18 does have its merits with it being the fairest draw since I was born possibly ever.
The excitement over the end of the bye has me baffled.

I can't work out how having a few split rounds is any different to having a bye due to uneven numbers.

It's still a few weekends without footy just for a different reason.

I'd love someone to enlighten me why a weekend off for a split round is superior to a weekend off due to an uneven number of teams.
by areaman
Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:14 pm
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Re: South 2014

Purchased my three game membership this week. The office lady said she had a few non south supporters sign up this week.
by sjt
Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:08 am
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Re: Rnd 3 Post Match - Eagles v Power

Biggest thing I took out of the day was the distinct lack of emotion of Paul Stewart when he finally managed to slot a goal today, a piss weak high five to a team mate like he was embarrassed to kick one against his former club :oops:

The Club that devloped him as a Junior into the AFL listed player he is, you mean... :roll:
by LPH
Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:51 pm
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Re: Rnd 4 - Central v South Post Game


Everyone's worried about Port's superior fitness running over sides.

Here's a hilarious stat

Scores in Time On in Last Quarters 2014
South +47 points - 7.5 (47) to 0.0 (0)
Eagles +18 points - 4.2 (26) to 1.2 (8)
Sturt +5 points - 2.5 (17) to 2.0 (12)
Port +3 points - 3.4 (22) to 3.1 (19)
West +3 points - 3.0 (18) to 2.3 (15)
Adelaide -7 points - 3.3 (21) to 4.4 (28)
Norwood -12 points - 3.3 (21) to 5.3 (33)
North -16 points - 3.1 (19) to 5.5 (35)
Centrals -17 points - 3.4 (22) to 6.3 (39)
Glenelg -24 points - 1.2 (8) to 4.8 (32)
by scott
Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:26 pm
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Re: R5 - South V WWT Eagles Post Match

Panther Pack wrote:If I were a Eagles supporter id be disappointed that with 3 extra players fit they only just got over the line.

I'm inconsolable.
by areaman
Mon May 05, 2014 10:35 am
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Went to my first SANFL game Sat night at Richmond Oval, ive never been to an SANFL trial game but confident I can now say I have, zero atmosphere, zero enthusiasm and a family/friends crowd.

Almost the first person I saw when I walked in had a crows jumper on with a Westies scarf...enough to make you throw up...

One thing I did notice is the Crows had a significantly longer and harder warm up prior to the game, almost as if they want their players to play 5 quarters for a greater fitness base if they go up to AFL.

Also walked past them warming up in the 2nd half, unbelievably sterile...not pumping up of each other at all. Its what we all feared simply a development tool that puts its need ahead of the competition that they said they would respect.

Then there are some skinny country footballers that have no place on a SANFL team, they just serve a purposes for the Crows to put a side on the field.

You must feel for some of them that would have enjoyed escaping the AFL bubble for a few hours each weekend by going back to a traditional club under the old model. Now there is no escape and I struggle to see how they would be enjoying their footy, which can;t be good for their club overall.

If the SANFL isn't dead, its dying and even if the AFL teams are removed in coming years, the damage has been done, it will never be the same.
by Dutchy
Mon May 12, 2014 2:41 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

There is so much done to equalise sporting competitions throughout the world (drug testing, salary cap, drafts, handicaps) and what has happened to the SANFL is going the polar opposite to this. No matter which way you look at it, the introduction of two AFL Reserves teams is not fair.

There are positives and negatives and those who see a fair, even competition, as the number one consideration are rightly bemused by what has happened.

From an AFL viewpoint, the consideration of an even, fair competition is outweighed by the need for developing players and for them, currently at least, the best option is to do this in their own backyard both in terms of value for money and strength of competition. They will tell themselves that there is increased exposure to the SANFL. Dittmar said it's been great, then when asked if he'd been to an SANFL game this season, said "no, but have enjoyed watching some games on tv, especially the Clare game".

I am not convinced that the increased exposure to the SANFL via commercial TV is even close to benefiting my club enough to outweigh the negatives that come with the new format. There is no more coverage of my SANFL club than there was before. In fact, I would say there is less. I guess we'd have to wait to see the finances from this years Annual Reports to really know.

There are other ways, including having a weekly SANFL game at Adelaide Oval, that would give the competition prestige and generate interest. The use of social media and the web is more important than paying $1,000,000 to have the game shown on Ch7 - which is essentially the only benefit the AFL clubs have bought (via sponsorship) to the competition.

The Eagles vs Sturt game at Unley Oval, with a crowd of 4000, which was directly up against both Crows and Power games on the same day told me that there is enough interest in the SANFL for it to be viable without the "assistance" of AFL clubs.

What is desperately needed is the SANFL administration to apply the spirit in which 5RPH and LifeFM have to the competition to generate interest and use the capital they should have to make it high quality for the current HD generation.

I think the SANFL would be best to cut ties with Port and the Crows at the end of the season. If Port Magpies win the SANFL premiership this year, it will be an absolute disgrace.

There are other ways to keep relevance for a younger generation of footballers and an alignment between the AFL and SANFL and that is to supply Port and Crows with top up players via Under 20's to use in whatever competition they could go to (preferably AFL Reserves or at least VFL). I believe this could apply nationally with alignment of elite Under 18 sides to all AFL and State League clubs, but that is another matter. Keep Junior Football, Development/Reserves Football and State League Football - which can all still be feeders to the AFL - separate.

For now, I reckon the SANFL bite the bullet and go it alone. The mainstream media, who all seem to be official ambassadors for the Crows (, will give the SANFL hell, but I'm not convinced it is the mainstream media who will ensure the SANFL survives and prospers anyway.

The SANFL will never be the number one show in town, but it has a niche, and I'd love to see the SANFL and its clubs make every post a winner NOW, while there is still strong enough links to SANFL clubs for the majority of families in South Australia.
by Aerie
Tue May 13, 2014 3:42 pm
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Re: Collingwood 2013

Absolute crap
WTF is going on with this full court press basketball game?
Collingwood fell for the idiot cows game plan of playing U9's football of 18 players on the ball playing keepies off
Only problem is they failed miserably and kept losing their feet and dropping the ball
At one stage Cloke was at CHB with no-one in front of him
Guys were looking up at HBF with no-one to kick to
How can a team play such good football one week and that $hit the next?
Keep serving up that crap Buckley and you can f*** off
I'm glad Tommy Hafey wasn't around to see such a disgraceful performance
Who TF would pay to see that!!! That is NOT football
by Jimmy_041
Fri May 16, 2014 10:37 am
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Re: What Are You Listening To Now?

Only Snakes and Arrows and Roll the Bones. Don't mind the latter, especially the first half of it. Will have to look into some of their earlier albums.

If only I could make you a mixed CD. Do you have Spotify on your PC?

Yeah have Spotify. What are 2 or 3 albums you'd suggest?

2 or 3 albums? Dude, that's a really tough call.

How about I suggest you listen to these songs?

'Working Man' - from Rush
'A Passage to Bangkok' - from 2112
'Bastille Day' - from Caress of Steel
'Caravan' - from Clockwork Angels
'Headlong Flight' - from Clockwork Angels
'Animate' - from Counterparts
'Stick It Out' - from Counterparts
'Nobody's Hero' - from Counterparts
'Closer To The Heart' - from A Farewell To Kings
'Best I Can' - from Fly By Night
'Red Sector A' - from Grace Under Pressure
'Kid Gloves' - from Grace Under Pressure
'La Villa Strangiato' - from Hemispheres
'Time Stand Still' from Hold Your Fire
'Tom Sawyer' - from Moving Pictures
'Limelight' - from Moving Pictures
'YYZ' - from Moving Pictures
'Entre Nous' - from Permanent Waves : My favourite Rush song. I even have some of the lyrics tattooed on me.
'Freewill' - from Permanent Waves
'The Spirit of Radio' - from Permanent Waves
'Territories' - from Power Windows
'Presto' - from Presto
'Superconductor' - from Presto
'Subdivisions' - from Signals
'Driven' - from Test For Echo
'Virtuality' - from Test For Echo
'One Little Victory' - from Vapor Trails
'The Seeker' - from Feedback

I'm a bit of a Rush nerd, as you can probably tell now...
by Failed Creation
Thu May 29, 2014 12:32 am
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

But these cookies define your identity crisis perfectly.
by smac
Thu May 29, 2014 10:27 am
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Re: Viable Alternatives

gossipgirl wrote:play tiddlywinks instead

The fact that you have 10 likes on SA Footy staggers me.
by UK Fan
Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:23 pm
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Re: HFL Central Division

The HFL have defeated the RMFL by 5 points in the senior Inter-League clash at Murray Bridge. Sammy Miles was the star of the day, booting 4 goals from a wing in a best on ground performance
by Dutchy
Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:07 pm
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Re: Round 16 - live scores, results & conversing.

I'll be honest- im getting sick to death of this "WE are the pride of SA, we are the best team in SA, we have more members, our crowd volume decibel reading is louder, my dick is bigger than your dick" tit for tat argument between crows and power fans and the SA media.

Who gives a flying **** about those numbers. Right now- neither side looks favourite to win the flag- port have dropped a little and need a massive turnaround in form to challenge the beasts, and adelaide are too inconsistent to even be considered a threat.

Dont get me wrong- im all for footy banter, but this is dead set ****ing ridiculous. "We registered 110 decibels of crowd noise- we are the loudest team" "GO US!" Give me a break.

Right now as far as im concerned- 2 numbers matter between the sides. Premierships won and showdowns won. Split at 1 all.

No wonder other states think our fans are laughable....whilst we are celebrating members and decibel readings, other fans celebrate premierships. Give me that any day of the ****ing week.

Dont get me wrong- I have loved what we have been able to do as far as form reversal, but i'm wanting more.

Please Port Adelaide- snap out of your form slump and give me something real, something meaningful, something every fan will recognise and congratulate us on, to celebrate.

/ of mondays roast.
by valleys07
Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:10 pm
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Re: Round 14 - Port v Adelaide @ Alberton Oval (Sat 26/7)

I believe my club are currently celebrating today's crowd at Alberton.

Pretty sure it means **** all.
by smac
Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:51 pm
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Things that you rate!

Taking my class to the Ladies of Variety Surprise Party for with children with special needs at the Adelaide Convention Centre (an amazing event in itself) and seeing all the SANFL mascots there, and kids lining up to have their photo taken with them
by RustyCage
Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:31 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

They are saying the pros for the Crows to join with Uni Blacks are -

> They can drop a player to the Ammos
> They can develop players within the same structure and not be reliant on SANFL clubs to provide players.

Both of these reasons where given as pros for the SANFL clubs to vote the Crows into the SANFL!!!!

AFL clubs never liked SANFL clubs playing their players in the SANFL reserves, now they want the option?

They promoted the ability to pick a top up player form the SANFL clubs, develop them and then hand them back a ready made SANFL player, this will no longer happen under the new plan.

SANFL no longer run football in this state, the boys club at the Crows do....
by Dutchy
Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:38 am
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Re: Chris Davies departure

Shame on him.

He has been involved in changing the fabric of the competition and as a result, my club. Then jumping on board with the people this was all designed to feed.

He may be a good person and his intentions may have been good ones if you give him all the benefit of the doubt.

It doesn't change the fact he has played a role in the deconstructing of the SANFL as it was once known and jumped ship to the club that has principally torn the SANFL apart.
by Aerie
Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:55 am
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Will your Crow be Gone CD work on Australian crows or is it just for a particular breed or location?
Our Crow be Gone CD has been extremely successful around the world with American Crows, Australian Crows, Australian Ravens, Carrion Crows, Fish Crows, Hooded Crows, Little Crows, Ravens, Little Ravens, Rooks, Jackdaws and Magpies .
by johntheclaret
Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:17 pm
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Re: The 2014 season no AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

All you guys are talking in riddles and tongues.

Cutterman i concur with you whole heartedly !!

The eight SANFL clubs should grow some cojones and P### EM OFF !!!!!!

Some of them were so badly mismanaged for a period of time they saw the money on offer as compensation enough to make the changes they voted for.

I can only assume the supporters of the 6 clubs who voted yes are as vocal to their club managment as they are to supporters of the Magpies?

Have you taken the opportunity to call your boards, CEO's and management "cheating ****", or do you save those sorts of heroics for the supporters who pay their hard earned to simply go along and support their team?

I'd imagine half the spinless jelly fish who have abused Magpie fans over the course of this year wouldn't have the level of intelligence required to obtain memberships, vote at the AGM's or indeed have gone out of their way to make their boards day at the football as uncomfortable as they have for black and white supporters.
by Booney
Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:51 am
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Re: Elimination Final - South v Eagles @ AO (Sat N 30/8)

Mr Fuller wrote:Will Mike Rann fly back for this?

..he's got a reserved car ;) park on Memorial Drive hasnt he....???? :roll:
by blueandwhite
Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:01 pm
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Re: Retirements - 2014

I'll remember Luke Ball for a couple of things. I remember one time watching a Saints game and the poor bastard had OP something bad. They showed him trying to stand up and he was in absolute agony. Walking would have been a big ask but out there he went in the second half and played AFL Football. Guts and Determination.

Then there was the strange way his exit was handled at St Kilda. For some reason Lyon seemed to go off him. He wasn't getting as much game time in that massive season in 2009 but he made a difference against Geelong in the Granny when he was finally brought on. They then played silly buggers and Collingwood snapped him up. In the end Ball deservedly became a premiership player and against his former club to boot.

Guts, determination and in the end...glory. A fine career.


by Rik E Boy
Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:17 pm
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Re: We Need You South

A real shame a club so integral in getting the afl professional teams in the sanfl, has made the GF.

Come on south salvage something for me, from this ruined sanfl year.
by sjt
Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:26 am
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Re: Preliminary Final - Port v South @ Adelaide Oval (Sun 14

Everything I say below is based on the assumption that the qualification requirements remain 'live' in finals (i.e. finals matches count) and aren't set in stone at the end of the minor round. There's nothing in the wording to suggest that finals should be ignored, but no-one's 100% confirmed it. However, the list published by Port Adelaide (quoted by RustyCage above) presumes that it is set in stone at the end of the minor round.

I've also assumed that an AFL team is deemed to be "involved" for the whole weekend when they play finals—otherwise, if the 2 sets of games were to overlap (with the AFL finishing first), the 2nds might have to take players off at half-time of their SANFL final!

In short, if the AFL team lines up as selected, and if everyone who can fly back does fly back from Perth and play SANFL, there are 2 players included in the list published by PAFC who now don't (or at least shouldn't) qualify—O'Shea and Moore—and 2 players who were excluded from the list published by PAFC who will qualify—Impey (who qualifies regardless of what happens this weekend) and Aaron Young.

Impey : At the time that list was published, he didn't qualify. Right now he does, because he's played 3 of the last 4 SANFL games, playing SANFL Rs 16 and 17, not playing at all on the weekend of 22-24 August (SANFL R18), and playing 2SF. Therefore he qualifies under the '3 of the last 5 games at SANFL level' rule. Even if Port didn't play him this weekend in the SANFL, it'll still be 3 of the last 5 and he'd be eligible for GF selection if they made it.

O'Shea : As we speak, doesn't qualify because he's played 10 AFL and 10 SANFL games this year, i.e. not the majority of his football at SANFL level. (And all of his SANFL were ages ago, so no '3 out of 5' chance for him.) He's in the named 22 for the Pahhhhr 1sts, so there's no way he'll play SANFL, therefore after this weekend he really, really won't qualify.

Mitchell : This is a tight one. 10 AFL and 8 SANFL this year, so definitely not under that rule. At the time the list was published, he'd played 3 of the last 5 SANFL minor round matches: R14, 17, 18. However, R14 is ancient history now. In the last 4 Port SANFL games he's played 2: R17 and R18. So he must play SANFL this weekend to make the 3/5 and qualify for the GF if they win. Because he had the weekend off last weekend as well, definitely the pick to fly back and play if only 1 of them does. That said, there's another emergency they may be motivated to fly back & play...

Young: Another one on the edge, who qualifies only if he plays SANFL this weekend. 14 AFL, 4 SANFL for the year, but 2 of those SANFL games were R18 and 2SF, so add a 3rd and he'll qualify under the 3/5 rule.

Neade: Makes it easily even though he's been an automatic pick for the Pahhhhhr AFL side for a few weeks now. 14 SANFL, 6 AFL this year.

Moore: As we speak, 8 SANFL and 7 AFL games this year (with the SANFL having been a while back). So if he lines up as selected in the AFL, he will lose his 'majority SANFL' and will no longer qualify.

All of that said: carrrrn the Panthers.
by SimonH
Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:56 pm
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Re: Live Scores

South and Edddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy on fire.

KT and Chris Davies lobbying Phil Gallagher to let them field Alipate in the second half for leadership development in exchange for some 20% discount coupons to The Firm.
by topsywaldron
Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:42 pm
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Re: Preliminary Final - Port v South @ Adelaide Oval (Sun 14

absolutely gutted...

yes we've come a long way in 12 months but to get so close and miss out is ... well its gutwrenching.

to any Port supporter who gets a a buzz out of watching your AFL reserves side , (who were saved from insolvency 3 yrs ago by the sanfl with yet another financial handout } scrape over the line against a team of battlers... Go and F--k yourselves :evil:
by blueandwhite
Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:46 pm
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Congratulations Norwood

Congratulations Norwood: the best performed sovereign team in a compromised competition. What a shame that it will be forced to play a scratch match next week for the sake of getting game time into another league's reserve players, rather than earning its title in a Grand Final against another properly-matched sovereign team.

Congratulations South Adelaide: pure minor premiers, and thus the best performed team by the only possible measure between properly-matched sovereign teams. What a shame - and indeed farce - that the Panthers were forced to battle from fourth position on the compromised ladder.

I might have gone to next week's game as a matter of support for the league, had it been between two proper opponents. As it is, the season is now over. Thus ends the first year under occupation from that bastard eastern league. I look forward to when the interlopers leave - for whatever reason - and Our League is restored.
by Pseudo
Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:47 pm
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